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  1. MaDedee

    It’s back - Option to add a second category

    @Alex Shutterstock Great ! I'm so glad to see that second category is back. By the way.... would you be such a nice and kind to check out how " See large preview" at " Pending approval " works ? There is a bug all over pending approval .
  2. MaDedee

    Best SS friends and mates Club

  3. MaDedee

    Shutterstock is Down

  4. MaDedee

    Another thief among us?

    SS need security department just to deal with crooks and thiefs . ASAP.
  5. MaDedee

    Another thief among us?

  6. MaDedee

    A Day In The Life of a reviewer

    Amazing post !!!!!!
  7. MaDedee

    Site issues - Resolved

    Issue ? What issue? There was an issue on the Contributor and Customer sites ?
  8. MaDedee

    The iOS contributor app has a new look!

    Bottom line is that we all "barking at the wind" here ,SS simply doesn't care what contributors think.
  9. MaDedee

    Why my pictures are not selling yet

    This is what you trying to sell : https://www.shutterstock.com/g/gudiya-babai+design+arts And this is what people give for FREE : https://www.pexels.com/ Mystery solved ?
  10. MaDedee

    Another free site

    Oh, you was rude just because you didn't understand ? I strongly think that we should stop right here. I certainly don't want to be rude just because you don't understand something. Have a nice day.
  11. MaDedee

    Another free site

    Actually I don't know the answer. I'm not a photographer so I can't be no judge or jury on photography questions. I was simply asking for your opinion , as a photographers opinion , when I saw that you are so active at this post. But no problem...I won't insist that you answer. Just forget that I asked . I'm sorry to see that you took this free image site so personal.
  12. MaDedee

    Another free site

    Why not ? You already answered with that " I won't answer" of yours. Smart photographer would try to learn from each and every photo that he/she see. P.S. Yes. I saw those images. I saw your portfolio too. Why ?
  13. MaDedee

    Another free site

    It is harder to get in on a FREE PHOTO SITE than to SS ? Interesting...... What does that say about photographers on shutterstock ? What does that say about image quality on Shutterstock ?
  14. MaDedee

    Another free site

    Next time when those 100 $ smart phone camera "photographers" ask opinion about portfolio and ask questions why they don't make sales on ss....just send them link to this page.
  15. MaDedee

    The iOS contributor app has a new look!

    UPLOADER IS DEAD. Alex, maybe you should forward this information to the team ?