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  1. MaDedee

    Shutterstock vs iStock

    my experience : 1. iS 2. AS 3. SS P.S. Not a single contributor thread was deleted from iS forum.
  2. MaDedee

    Rejected really?

    So....your (quote) : " It is a very bad image." - isn't criticizing and mine " look at your own portfolio before you start to criticize arround " to you is ? And that makes me a criticizer and you are helper ? I'm quite sure that newbies here would like a help from a real photographers. Anyway ,If you wan't to clean the house, start with your own.
  3. MaDedee

    Rejected really?

    Maybe I was mistaken about that monster bunny rabbit ...maybe it wasn't yours...I wouldnt know now...there is so many low quality uploads by photography wannabes who criticize others nowadays. Anyhow - your exact words : " It is a very bad image." And what did you say ???? You didn't want to criticize ?
  4. MaDedee

    Rejected really?

    @Whiteaster Maybe you are right, that @Laura Kneedler 's photography isn't masterpiece and clearly you have a right to say that considering one of yours great photos : https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/hand-fed-tilting-drum-mixer-on-1211570494?src=7TA_N9pslhqLlpKFk8PzUQ-2-99 ^ Sarcasm of course Maybe all of us here that admire such a GREAT photo are wrong and you are right. To be toally honest - as long as you shoot what you shoot + how you do it - you don't have a right to criticize anyone's work. If you want to criticize, start with your own portfolio. P.S. Do you think that no one remember easter bunny monster toy which you deleted from your portfolio after a similar conversation that we had previously?
  5. MaDedee

    Rejected really?

    Actually it is GREAT shot. I like it . A lot.
  6. No. Nowadays SS is like an instagram profile of some old house lady who shoots her backyard flowers. In a dry season. P.S. SS become my third earner so I don't bother anymore what is selling here and what doesn't.
  7. MaDedee

    Advice Please

    Woooow ! I wasn't expecting anything like this when you asked to check your folio. To be honest I was expecting another one with mobile phone dull non-interesting pictures... Those are actually very good stock photos and it is refreshing that somebody new ask to check his portfolio with this kind of quality pictures. All you need is bigger portfolio. Mastering of stock photography will come together with that. Welcome to SS and keep up the good work !
  8. MaDedee

    Shutterstock 2018 stats published today

    Sorry, my mistake. Considering what you writing here about algorithm and about machine learning ,I presumed that you will know one of the oldest jokes about machine learning algorithms.
  9. MaDedee

    Shutterstock 2018 stats published today

    If all your friends jumped off a bridge would you follow them? Machine Learning algorithm: yes.
  10. MaDedee

    Shutterstock 2018 stats published today

    oooooooops ...now be prepared to receive a dozen of " my logic vs logic " , " you are so wrong " and " I'm so right " answers from a proven SS defender. Oh....I meant to say - expert.
  11. MaDedee

    Shutterstock 2018 stats published today

    " What happened to Happy Fridays?? " - Contributors ask the same question for a year or two, since someone or something turned them into a Low Sales Fridays . Or low earnings for contributors fridays, considering stats provided at the start of this topic.
  12. MaDedee

    Shutterstock 2018 stats published today

    This thread is so popular....I think that "THEY" will close it soon. #democracy
  13. MaDedee

    Spamming with double unrelated keywords

    Only thing that "THEY" will do is to close this thread if many contributors start to talk about it.
  14. MaDedee

    Shutterstock 2018 stats published today

    @Alexandre Rotenberg One of the questions is ....how many of those " contributors " are moles ? @mandritoiu thank you very much for sharing this stats.