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  2. I did pose this guy. I found him in early morning under my trash can, so I moved him onto some greenery and he just stared at me for a while. I just noticed his middle finger, so I guess he wasn't too happy!
  3. I put these guys in the fridge for a few minutes, just long enough to make them sluggish, but I only had a couple of minutes before they were off and running again. I let them go unharmed. Personally, I draw the line with bugs. I've heard of people doing same for reptiles, but not me. For reptiles, it can be best to shoot early in the morning, before they get warmed up. This gopher snake was plenty warmed up (and uncooperative) when I found him sunning on an old abandoned road. I let him go too, none the worse for wear!
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    Hey! You With The Camera!

    I was approached by a security guard once and I told him "It's OK, I'm a freelance photographer and I'm working on an editorial project". After that, he left me alone!
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    The one that got away...

    I saw a big beautiful Road Runner yesterday, but it was way too fast for me ("Meep Meep")...
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