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  1. Linda Bestwick

    Pick your favorite image from the person above you

    I like the simplicity of this one
  2. Linda Bestwick

    Model Releases

    Yes, they are submitted as editorial BUT you must follow strict guidelines for submitting editorial images or they will be rejected too. Do some research first so you know what to do. There are two articles in the contributor blog, accessed from your dashboard, on documentary and illustrative editorial images, what they are and how to submit them. A quick search will find them for you. There's more articles and a video, but those two will be the best to get you started.
  3. Linda Bestwick

    Newbie question: Where are my submitted files?

    Been a while since I joined so things might have changed but they always used to be added to your port. Just be aware that there can be a delay with accepted images showing up in your port. It's usually pretty quick but can take up to 72 hours. Unless someone knows any different, I'd suggest to just wait a bit in case the images show up and in the mean time, now that you've been accepted, start uploading more images! Yes, you can see your images in your catalogue manager, you can make edits from there, make sets etc. Or you can view your port, as the buyer would see it, by clicking on active images from your dashboard (underneath the red 'upload images' button). Also if you sign out of the forum and sign back in your port link should show up under your avatar. Welcome aboard and good luck
  4. Linda Bestwick

    Is my picture boring

    'Boring' has nothing to do with sales. Sales = quality images that a buyers wants or needs + great keywords and descriptions so the buyer can find your images + lots of images in your port (this is a flooded market, you have to make a dent) + filling niches that haven't already been saturated. Boring doesn't really come into it. I have plenty of 'boring' images that sell, because buyers need them. You have a handful of images that have been done to death with not much commercial appeal. Search on the SS catalogue and see how many sunsets there are, is yours better or different than what's already available? What will a buyer use yours for? How will a buyer know where it is if you don't tell them? Try and think like a buyer and keep uploading. Good luck
  5. Linda Bestwick

    Seriously need a better alternative for uploading videos

    Definitely worth a try. But even if you have to drop back to the h264, using Stocksubmitter will save you a heap of time and hassle! Let us know how you get on with it.
  6. Linda Bestwick

    Trim images meta key number directly on batch.

    I don't know, but I would have thought you could do it in Bridge. Anything were you can batch edit metadata. Even something like Stocksubmitter. Not something I've ever done, may be someone else has a better idea. Just out of curiosity, why the need to drop to 30 keywords?
  7. Linda Bestwick

    Seriously need a better alternative for uploading videos

    The link if you want it https://stocksubmitter.com/
  8. Linda Bestwick

    Seriously need a better alternative for uploading videos

    I use Stocksubmitter. It is free to use (all features) for 44 files per site per month. (I think 44 is correct). If you want to upload more than that you need to pay, but it's not much and imo worth every penny. It's just one page with panels and you can use it to suit you. It will upload all the files you want to all the agencies you want. You can also choose to have it submit the files for you too! So in your case you could set it up to upload and submit over night. You can keyword, add titles, descriptions, categories, etc. select your files, tick a couple of boxes, click upload and then let it do all the work for you. If there are any glitches with drop outs or slow speeds etc you can just start again, but you don't loose any info and there's no fiddling about you just open and close the programme and start upload again. Sorry I'm probably not explaining it well. But honestly it's a great tool and one I wouldn't want to be without. You don't import your files into it. It's like Bridge, you just see your files on your computer through it. Oh. and it also has a colour bar under each file so you can instantly see at what stage that image is at, ie whether it's ready to upload, been uploaded, been submitted as the such. It wont help with your painfully slow uploads I guess, but it will remove the messing about you probably have now with reuploading.
  9. Linda Bestwick

    Milestone 14,000

    Those 'double' images are completely legitimate and completely different to a buyer. One is a vector and one is a jpeg 🙄
  10. Linda Bestwick

    Pick your favorite image from the person above you

    What a wonderful port! I had difficulty choosing.
  11. Linda Bestwick

    Milestone 14,000

    Congrats Barry! And congrats to you too Dilomski
  12. Linda Bestwick

    Pick your favorite image from the person above you

    I like the stripey effect
  13. Linda Bestwick

    Pick your favorite image from the person above you

    No worries, and thank you This one always draws my attention.
  14. Linda Bestwick

    Milestone reached!