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  1. i had the same problem time ago. model release accepted for weeks but one day rejected. checking carefully model release i found that in the photographer name space i wrote - name and surname - but i signed first surname and after name. that was the reason for rejection (one reviewer didnt accept it)
  2. shutterstock has always been my best seller and i was used to earn 23.7 usd for a clip but the last 14 clips have been sold for usd 0,34 each and i am in third level. therefore i stopped uploading
  3. today sold again 3 clips for 0,34 each. same clips already deleted. nothing more to do.
  4. for me shutterstock is dead. in july for the first time this year i didnt reach the minimun pay and in august the situation doesnt look better. in july they sold 11 clips for 0,34 usd each instead of 23,70 usd as it was before and furthermore lately they refuse almost everything. so i stopped uploading
  5. what they did is just a financial operation. reduce revenue for contributors is like to cut salaries and that means more money for shutterstock investors. shutterstock stocks rose 46% in july so we lose and they win
  6. terrible july. for the first time 0 downloads during the last 10 days
  7. zero video sales so far. last week 8 video sold 0,34 each. i am so rich now i dont know how to spend all that money
  8. june 2020 usd 2.37 including videos
  9. Shutterstock (NYSE:SSTK) had declared $0.17/share quarterly dividend, in line with previous.
  10. what i do is to stop uploading, at least i will not see anymore those ridiculous rejections. in a way i will save money because i will not buy a new videocamera to produce better videos quality.
  11. my main demotivation is due to the rejection of photos and videos of the last few months. ok i am uploading in others agencies but the 90% of my sales are with shutterstock. i will stop uploading
  12. if i well understand from jun1 i will not get anymore 0.36 usd per image but only 0,20 and same reduction apply for videos.
  13. today sold again 2 clips for 60 cents each. i am rich........
  14. once again today 5 clips rejected for noise. i am thinking to stop uploading and i believe shutterstock should say something about this situation. take into consideration that they are rejecting clips that 3 days ago they sold one on mine for 0,69 usd. ridiculous
  15. ok so i will buy a yellow one
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