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  1. Excuse me, WHAT!?? I just read the news. Unbelievable, I've really loved SS for many years, but this is too unfair. Today I got 10 images sold for 0.10c, when I was making 0.36 per image in May. Thank God I was already migrating to Adobe stock and I don't have to do all the work from zero. I make lots of 0.99c there. F**k the 0.10c, I respect my work. No thanks. Deactivated licensing options on my account of 5000+ images right now. If earnings get decent again, I'll reactivate, if not, then so long. For those who don't know how to deactivate their files, just go to your contrib home page -> account settings (on your user icon) -> Licensing options (click no on both images and video). Also, good luck to future SS customers, this means the beginning of very bad quality, phone taken images, with crappy keywords and so on. Totally disgusting!
  2. too soft es que le falta nitidez amigo. Pero danos un ejemplo de cuales razones no entiendes. No te puedo traducir todas, dime cuales no entiendes y te ayudo. Hay desde aberraciones cromaticas, a composición, recorte, balance de blancos, exposición, fuera de foco, viñeteo, problemas de derechos de autor, etc etc etc. Saludos
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