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  1. I heard this morning that the Japanese officials are insisting that it WILL go ahead 🤔 So maybe it's not cancelled after all? Sheila, what is it you are drawing?! I'm always sketching, painting, crafting, making. I decided to try to learn to draw properly (one of my weakest areas) a while back and I'm slowly going through a great book practising away
  2. Yes I agree, very dangerous, and made worse by those interested in profit and power. I didn't mean click bate it was innocuous, quite the opposite
  3. I love the sound of rain too. It reminds me of caravan holidays in Wales. It always rained, and the sound of it on the caravan roof, but being dry and cosy inside, I found very comforting. Conspiracy theories are just click bate these days. Say something emotive and you'll have people wanting to read about it and argue about it whether they agree or disagree. Great way to cash in on monetized YouTube videos, gain followers, sell newspapers etc etc. I've also heard it said that that conspiracies are created to make stupid people feel clever 😁 But I have to remember that even a s
  4. I've no idea what the upload limits are, or if there even are any, but as for submission limits the maximum you can submit is 500 images and 100 videos per 7 day period.
  5. That was a few years back now, but any hint of snow has me right back there! Wendy, good to hear you haven't been blown away!
  6. Oh flippin' heck wendy! Hope it isn't as bad as expected. Stay safe!
  7. Be careful what you wish for. I used to like snow until this happened 😜😂. A nice little sprinkling like yours works well for me now 😁
  8. Ugh, I didn't notice! Well spotted Firn. Helping thieves is not my idea of a good day
  9. Wow, amazing Sheila! I've never had a dl for that sort of figure, I got excited over a $11.25 the other day LOL.
  10. We can't say any more than what the rejection reason tells you without seeing the description you used. Except to say that sometimes you can pick up hidden special characters when you copy/paste, so be careful of that. Just had a quick look at your port. Your descriptions are too short/brief and don't describe what is in the image properly. Don't tell people what they can use the image for or it's resolution etc. Instead, describe what you can see. Imagine you are describing what you can see to a blind person. The image titled "An artwork of a man and woman" could be anything. They
  11. HodagMedia is right, you can't do it. SS is not a storage system so you have to backup your own images. Downloading your own images is actually against the TOS, so you can't even buy your own images without risking having your port and account closed.
  12. I just quickly scanned the replies so sorry if I'm repeating what has already been said. The limits (presuming nothing has changed) are 100 videos and 500 images per 7 day period. It says wait 24 hours before trying to submit more but that only works if you have been submitting daily and a few dropped off from 7 days ago, then you can fill that gap upto the limit again. If you submitted 500 images on 1 day you'll have to wait the full 7 days before you can submit again. Hope that makes sense.
  13. What is the reason you want to do this? There might be a better way. It wouldn't be a good idea to do this unless there was no other option. You would have to completely terminate your account, then you would have to get consent from SS to open a new account. This will take time and may not be approved. You can't have more than one account without consent from SS . Account termination is different from account closure, just closing the account means it is available to be reopened, so as I understand it, opening another account would be against their TOS as you'd be creating a second
  14. What about them? There will be plenty of people who reach level 2 or even 3 in January. Going by past years I'll be in level 2 before the end of January, just nearer the end than the beginning. And lots of people earn way more than me, I know some of them. So level 3 in January is not impossible either. Unfortunately most people on the forum these days don't earn much, so it gives a distorted view of what is good or bad regarding number of downloads and subsequent earnings.
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