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  1. what they did is just a financial operation. reduce revenue for contributors is like to cut salaries and that means more money for shutterstock investors. shutterstock stocks rose 46% in july so we lose and they win
  2. terrible july. for the first time 0 downloads during the last 10 days
  3. zero video sales so far. last week 8 video sold 0,34 each. i am so rich now i dont know how to spend all that money
  4. june 2020 usd 2.37 including videos
  5. Shutterstock (NYSE:SSTK) had declared $0.17/share quarterly dividend, in line with previous.
  6. what i do is to stop uploading, at least i will not see anymore those ridiculous rejections. in a way i will save money because i will not buy a new videocamera to produce better videos quality.
  7. my main demotivation is due to the rejection of photos and videos of the last few months. ok i am uploading in others agencies but the 90% of my sales are with shutterstock. i will stop uploading
  8. if i well understand from jun1 i will not get anymore 0.36 usd per image but only 0,20 and same reduction apply for videos.
  9. today sold again 2 clips for 60 cents each. i am rich........
  10. once again today 5 clips rejected for noise. i am thinking to stop uploading and i believe shutterstock should say something about this situation. take into consideration that they are rejecting clips that 3 days ago they sold one on mine for 0,69 usd. ridiculous
  11. ok so i will buy a yellow one
  12. sold 1 video clip for 0.60 usd. tomorrow i go to buy a ferrari
  13. maybe because in this country they have been checking more people so far
  14. in milan area only 1 person so far with corona virus. 76 in all italy
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