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  1. Well, thanks everyone, I did not know they were a partner with art.com and this was a thing. Even more reason why I am glad I got off this sinking ship.
  2. I think you have mis understood. I did not put my image on art.com I do not have an account with them and I have never uploaded anything to art.com art.com got my image from shutterstock and is selling it without my knowledge.
  3. I just found some of my work on a website "art.com" for sale as a print. The images are attributed to me. In the description it says that it is from the "shutterstock" collection. Now, I stopped uploading here a long time ago, even before the new payout structure. I saw that it was going downhill quickly and it was time to focus my efforts elsewhere. I wanted to post this here just to let everyone know that the image you just got 10 cents for, someone else is getting $$$$ for every fine art print they make from it. Are you comfortable with that? I was just going to leave my port up but not upload anything new. This has caused me to reconsider. I for one feel like my work has been stolen. I think these images were purchased under the old payout system. So I probably got maybe 36 cents. I would now urge everyone to consider turning of their ports. Unless you are comfortable getting 10 cents while everyone else makes a good profit off of your work.
  4. Yes if you selected no under license options you did it correctly. It take a couple of days to completely turn off
  5. You can get a payout at $35.00 why wait till 100? And don’t close the account. Just deactivate it.
  6. Go to your account settings. look at the "licensing options" and select "no" for both images and video
  7. Look through the forum. There are several threads on it.
  8. It let me add it to my cart. Not sure what that means
  9. One of my other sites actually increased contributor earnings by doubling our percentage back in January. I make the same amount there by selling 15 images as I do here on SS selling 120 images. And this is before SS new payout of .1c
  10. Most large corporations that have a graphics department just leave it up to whoever is in charge of that department to decide on things like their stock photo accounts. That person just pics the largest pack available because, hey, why not be prepared. Then the just forward the bill to the corporate office who does not complain because in the grand scheme of things, the amount spent on the SS account is miniscule. So, no one would use or need the 750 but lots of art department have that pack because, one,it feels cool to know you can download anything and you don't have to worry about reaching your limit and two, the company is paying for it.
  11. Why? Are you saying that if I disable my images that SS will permanently turn my off just to spite me?
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