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  1. I’ve had $XXXX Gross sales on Alamy - very rare - but How many dimes would it take to make up one of those? NEVER had one sale like that here
  2. Shutterstock dictates it’s own terms, and contributers can either work with it or move on They have clearly stated their position and relationship they have with contributers
  3. Unfortunately what everyone said is true shutterstock is a ....
  4. It’s not the big companies who can’t afford it, but what micro stock companies are making available with their licence terms and prices.
  5. Don’t despair At least it broke the 10 cents streak you had going
  6. That’s where the big pennies are!
  7. Now they’re making you jump through hoops for 10 cents ? interesting
  8. Why invest money for gear, software, etc for dimes when you can let someone else do all the work? Brilliant
  9. This just gets better and better
  10. 94 downloads for the entire Month of May? with 25K port? lol i would have deleted that post to my friend
  11. Think about how many chocolates he can buy!
  12. I guess the point I was making has been lost on you carry on
  13. Yes my friend, you absolutely can make whatever business decision you feel is necessary. I do not judge you personally, nor anyone else. But there still is an underlying truth to be found in what I said.
  14. It’s you guys that make it too easy for them
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