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  1. I don't blame you Doug. I think I'll be following you out of the door. This forum used to be fantastic, a great wealth of info, help, support and discussion. Most people have left anyway. This undealt with spamming is just the nail in the coffin.
  2. I tagged them on another thread about the spam too. Nothing
  3. You own the copyright to your images so you can sell them where you like. However, if you sell them anywhere with exclusive rights then you shouldn't sell them anywhere else. Shutterstock doesn't have an exclusive rights option so you can sell what you like here (if they are your images obviously!) BUT, other agencies and places have different rules. So long as there are not restrictions, such as exclusive rights, on your images at other places that use your images, such as the newspaper, then yes you can submit them here. Shutterstock wont be a problem, so long as you own
  4. They just aren't here anymore. They aren't wasting time cleaning up because they aren't cleaning up. There was always someone here keeping an eye on things, and communicating with us, a bit at least. But since Kate went we have been abandoned from what I can tell. No tagged admin, or messages to them, or post reporting, has resulted in a response. At lease not for me. These are the admins = https://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/search/?&type=core_members&joinedDate=any&group[4]=1&group[6]=1 No idea which are supposed to be the active ones now. I've tried a few wit
  5. I'm pretty sure they will win this war. I'm not going to waste too much time trying to squeeze them out. I have better things to do! But a little bumping now and then makes me feel better! May be SS just don't want use here at all. Do they have to pay for the forum? May be they like the spammers taking over. If we all leave because of them then they can save a few cents may be 🙄
  6. Apple have that circle at the bottom. I wouldn't know if that is exclusive to them though. Also that dip you have at the top of some could be associated with certain brands? I'd be most careful with anything that looks like it could be an Apple attribute. Sorry I'm not much help on designs of brands. May be someone else will see this and help. But as the forum is being bombarded with spam you might need to keep bumping the thread.
  7. This is buried under a ton of spam so bumping!
  8. This is buried under a ton of spam so bumping!
  9. This is buried under a ton of spam so bumping!
  10. This is buried under a ton of spam so bumping!
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