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  1. since 2018 - i already anticipate when things go bad and cant depend on SS for the SECOND time. and NOW. i cant see any BENEFIT of this new system - only LESS profit. Thank you, SS. but i have enough.
  2. Please give us the (acceptable) reason - why BACK TO 4Mp eps??
  3. Most people i know in my "still developing" country, they still use internet quota with upload speed approx 5 - 10Mbps and of course, commonly disconnect anytime due to stability issue. before, it is hard work to create a lot of artworks but now it is hard work to upload files and PRAY the internet stability will going smoothly!
  4. 1. Not everyone has high end computers for high effect vectors. 2. Keywording become more complicated Anyone who has that idea on the team will destroy Shutterstock's VECTOR future for sure.
  5. Just Saying. I think it would be BEST if you add polls for contributors for the next update ideas.
  6. Yes, i have learned a lot from this (as i experience it also ) - different unique password for different websites is the only best thing. If 2 steps verifications are available, it would be great! Btw, thank you for your hard work to solve the problem
  7. nothing happen until now, it has been three days since i confirmed to them.
  8. i hope SS can apply 2step verifications by sms just like Gmail. at least, sent a code by text message / call when someone wants to change profile passwords, phone and also payments.
  9. It's Good to hear that your portfolio be active again. You are not alone. i got my portfolio hacked also same like you. Btw, how about the payment, are "we" get it back ???
  10. im new here, but i dont think i have a problem with that. everything is fine for me until now
  11. first submission, i click vector upload then i click video tab, and suddenly there is id submit button. THERE IS NO Artwork submit button at there. I upload my passport and i got reviewed since 28Jan and accepted when i log in, i found that my id accepted but my content pending until now (but i haven't upload any artwork yet). i cant progress forward, so i sent email to submit@shutterstock. no asap reply from them - i create MISTAKE and finally got the first WARNING for double id. haha i admit my fault for being IMPATIENT because i already waiting too long from 28 Jan. more than 3-5 business days. now,im waiting for the reply from SS i wish my problem can be helped as soon as possible
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