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  1. The same story. Looks like stock owners collusion. So cost reduction started on SS, was planned on other stocks also. People, who has disabled sales, hang on there. It's important.
  2. Portfolio disabled. Waiting for positive changes (I still hope). Good luck to you all.
  3. Thank You for info. My choice for now is Adove. Waiting for first approval.
  4. Thank You, that's what Shutterstock should publish from the very beginning instead of bla-bla-bla about benefits for newcomers.
  5. Thank You for advices, colleagues.I have just registred on Adobe and uploaded images. We shall live and see...
  6. First image was sold for 0.33 as usual. My uploading is on hold till situation becomes more cleare.
  7. These new levels are based on the number of times your content is licensed rather than your lifetime earnings. I still do not understand, what does it mean, as I am uploading images, not licenses. So I'll wait till june to see new numbers. My work here was just a hobby. Now I understand, it's charity. Payments to contributors are already very low. The main part of SS income are big volume subscriptions with low price per downloading. SS is trying to economise more. Good luck.
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