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  1. Linda Bestwick

    this is bullying! why images are not accepted

    I know your frustrated but the reviewers aren't bullying you, they are right. Obviously English isn't your first language, this is your stumbling block I would think. You need to write a descriptive sentence, not a collection of descriptive phrases. It would help if you could get someone you know with a better understanding of English grammar to help you, or may be even write the description in your own language and then use a translation tool. It might work better than what you are doing at the moment. I only speak English so my hat goes off to anyone that can speak more than one language, even if it's not perfect! You have some beautiful images btw
  2. Linda Bestwick

    Window of love 💘

  3. Linda Bestwick

    Do you like Domino?

    Tree Christmas, lights, fire, star, books
  4. Linda Bestwick

    Do you like Domino?

    (Oh oh, I know that feeling lol) Damage snow, stained glass, interior, mess
  5. Linda Bestwick

    The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Those DIY jobs are never ending aren't they! I normally do most things myself but I've been doing the "putting it off" thing too lately and jobs are piling up. So much so I paid someone to do a heap of little odd jobs on the front of my house. Fixing the railings, lots of painting, a new slate step and the such. I'm going to make my own house number plaque, that's much more enjoyable! I did cut down a lot of willow this morning, still a bit left but that can wait 'til next weekend now. Then I think I'll be making some obelisks with it. It's gone really mild here again, that global warming has it's benefits! (Only joking ;))
  6. Linda Bestwick

    Pick your favorite image from the person above you

    Thank you Luisa I like old buildings like this
  7. Linda Bestwick

    Do you like Domino?

    Purple dog, artwork, smile, night, hills
  8. Linda Bestwick

    Pick your favorite image from the person above you

    Unusual and beautiful in a strange way
  9. Linda Bestwick

    Come back ....... Barry come back. ....

    That just cracked me up LOL, Thanks for the cheery start to my morning 😁
  10. You can change the file size on export to whatever you want, I'd would guess not checking that was the issue.
  11. Linda Bestwick

    Newbie questions

    You can submit as many or as few images as you like, it has no effect on the submission process itself. As for you using your SS watermarked images don't do it. Watermark them yourself if you need to, but seeing agency watermarked images anywhere but the agency will just look like they have been stolen. Presuming that's what you mean anyway.
  12. Linda Bestwick

    Rejection help

    Opps, yeh, I missed them!
  13. Linda Bestwick

    Rejection help

    The suited men shots look like composites, you can't alter editorial shots. You may not have altered them, but if it looks like you have you will get a rejection. But why are you submitting as editorial anyway? May be it's the building? If so change location. The descriptions for the 'angry girls' should follow the format of CITY, STATE/COUNTRY - MONTH DAY, YEAR: Factual description of the image, including who and what the image portrays. You can't attach releases to editorial shots. These shots would have to be submitted as illustrative editorial because they are staged. Probably better to hide the tattoos and change the T-shirts to generic ones and submit as commercial. Also isolated will likely get a rejection even if in camera because it looks like it's been done in PS even if it hasn't. The last two should be submitted as commercial. I've no idea why you'd want to submit these as editorial. May be you need to read up on editorial submissions, I get the feeling you don't quite understand them. Really you should submit as commercial (more useful to more buyers) over editorial, only using that when necessary and appropriate. These may help: https://www.shutterstock.com/blog/submitting-editorial-content-part-1-illustrative-editorial https://www.shutterstock.com/blog/submitting-editorial-content-part-2-documentary-editorial
  14. Linda Bestwick

    Can't edit keywords

    LOL Alison, I have blonde moments all the time even though I'm brunette 😂 Go into catalogue manager, find the image you want to edit, hover over the image and click the pencil icon that appears for the edit page.
  15. Linda Bestwick

    Do you like Domino?

    flowers, colourful, orange, yellow, pink, green etc