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  1. Correlation but not causation... I've sold every day since the first month
  2. nah... that's rubbish. I had daily sales with only 1 page of images. Been on here for years and still only have 8 pages of images but sell every day What Benedek means is 10 pages of mediocre images will mean you sell every day.
  3. I've been toying with photogrammetry. Does SS accept 3D images generated using photogrammetry techniques/software and if so, what file types should I aim to upload in?
  4. the dehaze feature in LR might sort out the fact that the RHS looks flatter. Otherwise, nice image.
  5. infinity focus is not what you think it is. Plus, in 30 secs, your camera moves about 15 kms relative to the stars. Try this: https://www.naturettl.com/sharp-in-focus-stars/
  6. I'm sure any of us regulars could get their phone pics accepted and sell with them. Question was who uses a phone "solely" for stock. Don't think anyone does that or will do for a while yet, if ever.
  7. https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/en_US/kbat02/000006632 Is the link I was sent when my images were nonsensically rejected for this. I've been waiting for a response to escalating this to SS 'support' for a month now...
  8. sorry that nor the le mans images really do it for me, but I can see how they might do it for some buyers. What is it exactly that impresses you about the image of the chandelier? It's a technically iffy photo of a chandelier to me. I guess it depends what you shoot. For me, one of the beautiful things about photography is the sheer joy of experimenting with different lenses to capture things that you wouldn't otherwise notice in a wide variety of ways. Because everyone takes photos on their phones they're used to seeing images that way rather than with, say, the Voigtlander 50mm F1.1 Nok
  9. it's not about the terms sadly. It's more about how those terms are interpreted differently by different reviewers. While submitting to SS is a breeze compared to pretty much any other stock site and getting responses very timely, it definitely has the most wide ranging ambiguity of rejections. It's also the ONLY stock site I've ever managed to successfully resubmit rejected photos for supposed technical flaws (as opposed to a missing editorial designation or somesuch). So, I wasn't having a go at you, but SS really. Even though we follow the guidelines, it doesn't necessarily make accep
  10. because the polar bear's outfit is a recognised design
  11. but, because sometimes buyers don't want people in the image, shoot the same scene both with people and without and widen your market.
  12. yeesh if carved doors are out half my port will be under threat... let alone hundreds more images I've yet to work through in LR!!!
  13. it will also look good on screen if you reduce the dpi to 72 from the 300 it should be. Doing that should also ensure that it looks horrible if someone tries to print it.
  14. yep. I agree. Looks horrible. And I want to raise a complaint about the fact that the iPad app shows loads of duplicate months. It seems I'm owed all my money from the last three years again. Come on SS. Where's my cash?
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