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  1. I'm pretty sure EVERYONE has bunked off work for the holiday weekend. Oh, apart from the person that gave me a ODD this morning, thank you whoever you are! I feel so much better now 🙄 Hoping tomorrow will be back to normal and I wont feel the need to visit this thread again lol.
  2. It's not you don't worry, it's normal. SS just shows a low res version in the catalogue but when downloaded the buyer gets the high res version.
  3. It sounds like she is getting there slowly. At least using the bath and sink as a litter tray makes cleaning up easier than than the floor! Good idea from Sari I can understand your worry for the kittens, but I'm sure they are in the best hands The routine you have sounds really good. All the babies I've raised have been wild, so it's always been hands off as much as possible. Interactions lessen as they get older. Though when I was fostering parrots many were scared so I would slowly get them used to people in a similar way. Sitting near by and reading was something I did. And eating, parrots find food someone else is eating really hard to resist LOL. The weather has been glorious here over the Easter hols. I'm out in the garden doing odd jobs again tomorrow, making the most of it. Typically on Wednesday, when a late Easter get together with friends has been arranged, the weather is changing from summer back to winter. Ugh. The egrets sound great to follow and shoot, impressive birds. I noticed the Jackdaws are nesting in chimney pots in houses near me. Not as exciting as egrets though!
  4. This thread is hilarious, love it 😂
  5. My brains goes into meltdown when it sees stuff like this LOL. So, no, it's not something I use
  6. Thanks Sari, means a lot coming from you! I've never heard that name for them before, I agree it adds even more to their beauty. Your daughter picked a good one to be her favourite Sheila, how is the new mummy cat doing? Hope she's settling in a bit more now she's been with you a bit longer. Happy Easter or chocolate day everyone!!
  7. Easily missed, especially with it being so thin and working on a black background. Hope you solve the mystery as to how it got there.
  8. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens LOL. Favourite things reside in this thread 😂 A few flowers, furies and flutterbies from me too Sheila, do you know what the larvae of ladybirds eat? It's mostly them I see on the willow. I just find them interesting, I hadn't thought about why they might be there until you mentioned the ladybirds eating the aphids. Your bunny shots are awesome! ❤️
  9. +1 Anyone not using Stocksubmitter is missing a trick. I would hate to be without it. It is such a huge timer saver, and makes life so much easier.
  10. I can see a thin black line along the bottom and left edge. I didn't see it on the accepted one I had a quick look at, so I'm not sure if it is an issue or something in your shot, but my guess is it could be that, it cuts across her hand so looks like letterboxing. There's nothing wrong with using blinds as a backdrop if that suits your needs.
  11. 😂 Dead for me too today, I have fingers crossed for Sunday
  12. Thank you It probably will never sell, but I enjoyed the process! Beautiful spring colours, feels so fresh and new
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