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  1. Linda Bestwick

    Search can not find my video

    I can see it Alexander. I see you have 24 videos. Looks like whatever was wrong is fixed now.
  2. Linda Bestwick

    The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this Paula. My heart goes out to you, it's never easy to loose someone, especially your mum. My dad passed away about 6 months after I'd started with microstock, I found it really helped me focusing on something else, I'm sure it will help you too.
  3. Linda Bestwick

    Issue with Editorial Metadata

    I haven't had this problem. I uploaded about 50 editorial images via Stocksubmitter a few days ago and they are all OK. All accepted, all with correct descriptions. I add descriptions in Stocksubmitter, not other software, so I'm not changing descriptions. Not sure if that has any baring on things but it might be worth testing out? Mine have nothing to change back too.
  4. Linda Bestwick

    Clipping path service provider

    Advertising services is not allowed on this forum. https://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/topic/92787-welcome-to-the-shutterstock-contributor-forum/?tab=comments#comment-1650647
  5. Linda Bestwick

    Pick your favorite image from the person above you

    The colours really stand out on this background. Very pretty
  6. Linda Bestwick

    New Book by Our Own Farbled!

    It's on my Christmas list
  7. Linda Bestwick

    Uploading has been disabled for your account

    Was there not contact details along with the error message? If not try emailing submit@shutterstock.com Your account may have been compromised in some way. Or there may be a copyright issue, or breaking rules of some sort. Hopefully they'll explain once you've contacted them.
  8. Linda Bestwick

    The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Wow guys, it's crazy hearing your experiences. Stay safe! That image is scary Laurin, no wonder you are getting covered in ash.
  9. Linda Bestwick

    Pick your favorite image from the person above you

    Oh No! I did it again hahaha. I will step away!!!
  10. Linda Bestwick

    Pick your favorite image from the person above you

    Oooops! I cross posted Here you go Perry, I always love your polo pony shots.
  11. Linda Bestwick

    Pick your favorite image from the person above you

    I've never seen a soup this colour before, Very pretty! I need the recipe!
  12. Linda Bestwick

    Can a title be amended on BS?

    You're welcome It's easily done when their system doesn't work like it's supposed too!
  13. Linda Bestwick

    Can a title be amended on BS?

    It's done that to me in the past. I use stocksubmitter now so I bypass this sort of problem, phew! Anyway, yes, you can change titles etc. Go to 'your account' under your name, click uploads then approval status, you'll see 'edit image' next to each image, click and do your stuff
  14. Linda Bestwick

    Quantity vs Freshness of Contributor Photos

    I agree with the others. It's an unanswerable question. To many variables. And even if we could answer it, when they next tweak the algorithms the answer would be different anyway! The best way to get sales and not get 'lost in the soup' is to upload images the buyers want to buy, when the buyers want to buy them. If you can figure that out you'll have it made.