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  1. Рейтинг отображается во многих странах, включая США. Возможно ваш браузер не поддерживает скрипты и куки, которые его доставляют на устройство..
  2. User experience (experience of real customers) does not provide the same opportunities as the manipulation of made-up experience. Still, I'm sure it's a tool... robot lawn-mower as said above...
  3. I think there are two robots here. the first bot rates quality. The second bot lowers or raises (which is not obvious) this rating depending on the profile of the target audience (which is good for Russians and Americans, not so good for the English and Dutch. And Germans and Canadians better not look at this) 😐
  4. Ranking is a sales tool. User experience rating is successfully applied on many trading platforms.
  5. At Ataturk airport this one looks impressive In Russia 9/10 😉
  6. I used VPN. And this is the result...
  7. AI moves through the image database like a robot vacuum cleaner. Chaotic but methodical... Everyone will be lucky enough to see it in the future 🧐
  8. Well... OK I created a set of 10 perfect images (according to SS smart bot) Those ten images brought me 25 cents in revenue (in three years online at least). Why is it so sad? Because millions of trash images are uploaded every day (blablabla) But today everything has change with unique marketing tool to sell better quality. I believe in progress and after six months I will comeback here to get the first dollar from this ten. Everyone can do the same and see
  9. Not at all. It creates the image of a stable and caring company. Especially when it's time to drain it.
  10. Well... maybe SS decided to enter the fake news market with fake content... Or is this revenge on the Chinese in support of the government's fight against Huawei. Then that's creative. 🤠 It looks like theft from Chinese sites.
  11. Visualizing the digestive process or workings of Venus brain neurons can help with approval as a medical...
  12. Good for discrimination page. Your money is kept and multiplied* while we don't trust you. * only for Shutterstock team
  13. Rudyard Kipling Jungle Book... Akela missed. Shere Khan is nibbling on the bones of contributors. Microjungle waits for the man from wolf pack... Who is he?
  14. Well... I'll support. Packaging matters, too. The amount of money is much less, but it looks more solid.
  15. Just watching Parler take off)) The little human cub against the evil corporations. Who could he be in our market? CM or..?
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