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    13 hours ago, Eric Crudup said:

    I wouldn't call f/5.6 or f/6.3 "very shallow DOF". You should be able to get better pics than this at those apertures, although higher is DEFINITELY BETTER when the subject is filling the frame and has a long beak, lol. I've shot ducks at 5.6 and gotten okay results. The profile shots especially should be perfectly fine at f/5.6. Something else is amiss. 

    The pics do look really soft and smeary though. I don't think it's camera shake, or subject movement because the shutter speeds are decently high. Are these pictures heavily cropped? They look kinda like pics I take when I crop too much. 

    Could also be something like a dirty lens that needs to be wiped off.

    Also, the autofocus calibration could be off on your lens, making the lens focus in front of or behind the subject. This is especially a problem with 3rd party lenses. 

    It's relative, and isn't just about aperture. Anyway you're right she should be able to get the point of focus tack sharp no matter what the DOF is. I don't think this is her problem per se, but she might have more successes while she's learning to get the focus right with a deeper DOF.


    Hi Andrea, The reviewers are right. You need to look at your images at 100%, and with animals and people you want the eye in sharp focus. I can't see yours at 100% but I can still see the eyes aren't tack sharp. 
    Not sure you'll get much response here now, but hopefully a real photog will come and help you out.

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