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  1. The same here. It disappears for 10 minutes then comes back.
  2. I can not upload an image since 5 hours. It says :You recently uploaded 13062.JPG which could not be read by our image processor. Please contact support for help addressing this issue.
  3. Annoyingly terrible design, full of bugs. As I said before, Shutterstock hacked its own site.
  4. After a week, I submitted an image. Did you change anything in the form at all? It is the same bad submission page! More importantly, unknown/red-lined keywords are not accepted and we have to change it all the time. Oh God, Shutterstock hacked its own system.
  5. What can I say? Sad but true. Because of that I am not sending any more images till everything is sorted out, back to normal.
  6. In an hour I got 3 "Your media was downloaded 1st time" notification. I did not sell anything at all and it is really getting annoying.
  7. Yeah, I got also notifications 3-4 times about reviewed submissions though I do not have any not-reviewed content at the moment. Shutterstock is driving me crazy since the last "improvement"! Edit: While I was commenting here, I got two notifications "Your media was downloaded for the first time". But I sold nothing. Again, we are not lab mice for testing.
  8. That could have been 1203912 + 300 but I am not uploading until everything is sorted out, though the my portfolio is a piece of sand on a beach lol
  9. Thanks Alex. Now at least I know that somebody cares us in Shutterstock. What I am saying is not against changes. Dinosaurs were strong but they could not fit the environment and became extinct. Any change is welcome unless they do not restrict the way we work. Personally, I do not want to spend to much time if I can not send images. I would contribute the other companies which are easy to submit. But SS is a tech giant and we expect more than this "Submit page". I expect professionalism and a good collaboration between contributors and the company. I would answer any polls created by SS in order to make the system better. When asked in advance of course, not dictated in an instant. For the submit page: 1- Layout is tiring, skewed to the right 2- Can not use keywords unless they are not suggested 3- Batches disappeared and every single image is listed separately (I do not know why)
  10. If this forum belongs to Shutterstock or if somebody there cares us, please do not ignore your producers (contributors) and at least write an answer. Why do you dictate this change to the contributors instead of releasing a beta version and asking our opinions in advance?
  11. The new editor is really bad. Please at least give us an option to use the previous version. Unhappy contributors do not send images and if there are no images sent anymore, all the customers will fly away. I uploaded more than 300 images to the other companies in 3 days. That could be Shutterstock. But not.
  12. Instead of praying, I simply stopped uploading SS and spending my time to upload other sites. That is simpler.
  13. +1+1+1 SS has done a big mistake. Let's revert it and improve. (Actually, it was already perfect)
  14. I am also very angry about the change. Now I think we are just some numbers out of millions who are working for Shutterstock. Nobody cares the contributor and asks their opinions. - The new layout is really bad planned, no working space - The unique keywords which are not in the database is excluded - When I copy the keywords and paste them on Excel, they are reordered from the end. I would ever never think that Shutterstock would create such a horrible mess.
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