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  1. Let me convince you. I am a member of the group and I also did not like this admin error. I decided to fix it or leave. Thanks to the support of the majority, I have achieved this. This ambassador is no longer in the administration. We ourselves must control the actions of the coalition. I, you, every author, all together. And as long as we can, we must be together. it is our coalition, not the personal business of leaders. Most for a just cause.Let me convince you. I am a member of the group and I also did not like this admin error. I decided to fix it or leave. Thanks to the supp
  2. I raised this question in a group. We are discussing. I will not back down until they are removed from the administration. Thank you for information.
  3. May 28, I disabled my portfolio. this is page 74 of this discussion. I calculated how many people were disconnected and how many sales continue in 5 pages before my shutdown and 2 pages at the very beginning. The ratio is: 9 sell and 2 disabled sales. Many selling portfolios from developed countries (USA, Europe, Australia). It is unfortunate that the authors obey the conditions. It doesn’t matter that you will not upload new content and you will not load 4K video. Shutterstock will not sense this damage. There is such an expression "I wouldn't share a foxhole with him." This can be said about
  4. Today, in 8 hours, I made a table with my own hands using saws and a screwdriver. This is more profitable than buying a camera and a computer in order to later earn money in a Shutterstock during the day.
  5. Yesterday I thought that I needed a man like Elon Musk to create a super stock with 99 percent payout for authors . And today he launches astronauts into space. That's a coincidence?
  6. https://www.change.org/p/shutterstock-object-to-the-decline-in-shutterstock-s-contributor-earnings
  7. Not surprisingly, the number of pages is decreasing. When all of humanity is moving into a happy future, Shutterstock strives into the past.
  8. And provide the dissatisfaction of the authors with a link to the petition.
  9. It is necessary to reach out directly to customers. Send letters to all the major media outlets (BBC, CNN, New Times and other) about Shutterstock's unjust and robbery relation to authors.
  10. https://www.change.org/p/shutterstock-object-to-the-decline-in-shutterstock-s-contributor-earnings
  11. I created a store for myself. https://alphanature.myinstaclip.com/ This service is 8-10 percent of the sale. The rest of the profit is mine. But there are no sales, the client will not remember every such small store, and will not return in a year. If the base is large and the search is the same for everyone, then under good conditions, customers will come and the authors themselves will be interested in joining.
  12. It is we who create the goods which stocks sell, the stock order the rest of the work. They hire marketers, programmers, lawyers, and a server. I am sure that spending on this is not more than 20 percent. And there is one important detail. We have no other option. If this is not done, then prices fall so quickly that any of our images will become cheaper than the cost of electricity per click on this image. And then you should not do this and leave.
  13. Firstly, one platform is needed, and not differentiated. and be exactly exclusive, so as not to dump on shallow drains, too. one platform is important in order for a huge library to form; it is convenient for the client to search in one place. Secondly, it is desirable that this is new from scratch. and all shares of the platform belonged to the authors, depending on the popularity of their images and videos, without the right to resell their shares. any other platform will sooner or later turn into Shutterstock and will use us for its own purposes.
  14. It would be nice if the authors themselves create a platform with the condition exclusively. Small platform costs should be deducted from sales. Big servers are not needed. Each author provides the original files from his own computer. The platform will only have a preview of a small resolution and a small number of those files that are often bought. We authors themselves will advertise this platform and distribute it on social networks.
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