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  1. No, but to be honest I'm not sure admin would know if you did or not. They seem to have abandoned ship. Or may be they are just lurking, who knows!
  2. There is no way to contact the buyer. If the location is in the file name then that doesn't matter, the buyers don't see that. If it's in the description or keywords you can change that info by editing in through your catalogue manager. If it's the 'location' data, that appears to be uneditable. Therefore I think your only options are to contact SS directly, they may be able to offer some help (though I doubt it). Or remove the file and submit again with the correct location. If you do that be aware it may not be approved. I'd also suggest changing the file name so it doesn't ge
  3. If you get this rejection in future, check with a search in the Support Center (via your dashboard). Anything that may raise a red flag are major brand designs or logos, and naked bodies as Darla pointed out as examples. I think nudity would be more likely to get a 'mature content' or 'objectionable content' rejection (female nipples for example), but if you go search the info you will find out. Whatever goes for photos or footage likely applies to illustration too.
  4. Just had a further check and found this: https://support.submit.shutterstock.com/s/article/Submitting-Content-Images-of-Vehicles-and-Transportation?language=en_US Yep, the VW camper is definitely going to get you this rejection.
  5. Well I know nothing about vehicles but even I can tell that's a VW camper design. Yep that's going to be a problem imo. https://support.submit.shutterstock.com/s/article/Known-Image-Restrictions-Objects-and-Subjects?language=en_US I know your camper isn't the main subject, but it can be isolated to be used as a main subject. Get rid of the V shape on the front to make it more generic, that might be enough to make it OK.
  6. No it's not allowed but it happens, thieves will be thieves. If you are the copyright owner then you can contact SS through your dashboard for them to deal with it. https://submit.shutterstock.com/contact?language=en If you are not the copyright owner try to contact the person who is so they can approach SS themselves. Most of John's suggestions above wont work for microstock. You can't submit images with watermarks for example.
  7. Probably a mistake. Resubmit. Unless you have an icon in there (or in keywords) that is causing the issue. The thumbnails are to small for me to see properly so can't be specific, but anything like a Polaroid photo shape, Beetle car shape, Apple phone shape, Disney character shape, etc. You'd have to check the restrictions lists, but some things like this are unlicencable (mine are off the top of my head examples, and may be fine, but I think they are unlicencable, check properly if you have them).
  8. You get a percentage of the sale price depending on what level you are on. https://submit.shutterstock.com/payouts?language=en The amount of actual money will vary depending on the package/size etc the buyer has purchased - they will pay different amounts. Very low earnings probably come from things like Wix or FB deals. But we always get the same percentage dependant on our current level no matter what. I guess the purchase price is to variable for SS to break it down further than they already do to share with us. I doubt there are any individuals that will earn 40% for videos here
  9. 1, I haven't used the SS digital release, but they now have one so I presume it can be signed digitally. Or use the Easy Release app, the you can sign that digitally. I use that and find it easy and quick. 2, Upload the images to be submitted as normal, then use the model release option to upload the model release and attach it to the image. 3, You only need to use the location/date format for descriptions on editorial images. So don't use this for your model released images. Just write a good description of what you can see in the image. 4, Commercial images can be used editori
  10. I miss it too. It was such a good place to learn and even the arguments were often enlightening and productive Unfortunately I think most of the people that do well are sick of the useless grumbling and are getting on with making their money rather than engaging here now. I hope your birthday turned into a great day!!! 🥳 @Shijune01 There have been petitions, there have been people taking a stand, there have been people trying new things. If you search old threads you will see. It comes up time and again. At the end of the day you have to decide what is best for you and go with that,
  11. There shouldn't be an issue theoretically. The important thing for SS is that a contributor only has one account and content submitted is copyrighted to them. So you can't share accounts, or content, or anything connected to the account like Paypal accounts. But you should be able to use the same equipment, whether that is computers or cameras etc. The problem is it might send up a red flag to SS which could then cause you problems. I don't know. It might be worth contacting SS and explaining you will have the same IP address, but it is two completely separate contributors, just to have i
  12. There's a lot of hoops to jump through for vintage content. They do sell if they have some interest to buyers, something of the time. An old photo of a common flower wont appeal to a buyer, they would likely prefer a much better quality recent image. On the other hand people in the fashion of the time for example would likely be more appealing if genuine. In my experience they are not in high demand, so they don't sell frequently at all, but they do sell. It probably isn't worth the time or effort to be honest, but I think if there is some historical interest and you put that above earnings
  13. You have several problems that are holding you back from sales. Your images aren't very commercial, in other words they are not very useful to buyers. Why would they buy them? What will they use them for? (Questions to ask yourself that will help you to provide images that buyers will want). There are very many images like yours already in the SS catalogue and very many that are more appealing visually to buyers. I suggest you look at similar images to yours and ask yourself which you would buy if you where a buyer. Use this info to improve your images. You have very few images in
  14. I got the same message on Insta from them too Gunter. I've been undecided. More to do with the work involved in uploading than anything else. But now it's been pointed out that they have my images up there from Depositphotos anyway, it seems pretty pointless? I don't earn much from DP so likely it would take ages to earn the $100 needed to reach payout on SP. The $400 sound nice but I'm not sure it's worth the effort? Still undecided, but I probably wont bother...
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