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  1. By your statements you are just a small fry that has no real clue on how the business works. I make over 50k/yearly from selling stock, (Shutter is only a very tiny percentage of that) from stock through the last 11 years. I have a tiny know-how on how to succeed and make a living in this business. What is proposed now is a huge blow to the income to 95% of contributors , small and large. No, the "you will make it up in volume" and "work harder" arguments have been all been said before. What happens is just the contrary. Just learn a little about corporate talk so you can read between the lines.......Don't believe me? Next year June first you compare your sales with last year and let's see how supportive you are then to your past affirmations.
  2. The Stock has fallen so much not because Shutterstock is not profitable, but because as many tech stock it raised to absurd levels at the beggining entering the stock market. Even now PER and PEG are quite high, imagine 5 years ago. The stock market should not dictate companies policies. Unfortunatelly it does. Ceos the rest of the direction team are usually for the short term. In this case the period is the next 3 years,with important stock options rewarding the lift of the stock. If the long value of the company does get destroyed it does not matter. Of course any business can run itself as wanted but contributors are not stupid and they will find other venues where they feel better treated. It will take some time but will eventually happen. They showed us the menu. It is us to decide if we find it tasteful or not.
  3. 3 of those in the last month. With the new commission structure it would be 0.45$ The disk space those clips take into my hard drive and backup costs more.
  4. I disabled my port and will see if they take things into consideration. If not I will go exclusive with P5 for a 60% and being able to establish my prices. 30% was low enough. 15%-25% for most contributors is an insult.
  5. Shutterstock has never allowed you to set their price. It's a play game by their rules. Fortunatelly there are other known options that let you do that and keep a nice percentage of the sale.
  6. It is nearly game over for many stock producers. I was refraining to send material to Gettyimages because of the 20% video. Not anymore. In not much time 15-25 will be the most we get out from all agencies. Tough times ahead and a disgrace for this corporation move of profound disrespect to contributors.
  7. Unless the new subs increase downloads by x100 it will no longer be worth to submit content here. Sad but predictable. Welcome to Corporation Predatory World 3.0
  8. Drone shots are at the moment very difficult to get through even shot at 100 ISo with a mavic 2 PRO. Noise is the reason......the wrong reason.......
  9. Videos from Mavic 2 PRO 1 inch sensor at 100 ISO. All rejected because of noise. Something is terribly wrong with reviews for the last month. Too many agree that there must be something new not properly communicated to contributors. Maybe I should buy a Inspire 2 for 25k and sell those videos for 1.5$ to 15$ and see in how much time I recover my costs.........
  10. Shutterstock has the worst review of all the agencies by far. Very inconsistent, similar shots with the same technical spec taken some get through and some get the artifacts noise rejection. No rational criteria at all. Doubt that human beings are behind these illogical rejections......
  11. Lots of rejections at the moment. Footage with Mavic 2 Pro shot at 100 ISO rejections NOISE ARTIFACTS. Ridiculous . No rejections at the other agencies I supply too. Shutterstock AI working at its finest.........
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