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  1. Sad news for us, but great news for you off on new adventures! Good luck Kate.
  2. I don't know but I expect you'll see what can be done here https://www.youtube.com/intl/ALL_uk/howyoutubeworks/policies/copyright/?utm_source=paidsearch&utm_medium=txt&utm_campaign=ytgen&utm_content=ukco&gclid=Cj0KCQjwmcWDBhCOARIsALgJ2QfcNqAA7xK8bK5UKTwc5P2oiL8RPTCxLsglMrN34LEQ9dLheD-K5KYaArjtEALw_wcB If it's anything like SS etc you'll need to be the copyright holder. These low lives need stopping so well done for trying to do something about it.
  3. Just to add to what Steve said, there is also this keyword tool that you could use. https://[do_not_advertise_other_microstock_groups]/tools/keyword.php Just be aware with any keyword tool, that just because a word is used a lot doesn't mean it is searched for a lot. Or that it is even relevant. Be discerning with the keywords and just use the tools to prompt you and make suggestions. Something else you can also do is to search for an image on the SS catalogue. Do you find what you want with the keywords you used? If not what keywords will get you what you want, or to sort the wheat
  4. There was a known issue which they say they have fixed now. You should be able to see them now, and any new ones that are approved.
  5. Just to emphasize the point, Special characters aren't allowed on SS so don't use them. It will just get you rejections.
  6. This was my thought too. This image needs to be submitted as editorial, I'm guessing it was wasn't. Here's a couple of links to understand editorial content: https://www.shutterstock.com/blog/submitting-editorial-content-part-1-illustrative-editorial https://www.shutterstock.com/blog/submitting-editorial-content-part-2-documentary-editorial
  7. Firn's link should give you the answer. But as you submit illustrations I'll also direct you to this link which covers editorial illustrations https://support.submit.shutterstock.com/s/article/Editorial-Illustrations-Submission-guidelines?language=en_US In a nut shell all images should be submitted as commercial unless they have any editorial elements in them. That may be brands, logos, recognisable designs, unreleased people or property, etc. Editorial should also be newsworthy in some way. Here's a couple of links to explain editorial submitions. Hopefully when you've read th
  8. Worth the hassle? That is the question! If they fail again after any changes I'd suggest contacting support (via your dashboard). Whether they are helpful or not sometimes requires persistence, but at least they can look at the release securely. I would be happy to look at it but I don't understand Spanish so I'm not any help for that. If you discover the reason it's been rejected, do let us know. It might help someone else 👍
  9. It can be a real pain trying to find what the problem is, because it's often something you wouldn't expect. I think the shoot description could still be improved. They know it's for photo's/footage no need to mention that. I'd focus on the setting, the model/s, and any concept/reason for the shoot. Something along the lines of "Young Spanish woman interacting with nature in a forest setting." You have to be vague enough to cover the whole shoot but detailed enough that it describes this shoot and not another one. (Sorry if she isn't Spanish! I'm just making it up as an example 😉) The m
  10. If this question is purely for stock images then it's not worth the cost. Moving to a full frame wont increase your earnings. If it's from an interest in photography point of view that's another matter and is going to depend on a lot of personal requirements as well as the sorts of things Steve pointed out. I have a Nikon D800, it's a great camera but a brick. I kept my D3200 and still use it more. Better for a lot of macro and out and about shots. I tend to just use the D800 in tripod situations, product shots for example. Newer cameras probably aren't so cumbersome, but I haven't used t
  11. Lots of things can go wrong with releases, but as two images where accepted I'll presume the release was filled in correctly (though they could have been a reviewer mistake). That narrows things down and my best guess would be a conflict with release dates and metadata. In the past you could fill out a model release and use it on any images/videos with that model in them. Increasingly the shoot date on the release and the shoot date on the metadata need to match. Some agencies are stricter on this than others. If the images and footage where all taken on the same day and match the shoot dat
  12. I guess there is an argument for either. Though on either release I would make it clear that the child is now an adult and signing for themselves. As they are not a minor you wouldn't use a guardian to sign for them on a minor release. My leaning is towards the adult release with a clear explanation. There might be something about it in the support centre, and I have vague recollections of it been asked before on the forum, so might be worth a look through both. Otherwise may be just submit and see what happens. Then let us know which one works! I have my suspicions that you may well get th
  13. Just go to your port and look at the images one at a time. Most of mine don't have ratings and I can't be bothered going through them all one by one, I just did the first page. May be someone knows a quicker, at a glance way, but that's how I was looking.
  14. It's been this way for a long time. Sari is right with the limits. You will be able to submit more in 24 hours, but only up to the limit over the last 7 days, unless of course you submitted all 100 videos today, if so you'll have to wait a week before you can submit more.
  15. I'm judging by the 'smile' lol 3,2,1. So many different reasons to choose an order so I'll just stick with that. 'Appealing' can mean many different things, but it's human to see 'cute'. Have fun with the experiment! It appears most of mine aren't rated. I'm quite happy for them to stay that way.
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