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  1. The stacking coins (banknotes) Club

    Glad you like it. But I'd prefer sales over likes, lol!
  2. The stacking coins (banknotes) Club

    What could be better than money, casino chips, drugs or alcohol? Dog biscuits!
  3. Sold for the 1st time today

    (they say it tastes like chicken!)
  4. Lightbox

    Ha ha, better than likes!
  5. Milestone: 1000

    Nice work. Keep it up!
  6. What Size Image Do You Upload?

    I've only been at this game since 2015, so I'm a relative newbie. I'm sure that your argument that an image that is OOF at 20 MP is also OOF at 6 is true. That's the age-old sentiment I've been reading on these forums since I started. My point is that if a given image is rejected for being OOF at 20 MP, it may very well be accepted at 6 MP. Whether or not it was originally perceived as being OOF at 20. Call it smoke and mirrors, or sneaking an OOF image past the reviewers, but it is a way to get images accepted at a lower resolution that would have been rejected at a higher one. Obviously, just because you get an image accepted doesn't mean it will sell. But, speaking for myself, I have many downsized images that sell just fine. Thank you very much.
  7. What Size Image Do You Upload?

    You obviously have high standards, and it shows in your portfolio. Nice work! Many would make great large prints. Don't get me wrong. I don't advocate submitting images that are out of focus. What I'm talking about are images whose sharpness is less than perfect. Images that would do just fine in a travel brochure, newspaper article, etc. For these buyers, absolute perfection, in terms of focus, is not a prerequisite. They don't have the need to "pixel peep". I agree that the sharper, the better, and the larger, the better. But don't forget that for most sales, we are only making $0.25 - $0.38. So, if you only upload a full resolution, you're leaving money on the table, in my opinion.