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  1. Just wanted to let you know that my earnings have reset now. No email, just the reset, thought you might want to know. They will most likely be staggered, but you should expect yours to reset soon if it hasn't already.
  2. Yes, for July's payment the total should reset to $0 in the next few days, then we get paid around the 15th Aug. Didn't you get paid in July for June's earnings though? You thought you had reached the payout level then didn't you? If you have your minimum payout set to $35 and you've been over that in July then it should reset and you should get the payment. If not there is deffo a problem. But hopefully things go through ok this time! 🤞
  3. The info you need is here: https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/en_US/kbat02/How-do-I-close-my-contributor-account?q=delete+account&l=en_US&fs=Search&pn=1
  4. Bumping this thread so hopefully it will be seen by admin, but also to share this link showing how to disable javascript in different browsers. Might be helpful to some until this gets sorted out. https://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000891.htm Edit: Just realised it's not Monday morning in NY for another 5 hours yet, doh!
  5. I doubt anything will happen over the weekend. May be we can bump this on Monday.
  6. Was the stacking for noise reduction? If not, lots of tutorials on it on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=stacking+images+in+photoshop+to+reduce+noise+
  7. LOL Jeff Sheila, I can just imagine trying to juggle with a dog around LOL.
  8. Wow, that's great news Sheila! LOL Patrick, yes, I promise! I shall use my knees and think of you every time I drop the balls. Can I say that? It sounds so wrong
  9. Tried stilts as a kid, not for me! I didn't like pogo sticks either. I prefer to stand on terra firma! Sheila, sounds like you've been having a run of bad luck, but thank goodness it wasn't worse I can juggle too! Learned years ago when I got rained off at work, I'd juggle while sheltering for something to do, I get bored easily. Learned partner juggling with a friend too. I gave up after 10 years at it, she carried on. I'm rubbish now, she's amazing. I tried clubs but that was just before I stopped juggling altogether so never got good at that. I did really enjoy it, there are so many tricks you can do. May be I should take it up again, it is good exercise constantly picking up dropped balls LOL.
  10. This question was asked 15 years ago. If they are still looking I'm a monkeys uncle 😄
  11. Wendy, yeh, the ducks are mine, so it's my own fault really lol. I like the capture you got of your Bee eater, I know it's small in shot but in puts it in it's surroundings and it seems right it's small Sheila, I thought your 'replacement part' was for your lens, I got very confused when a grill turned up in the sentence lol. I obviously missed a post or two! Anyway hope it gets sorted quickly for you. Jeff, that sounds mighty unpleasant, hope you colleague is OK. Sari, thanks about the pond To be honest I didn't think about the sandstone freezing and breaking up, hmmm! I think it should be ok. My house is made out of it and that's been standing nearly 200 years. Also the pond itself has a liner that means the pond water wont touch the retaining wall at all. The wall inside the pond is decorative, so if it does break up with freezing/thawing it wont effect the water level, just the look of it. I hope that doesn't happen but you could well be right that it does. I'll let you know in about 6 months! Great storm capture. Your wind directions are all over the place! Wow!
  12. No, they would have said if that was required. It wouldn't make sense anyway, they have the legal requirements from the old releases so they wouldn't need new ones, and many wouldn't be possible to update. They have just introduced another, more convenient, way for contributors to submit releases.
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