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  1. Same here. I contacted support few days ago. Still no answer.
  2. As far as I can see....your account is still active.... P.S. Don't tell others what to do. It is not polite.
  3. I started by not uploading new vectors on SS. And decide to give them 5 working days to solve this "level calculations" bug. In a name of previous 6 years. If they don't fix it we don't have anything to speak about. 10¢ is absolutely unacceptable and my 15K portfolio will be opt out.
  4. I just want to be fair ( even if SS isn't ) and give them 5 days...
  5. I still believe that there is a bug in " level percentage " calculations....and I'll give SS 5 working days to clear it. After that I'll decide should I stay or should I go.
  6. I was joking m8....we ALL have 10 cents downloads....and it seems that "level" is just another SS joke too.
  7. As far as I can see from posts here: " level 1 " have 10¢ download " level 2 " have 10¢ download " level 3 " have 10¢ download " level 4 " have 10¢ download " level 5 " have 10¢ download Is there levels at all ? @Kate Shutterstock what you say about that ?
  8. @Kate Shutterstock There is just one logic to pay 13¢ for a download.... And that is if 1 - I'm not level 5 or 2- your method of level earning calculation have a bug ( as always ) . P.S. Another download for a level 5 ....14¢ this time... #disgrace
  9. + 1 P.S. I just had a download..... 13¢....level 5. So, you sold vector for 1$ ? #disgrace
  10. SS said that levels 5 and 6 will earn more... I'm level 5 and there is 10¢ downloads, 13¢ downloads, 17¢ downloads and 20¢ downloads..... strange math SS, very strange.
  11. I started to upload daily on Adobe since SS implemented "similar" image rejection policy. And already have larger income on Adobe than on SS. With 1/3 size portfolio.
  12. 10¢....This will be graveyard for a low cost smartphone photo from Asia.... soon....
  13. yeah...there is a HUGE difference between 10¢ and 9¢..... #facepalm
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