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  1. They really don't make it clear if you don't know these things exist. We are all clueless until we discover something we didn't know lol. I'm happy to have helped enlighten you Did you know there is another editorial type too? Editorial illustration! It's for illustrations with editorial elements in it. It doesn't come up often on the forums so I guess the illustrators find this out pretty quickly. I expect most people don't even know it is a thing though. You have uploaded a lot in a few short years, that takes a lot of work! Great port
  2. You're welcome Glad you got the through eventually.
  3. My best guess is the tartan shirt. Too many tartan patterns are copyrighted, may be not all, but I think they prefer to knock them back now. Test it out see what happens, but I'm pretty sure that's your problem.
  4. You need to attach the keywords to the image itself before you upload to SS. Then when you upload the image the keywords upload with it. There are various ways of doing it. There's lots of different software that you can use to do it. Things like Bridge, Lightroom, Stocksubmitter, Xpiks etc. Have a look at whatever editing software you are using, that might already do it. It's also possible to do it in windows, by right clicking on the image > properties > details > tags. Fill in the tags section which will upload as keywords. That works but is slow. Best to use software designe
  5. I'm sure @Rudy Umans has talked about this camera before, maybe he can chip in
  6. Haha, I know where I'd rather invest my £1000! Nice little ad for Apple though 🙄 I haven't been tempted by the Nikon mirrorless cameras either. Yeh, a switch to Sony for me would be expensive, but honestly just the weight difference alone makes it hugely tempting!
  7. There are different types of licences and different ways to buy them. Both are reflected in the way we see sales on our earnings summary page. Enhanced licences are few and far between because most people don't need to buy one of them to use our images. The vast majority will be standard licences. To summarise (and generalise): Subscription is standard licence bought through a subscription package, On Demand is a standard licence bought on an On Demand package, Enhanced is purchase of an enhanced licence, Single and other is purchase of a one off licence or anything else that doesn'
  8. Only going on my experience with lens, which isn't much! But I have heard time and again to avoid kit lens, and from my experience I'd agree. Interesting to hear it's hit or miss though. May be that's reason enough to buy separately? But I also agree testing out individual lenses makes sense. If it's good or bad you'd soon know and avoid expensive mistakes. I keep thinking of making the jump from Nikon to Sony. I'm sure the Sony mirrorless cameras would suit me much better, (the D800 is a heavy brick I could do with being half the weight) but it's a huge decision. Bit of a scary leap!
  9. I started with a D3200 and it's fine for stock so I'd presume the D5300 is too. Get a decent lens though, if you're using a kit lens your bound to run into trouble, I had the 18-55mm kit lens and it is worse than useless for stock, or anything else other than snaps, but why bother, better with a phone for snaps! I still use my D3200 mainly in combo with a Tamron 90mm macro lens. That isn't too expensive and is versatile too. This is going to apply to any camera you have. The best camera in the world with a naff lens is still going to give you rejections here. Hopefully one of the real pho
  10. As a bee keepers wife you have a perfect opportunity to photograph the whole process of bee keeping. It would be a niche market, but not everyone has access to this sort of thing, so you can take advantage of that. You could imagine someone is writing a book about bee keeping and needs to illustrate all the aspects of it including how things are done, equipment needed, locations, food flowers, what not to do, diseases etc etc, get macro shots, closeups and wide angle views. Leave copy space in some when appropriate. Include people if you can or just hands doing a task. You'd know more than me
  11. I try to help were I can. Like you say not so much help offered or thanks for the help given these days though! I think you have the best plan. I may go smell and photograph some flowers too 😁 (When it's not so dark might help 🤦‍♀️)
  12. Fix? Nothings broken. Nothing will change. You need to back up your own images, SS isn't a storage system. Sorry, don't mean to sound rude, it's just that this is the way it is. It's in the TOS that you can't download your own images so the only solution is to back up your images properly. Which will have nothing to do with SS as they don't provide this service. The 'proper solution' is to back up to the cloud, hard drives, discs etc., absolute minimum of at least two different places in case there is a problem with one, ideally at least three.
  13. Hi, welcome aboard You have some nice images, and if you are enjoying the journey and prepared to spend time learning the ropes you have the potential to do ok. So long as your expectations for earnings aren't too high that is. Not that high earnings aren't possible, but for that you really need to treat this like a full time business and have that sort of motivation. It is very possible to treat this as a hobby and get some extra income at the same time. I think that is the case for most of us on the forum. It still takes a lot of work and time though, especially initially. So the
  14. Oops someone is for the high jump! It has to be a mistake, I mean it isn't even an announcement, it's just an old random thread 😄
  15. These are three of my ducks. in the snow from a few years ago. Appropriate as it's snowing here right now! And this is Quackers, a wild rescue given to me to care for from my local vet. She had an eye removed after this shot and is completely blind. I should get some more shots of a duck with no eye, doubt there will be many of them in the SS catalogue lol. BTW on the bread front. A little bit of fresh bread wont hurt, there are problems with it though. It's a treat food so too much can cause nutrient deficiencies. It's high calorie so can cause obesity, though for wild du
  16. If I search for my editorials using the editorial tab they don't show up. I now put editorial in the keywords just in case anyone narrows down a search with keywords instead of the editorial tab. Buyers can get images both ways so we are not excluded from that point of view, but if someone searches just using the editorial tab our images wont be in the search results. Unless, like Alex, you've been accepted to submit there. Look for one of your own editorials in the main catalogue and then under the editorial tab, you'll see for yourself then
  17. Oh wow, thanks so much Jeff! That will be a huge help! I haven't got anything on the cards right now, but next time I don't know what something looks like I will know where to come. Thank you
  18. Haha, your probably right, but if they look here they know to fiddle with the UK bits and not worry about the Great Place By a Great Lake + Over the hill bits 😂
  19. That info might help them narrow down where the problem is, thanks Pete. I'm in the UK @Kate Shutterstock and have the problems.
  20. Wish I had such great wildlife to try and capture! Fantastic I could have done with seeing your white tailed deer shots a few weeks ago Jeff. I've just finished a drawing/painting of one for a friend in MA. I was working from a ropey b&w trail cam clip she sent me, so googled for colour and markings. Yours are so much better! Thankfully mine is a bit whimsical so I can get away with not being quite right lol.
  21. Ugh, yep, not working again. @Kate Shutterstock same problem again, dls showing on the map but not on the Earnings summary page.
  22. Yeh, it's a bit weird because it's not a separate site like Offset, it's a separate search option on the SS site.
  23. No it's not new. Our images don't show up on an editorial search. If you want to submit to the editorial section you have to apply to be a contributor there. It's premium, along the lines of Offset. It's just that buyers can search the premium editorial as well as all our stuff here. Something along those lines anyway. Try it, search for you editorial images in the editorial section. They wont show up.
  24. You just have to wait, there is nothing else you can do.
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