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  1. Iceland in summer, aerial, 4k video and time lapses https://youtu.be/DZjA8mGihrA
  2. How to edit, color correct luminosity and contrast, and use LUTs for color grading, using Premiere Pro, After Effects, or any other video editor https://youtu.be/Tc5B3F506aU
  3. An analysis of the specs we should expect from the upcoming flagship of the Mavic line https://youtu.be/PXR5hLFRCgs
  4. DJI Air 2S vs Mini 2: in-depth analysis of photo quality and features of these two drones to see which one is better suited to different kinds of users, beginners, casual users, or semi-professional https://youtu.be/01qZvpmODuE
  5. A comparison of the Air 2S vs the Mavic 2 Pro in terms of photo quality in all different light conditions https://youtu.be/Sz-2cO5uK9M
  6. A comparison between the Air 2s vs the Mavic Air 2 regarding video quality and features https://youtu.be/ed9cqT5xnZo
  7. How to use the Edit workspace in DAVINCI RESOLVE to create videos made with drones or traditional cameras. How to upload clips, how to order them in the timeline, how to cut them to the beat of the music, and how to add a voice over https://youtu.be/AUMMMja41UU
  8. Get rid of luminosity noise, chromatic noise and flicker in video, timelapses and even photos using NEAT VIDEO https://youtu.be/C4LPhBV53yw
  9. An overview of DaVinci Resolve, the best free video editor on the markethttps://youtu.be/8JxfmF_PaZA
  10. Thank you Brian, I am sorry to hear about your loss. I know what you mean, as my trusted Air 2 passed away recently like a hero during a mission in gale force wind
  11. How to shoot hyperlapses and timelapses with drones or traditional cameras.When to choose one of the to techniques instead of the other.It contains some volcanic footagehttps://youtu.be/B3-aApVis6w
  12. A comparison of the video functionalities and qualities of the Mini 2 vs the Mavic MINI. Is it worth to upgrade? https://youtu.be/avAgCUNAkEs
  13. A comparison of the video quality and capabilities of the Mini 2 vs the Mavic Air 2https://youtu.be/dcWe1l5IbTI
  14. DJI MINI 2 vs AIR 2 for photographers. An in/depth analysis in all sorts of light conditions https://youtu.be/aIFupGwbvc8
  15. An in-depth review of the video quality of the tiny MINI 2, in all kind of light situations https://youtu.be/T90l0zOCXsQ
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