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    • Images featuring Volkswagen vehicles (Beetle, campervan, Eurovan, etc.) are unacceptable for commercial use.  No Volkswagen trademarks may be submitted as metadata or in the captions for commercial use content.
    • Illustrations or vectors featuring Volkswagen vehicles may not be accepted for commercial use.
    • Images may be acceptable for editorial use only with a proper caption.


  2. The sky has much more detail in this one but I'm still seeing lots of noise. Sorry I don't know enough to know why. The ISO is low enough. I don't shoot landscapes, but shooting at f/2.2 seems a bit odd for these types of shots. I could be wrong. Hopefully some landscape photogs will give you better advice. Or join a course or club to really learn how to improve.

  3. Listen to the real photogs over me if they reply.
    Sorry but the sky is horrible. The whole image looks very noisy to me and you've lost detail in the clouds, they look blown and the details that are there are pretty nasty. The reflections of the clouds are better than the real thing. 
    You may be better using a filter to bring out the details in the sky. Or use HDR methods to get the exposure right throughout the image. 
    If you can go back and shoot again, try to get the technical details right and also explore more interesting compositions.

  4. Cars can't be sold with a commercial licence without a property release. Editorial images can not be photoshopped. So unless you have a property release (unlikely I would guess) you can't sell this sort of image here. 
    Is the original photo yours? You can only sell your own work here too.

  5. Hi Laurin, hope you don't mind me asking but is this a composite? It's just that it's playing with my eyes lol. I feel like I'm looking up at the sky and down on the bird. I think it's the lighting. It's beautiful either way, but I'd be really interested to know :)

  6. You've made the items the main subject of your image, so they will be more inclined to reject for IP.
    The design elements of an item, shape, colour etc can be enough to recognise a brand, it's not just logos and names. 
    If anyone can tell what specific brands they are (regardless of alterations) you'll get rejected. I expect the trainers and the ipod are both problematic in this image.
    You need to either use generic items, not have them as the main subject matter (with possible alterations), or submit as editorial. 
    And also be careful with your title and keywords. Use generic terms such as mp3 player, digital audio player or whatever, but don't call it an ipod, that's Apples brand name and will also cause a rejection.


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