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    December used to be the best month for stock sales.....but now on SS it is month of bugs and glitches. Same as last two ( 2016, 2017 ). Coincidence ? P.S. This is not a conspiracy theory post. I would just like to hear other people's opinion.
  2. It was OFF because of yesterdays bug. All SS portfolios was off for a few hours.
  3. MaDedee

    Portfolio bug....AGAIN !!!!

    Most relevant says that you have - 5,225 stock photos Fresh content says - 452. BUG.....
  4. MaDedee

    Portfolio bug....AGAIN !!!!

    Not if you go on FRESH CONTENT on her page.
  5. MaDedee

    Portfolio bug....AGAIN !!!!

    It is a bug. And it will be fixed. No worries man. Only question here is WHEN it will be fixed.....
  6. MaDedee

    Portfolio bug....AGAIN !!!!

    Scary thing is that weekend is here....I hope that we shouldn't wait till monday for this to be fixed.
  7. Recently our portfolios look like :
  8. NO. It is not OFF. It is still active !!!
  9. And his portfolio is still ACTIVE !!!!!!!!!!!
  10. This place gone from bad to worse..... First there was a keyword spammers, than portfolio spammers and no one from SS didn't gave a s***. Now thiefs starting to run this place. And still no one from SS to give a flying F**K. Is there a living person - employee at Shutterstock ??????
  11. I strongly think that there is no human inspectors on SS any more. By my opinion - That would be only explanation for portfolios like the one that we discuss here. P.S. Last week my work was reviewed and approved 5 seconds after I finished upload. That is not possible with or for a human reviewer.
  12. Looks like someone reported it....but there still stands " 144,621 stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free " in this portfolio ???
  13. Conspiracy theory ?