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  1. Hi, Shutterstock, I'm not your biggest earner, between my old account and drone account I've been paid around $6000 out since 2014 (mostly all videos) This was not my primary source of income until Covid 19 came along and put me out of business. Seeing that I did pretty decent with only a few clips, I thought Shutterstock would be a good option to make money and upload content. It was my thinking that as Covid impacted the film industry, Shutterstock would thrive. According to your last Earnings Report I was not wrong. However, here is where things get a little strange. Al
  2. On the submission page I was not able to upload my video for some reason-error? I applied to be a contributor, what should I do now since my submission went through empty?? My email is dlew21@mac.com , please help.
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