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  1. Has anybody else experienced much longer reviewing time on the uploaded photos, or just me?
  2. One out of 10 passing makes a person as a SS contributor? That will be a much easier than 7 out of 10 criterion (I passed on my fifth try couple of months ago). With the number of new contributors increasing, the number of uploaded images (or footages or others) will jump as well. As a result SS reviewers have to spend a lot of time to review and to reject those images (or footages or others) from the contributors who pass only 1 out of 10. That will be a lot more work for the reviewers! http://www.shutterstock.com/cat.mhtml?gallery_id=3114920
  3. Thanks for all suggestions, I will work hard to build up my portfolio!
  4. I am a contributor for only couple of months with an earning of couple of dollars. I like to get some tips how to promote portfolio and get followers. Thanks for your kind help and support. Yan My Portfolio
  5. Thanks, while I was on the farmland, the sunset created a foggy / smoky effect on the sky, which made everything "blurring".
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