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  1. Not at all. It creates the image of a stable and caring company. Especially when it's time to drain it.
  2. Well... maybe SS decided to enter the fake news market with fake content... Or is this revenge on the Chinese in support of the government's fight against Huawei. Then that's creative. 🤠 It looks like theft from Chinese sites.
  3. Visualizing the digestive process or workings of Venus brain neurons can help with approval as a medical...
  4. Good for discrimination page. Your money is kept and multiplied* while we don't trust you. * only for Shutterstock team
  5. Rudyard Kipling Jungle Book... Akela missed. Shere Khan is nibbling on the bones of contributors. Microjungle waits for the man from wolf pack... Who is he?
  6. Well... I'll support. Packaging matters, too. The amount of money is much less, but it looks more solid.
  7. Just watching Parler take off)) The little human cub against the evil corporations. Who could he be in our market? CM or..?
  8. Well, that was a second review from the qualified employee (I hope). The first bot review gave the same result. I'll just offer it somewhere else.
  9. Rules: Modern Sculptures / Statues - Acceptable for editorial use unless the modern statue is specifically restricted Compliance with rules - Non-Licensable Content This is a modern sculpture installed in Russia as an element of public place decor. Why is its image forbidden for sale on SS? I'm losing money. Media are losing visualization.
  10. Vehicle is called here. Yes. Of course. In the potato field race, your tractor will beat that horse
  11. This theme is about five years old. Probably 'raster image' in keywords can help.
  12. This contract is copied from the sales manager's motivational plan. All those levels, percentages, zeroing in. Step by step until you're blind from the monitor)) The question is not about how you position yourself here. The question is how you feel about how they position you.
  13. You are absolutely correct. Technically, collage and photomontage are different techniques. But they are essentially the same thing - "cut and paste" .
  14. is this a collage or a composite?
  15. We don't know the revenue structure of the sales department. Perhaps their levels are reset in the same way))
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