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  1. David Litman

    The story of little accidents :)

    @Pavel Rumlena, I'm glad you got your phone back unharmed! My story didn't have such a happy ending. I came across a walnut tree grove where the ground was blanketed with beautiful yellow wildflowers. But I wasn't able to reach over the chained-linked fence to get a shot off. So I came up with a "clever" way to get some extra reach, I climbed on top of my Subaru Outback: I got the shot - but cracked the moon-roof on the top of my car in the process! This has sold several times, but unfortunately, not enough to pay for a new window ....
  2. David Litman

    The generic milestone thread...

    Thanks Sheila!
  3. David Litman

    The generic milestone thread...

    Starting tomorrow, I'm expecting a raise of $0.02 on all subs. Woo-hoo!!!
  4. David Litman

    Come back ....... Barry come back. ....

    I wish Barry was back too. I need to know if my latest image is "OOF". As I recall, he was very good pointing that out, lol.
  5. David Litman

    ODDs of September 2018

  6. David Litman

    SOD for September 2018

    Maybe it was playing dead. Or, maybe it was dead, lol.
  7. David Litman

    SOD for September 2018

    I wouldn't be surprised. Personally, I like yours better, since you can see his blue belly, with the nice green background.
  8. David Litman

    Photoshop problems

    I pay for the Adobe subscription plan of $10/month (which I deduct), which provides the newest updates, as they come. It includes both Photoshop and LIghtroom. Personally, I do almost all of my editing with LR, which IMO is easier and more intuitive to learn than PS. You can start your editing in LR and then with a click finish it PS, if you're so inclined.
  9. David Litman

    SOD for September 2018

  10. David Litman

    Show your newest image

    This one is actually a redo of one from a year ago: I cropped it tighter, dialed up the pop and dried up the muddy area. When it was rejected for "similar content", I also flipped it. Here is the old one that I may delete:
  11. David Litman

    doing street photography

    Here are a couple of street shots from my trip to Italy in June I may try black and white versions ...