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  1. Five bucks in May. I thought it couldn't get any worse. But SS showed it wasn't the bottom yet. 50 cents in June.
  2. All media or serious advertising companies buy content. Agencies are focused on them. Illegal use in any case does not bring them money. It's just a given. No one's fighting it...
  3. I was here talking about the future in micro is one image = one sale. Six months ago, I was talking about that SS earning model will be changed as IS in the next two years. Now I'm gonna say that there is no future. This business model is outdated. The aggregators affiliated with search engines and media will replace them. Based on blockchain or more traditional. It's easy to do when you have money. Who's is first I don't know...
  4. How the idea looks promising. Project site looks like a dead cat. Was anybody involved in this project?
  5. Incompetence - main rule in big business. I'm increasingly convinced of that... He doesn't know his own TOS. He can't talk with suppliers.
  6. He zeroing confidence in his company and is back in 2003. Cool.
  7. - Hi! My name is Shark and I'm an shutterstocker! - (applause) - I'm still uploading for 10 cents... - (friendly nodding) - But I upload less and less and this..crap... - (applause) - Only crap!!! - (long applause)
  8. There is some difference in the public field between boycott and ban. If you're boycotting, you can count on it.If your strategy is to ban, you can count on it. A some phrases about PR, nothing more.👥
  9. I like point 2. But there's point 3 (I mentioned that). Lifetime Earnings is what the SS team enthusiastically cleans up from the company's history. They even took it out of point 8 TOC 7. (acting when I joined) In my country it's called document forgery.
  10. OK. If any Internet site (looting.com is registered in the U.S., California, for example) violates financial or other obligations to a Russian citizen, a Russian citizen may apply to court with a request to block the fraudulent site. He does not need to know U.S. law. If there is fraud on the Internet, citizens should be protected from fraud. My question: Are there similar laws in other countries? ___________________________________________ MJD Graphics, I expect a reasonable answer from you about politics.
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