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  1. How do I delete my account?
  2. Fucking greedy owners, no wonder Jon Oringer is a billionaire. I am deleting my account.
  3. Hi Rudra Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I don't use Lightroom and Adobe Bridge, but only Photoshop. Perhaps I should consider Adobe Bridge for meta data. Fortunately it is first time I forgot to check the Editorial box 🙂 Greetings from Denmark.
  4. Thanks a lot Linda 🙂 Strange that it is not possible. Pretty simple to program for Shutterstock. Greetings from Denmark.
  5. I have just had 10 uploaded photos rejected, because I forgot to check the Editorial box. Now the photos are all uploade with keywords and descriptions, but I cannot find a way to just check the Editorial box, and the get the photos approved? Do I really have to upload everything again, insert keywords and write descriptions once again? Michael
  6. Thanks Linda. I tried that yesterday, and that's what I will do. I use it mainly to cheque what I have uploaded, if I am in doubt.
  7. Hi Firn. Thanks a lot. That simple 🙂
  8. Is it possible to search in your own portofolio?? I can't find it. When you have thousands of photos uploaded, and you find a photo in your archives that you cannot remember if it is uploaded, it is very time consuming to go through your portofolio, to see if it has already been uploaded.
  9. Yesterday and today the upload process works normally. But a new problem arises. Normally after each upload, one would after a few minutes receive a mail confirming what images have been uploaded. That of course is an automatic answer, but it is good to receive. This doesn't happen any more. I now receive a mail with small thumbnails confirming which of my images are approved. So far ok. After receiving this mail the approved images should appear in the catalog manager. But these last 2 days, some of the images do not appear, which means you have to upload them again, which is a waste of time. Just did a test upload of 4 images, which I had previously uploaded. Of these 4 only 2 appears in pending images. Still no explanation from Shutterstock.
  10. After some days, where upload functioned well, now again the exact same problem. Considering the extremely low revenue on images and huge profits by Shutterstock, one would expect a fast solution to the problem. How about some communications from Shutterstock??
  11. This morning, when I went to my Shutterstock account, I could suddenly see my missing files, which had been lost. So I could go on as normal with keywords and final upload. So hopefully something positive is happening. Michael
  12. Hello everybody. I have the same issue. Hope it will be solved soon, and Shutterstock will inform us. Alex did suggest to rename the files, and upload again. But renaming is not the issue. Personally I don't have the time to rename all the photos, that for one reason or the other are not uploaded. So I will wait to upload until the problem is solved. So Shutterstock please put all your efforts into solving the problem. Greetings Michael
  13. Hi everybody. Thanks for your replies. Linda: I know your way is the smartest, I think I will take it up one day. Paula, I will try your solution, when all my uploaded images are the same type. Thomas: I am using Chrome, and I have never had this problem before. SS tells me, that I shallo activate the flash in chrome. Now that has been activated all the time, so can't be the problem. The problem is, that until the last couple of weeks, I have always done it this way. Finding an amount of suggested keywords. Then the Copy Keywords button would appear, and then press that. Problem is, that the copy keywords button has disappeared. I really hope SS fix it, because otherwise it is going to be a lot of extra work.
  14. When I have uploaded my photos, I get the screen where I have to write title and add keywords. I almost always use the Suggest Keywords, and when I have selected the keywords and inserted them, I always use the copy keywords function, which is a real time saving feature for similar images. Now this function doesn't work anymore. Can anyone explain how that can come to function again?
  15. Love your optimism: "Someone is bound to answer". SS never answers or give explanations. Hope it is not the same style with customers buying our pimages :-)
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