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  1. Unfortunately all the complaining will not change the course of things. Shutterstock has been already very clear about that. You have a beautiful portfolio. Only you have to decide if it is worth sticking here or move along to other venues. At one time a very famous contributors we all know, with millions of sales had to take the same decision. Sometimes you cannot be everywhere without undercutting yourself.
  2. You are so out of reality that it is even funny. Most of the customers are far from downloading the quota . How do I know because I am a pro photographer that is in touch with a lot of customers that have microstock subscriptions. How about you? Where do you get your numbers? Because your crunching are totally wrong. Not based on evidence or experience. Just speculation. You can write 100 posts here but your numbers are made up in the air. Who knows why. You might have your reasons. But as you are spreading misinformation there are some that will come here to refute that.
  3. Your statements are simply not true. Shutterstock earns much more than 85% on level 1 because close to nobody used their full image download quota and some might even download 30 o 40 images of their 750 allowance. And in this case Shutterstock keep 95% of the sale because remember we are not taking individual sales here, this is the fallacy we are talking about subscription packages and here the percentage calculated for contributors is not true and favours even more Shutterstock. If they would split once every month is over among the contributors about what the subscriber paid then you
  4. The new contract will eliminate our capacity to decide that our images cannot be used in a sensitive use. For those that shoot models or family this is extremely important as I dont think any of you would like their subjects be used on tobacco alcohol sex,std,etc uses. This will not only upset many models that work now for low accounts or close to nothing but it will also open a can of worms of possible lawsuits as model releases cleary limit defamatory uses and many times sensitive uses can be considered defamatory. This is a GREAT mistake by Shutterstock and I anticipate it will disgrunt con
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