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  1. What about digital downloads? They would pay more than microstock.
  2. I really like your B&W photos on Etsy, nice work!
  3. I am slowly getting out of microstock, too much time and effort for very little reward. It's too bad because years ago I thought when I retire I will have plenty of time to shoot and upload tons of images to stock agencies. I am retiring and realizing now that it's not worth it anymore, so I want to venture into the high quality prints to be sold online. Anyone have good experiences with prints? Suggestions for great online print labs?
  4. Hi, Anyone would know how to create a transparent sheet of calculus or math formulas to us as a layer in a photo composite? Thank you
  5. About $10, but now it's even lower due to the new earning structure. Obviously you can see I don't do this for the money.
  6. Can anyone tell me which word would cause the rejection of this file? Thank you.
  7. I am no longer uploading images to Shutterstock, there are other agencies who pay better.
  8. I am not sure I want to upload new images anymore. It takes time and effort to create and upload new images, $0.10 is probably not worth it.
  9. I forgot to mention that I use windows 7.
  10. Hi everyone, I have Nikon D7000 and I want to experience with video footage to upload on Shutterstock. Which video editing software should I be using? Preferably a free software. Thank you
  11. I said money is secondary because it's a hobby but I still want some sales and make some $$ to pay for my expenses. As you all know photography can be expense.
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