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  1. Prosecuted? The account gets shut down and SS keeps the money. Then they (thieves) open another account and don’t come posting to the forums anymore. Pretty hard to get caught unless contributers are constantly on the lookout for images being stolen. Cause SS apparently can’t/won’t install software to tag duplicate images to possible stop that from the submission process
  2. Harbour resentment much?
  3. With royalties hitting 10 cents you’re better off collecting refundable bottles micro stock being a viable business is pretty much over for the majority of contributers sure there are those who already have large ports of saleable images and I suppose to stay until the bitter end they will try and wring out every last dollar they can the good old days are gone - truth
  4. And honestly, for 10 cents an image, why would you invest in gear and equipment and spend time to go out and shoot and post process when you can lift an image do a filter in a free program and submit? SS can easily develop a program in image review to spot similars and filter out a lot of stolen content from the get go but why do that when you are making money whether sales come in from original or stolen work?
  5. Your image sold as an EL is fitting as this is what SS has done towards its contributers
  6. It probably takes 24-48 hrs for all the servers to update maybe later today or tomorrow you’ll see the changes take effect
  7. SS doesn’t give a flying you know what about contributers contributers should repay SS by doing the same to them! Good for you! You will sleep better and it’s worth the few bucks left on the table
  8. Better to send a message by deactivating files and stop putting money in the pockets of the greediest exploiters in the end the big guys will cash in and leave everyone high and dry laughing at all the suckers who helped them along
  9. Let’s hope this pig goes down of course Jon and the rest of the board will get golden parachutes
  10. I hope your compensation is worth all this effort/aggravation
  11. Good for you Once you’ve come to terms with making your decision, you will have peace of mind SS isn’t walking anything back, rest assured Do I miss having that $100/ month come in? In a way, but I just can’t stand the pennies insults every time I see on of those measly sales and if they have been emboldened to do it once, they will at some point do it again
  12. People upload to free sites like Unsplash, so it doesn’t surprise me people upload here for 10 cents, and there will still be people uploading here for 1 cent SS is laughing all the way to the bank
  13. Many of us have bailed as the difference between 10 cents and free is only 10 cents
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