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  1. Ok, but apart "10 cents" mistake does it make sense?
  2. So, are these estimated earnings for different types of subscriptions correct?
  3. We really look forward some modified and improved requirement, that will make happier BOTH Shutterstock and conributors. That's all we actually wanted, to be honest. To me 4 mp decision was a mere disaster, so I'm glad that you're taking some time to reconsider. Listening each other is a win-win, so let's just keep winning
  4. You know, I laughed for the first time since Shutterstock brought up that idea. Thank you))
  5. Rage never get no one to a good place. And no, it wasn't clear. I suppose, time will show, if it was any reasonable. They are free to steb themselves at the back. We shouldn't really stop them. Can't heal the one who doesn't wanna be healed.
  6. This is extremely sad decision. Bigger limit won't help, since there are files from 100 Mb to 1,5 Gb with a size of 4Mpx. Too bad you haven't listen to so many people... I'm deeply disappointed and frustrated.
  7. Anna, Thank you!!!! That's so great to be heard :))) You've made my day, and, I suppose, hundreds of other artists!
  8. Dear Anna, with all due respect, let's just say you're optimizing one aspect of uploading at the price of many complications your authors are gonna come through. As for "how it goes" - all these comments have complitely described how this innovation is about to go. Lots of additional "manual" resizing work, lots of time about to spend on complex vectors just to fit and - I mean probably hours to make some vectors look presentable AND having required sizement (such a cruel torture). As for my portfolio - I'll basicly will have to choose another direction of vector design to get along with these changes - which is a huge stress. If you really listen, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't do that. You will make happy hundreds of people, literally, hundreds. This is so easy, PLEASE!
  9. Another example of something I won't be able to upload anymore... With dimensions 2000px*2000px it's about 92 Mb (All details removed). Well Istock sells it better anyway.
  10. I absolutely agree. It's extremely frustrating, you're basicly depriving your authors of their voice. Like we can sell on Shutterstock, but we have absolutely no rights, we can't change anything. Why? You consider your contributors dumb or mentally impaired? I suppose it's even called gaslighting since you make us feel miserable and make it look like you're doing that FOR US. What about your buyers? Are they gonna be happy getting all those huge files and trying to edit them? Does this make sense? Are you shure there will be no complaints?
  11. Dear Jeff, I love being Shutterstock contributor and I'm grateful for this option. I see two possible decisions in this situation: 1) If your really want to make your authors life easier, is there any chance you could make these last requirements optional? The problem is (in my case) that size of my works grows extremely high if I scale them up to 4 Mb. 2) Could you make exceptions for certain types of works? (Well, like mine - light effects and complex realistic drawings, others if there will be demands)
  12. Guys, did you beta-test different types of vectors? For flat style, or doodle drawings it's more or less not a problem. But for complex photorealistic drawings and light effect vectors it's a disaster. Like literally I'll no longer be able to download my best selling content. And this is way more serious than situation with watercolor. The biggest part of my portfolio are light effects. Just try tags "star", "light effect" and you'll see that all these vectors are not scalable to your demands. Please, just check it up!
  13. Dear Anna, I'm the author of 80% light effect portfolio, which are very well sold on Shutterstock. My vectors are pretty heavy, but with a size of artboard 100px*100px, they scale down to a couple of Mb. But since you decided to make it from 4 Mpixels they are gonna be from 120Mb and more... Are you ready to eliminate all light effect portfolios on your site with such an approach? I don't really understand what I'm supposed to do?
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