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  1. When I see posts like this here and it transceneds into some kind of obscene, diatribe, with OPs initila queation way off the mark in terms of honest HELPFUL repsosnes. and the rest of posters boosting their egos and bickering like chickens I have come to the decision that these forums are no longer for me - there is nothing here that helps starting photographers, it's just a cemetary of lost souls with axes to grind - F*uck this forum - I am out p.s. Sorry OP if you are still here and have got through 14 pages of BS - just run brother, take some classes and forget stock you are not ready
  2. thanks nothing recieved Milo as yet for Dec 2019 - ahhh whatever, who knows what these guys are up to sometimes.... Peace John
  3. So anyone else have this email? And if so what does it mean - am I going to see some kind of penalty, or reimbursement? Such an odd email If I am breaking taboos who cares - here is the full email... off to MSG forum to see what the tin-foil hats say.... Hello, In the last few weeks, you may have seen earnings that are not your standard subscription rates. These earnings are a result of a correction made to a previous purchase. We always hope our customers purchase the correct license, but sometimes that is not the case. When we discover the incorrect license or unauthorized use o
  4. IS is over for me - I will leave my port there, as a few BIG sales happen every few months - BUT they will get NONE of my new stuff, selling images with 15% kickback, WTF? Seeing an RPD for my work at $0.04 is just fecking unbeliveable, I could make more money picking up lost coins on the street/bus/sofa.... the party has long been over, time for the new dogs to move in....
  5. So you like the word cup? And it reminded you of Oman? And you see the Keyword Travel? - So have you seen Dinesh's keywords? - and IMO the composition is not so good, in the right hand side there are lods of falling raindrops? Why? Crop it to two-thirds and allow deisgner to create a text space. However I am glad Dinesh shares his good sales and data - so onwards and upwards And I like your balls for disagreeing, makes the forum more real geogif... Also Dinesh - really throw some catches into her eyes....
  6. Also I think this would wotk better with rule of thirds - copyspace etc, cut from the right
  7. I agree with Alexandre - the story you have there Dinesh is a very attractive lady, HOLDING a cup of tea (India, Tea concept) behind a TEA PLANTATION, etc. etc. so why editorial? THINK the story... your description doesn't work Pune, India - September 01 2019: Portrait of a young Indian girl outdoors near Pune India. You do not mention Tea or holding - why would she not sign a model release? The story is there - this should be a commercial image with a model release, it has IMO little editorial value, sheesh India and Tea come on dude.... you have this literally on your doorstep!
  8. like it - agree with making it straighter but it is a good image, really like the composition
  9. Well, pretty amazed after 5 days no sales - this has to be a new one for me - a consecutive 5 day non-sale run?? I usually exepct a few non-sale days, BUT 5 non-sale days in a row? Looks like my button has been closed.... Sheesh
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