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  1. so much appreciated Lauren .. thank you really I will think about that
  2. thanks for taking time replying to me I appreciate that .. I will take it in consideration 😄
  3. that's noted however I believe that one is allowing photography for any purpose
  4. thanks Philip for the advice even if t's a little bit tough however I would like to tell you that it's only a hoppy and I am working full time job not in photography field but anyway I appreciate your advice and I will challenge my self
  5. thanks leonard I will try it the next time 😃
  6. I really appreciate that .. thank you so much and I will do my best 😃😃😃
  7. yes mike I sold only two videos and it gives more money than still images .. you will get 30% of the sold price .. I hope I have more video sales 😎
  8. thank you so much I will do that 😎😃
  9. Now and after almost 4 years I sold 99 times I know it's not that big number in 4 years but at least I am making progress. I never expected that I will sell even one photo. Say something to motivate me go further ,,,
  10. http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=546451729
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