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  1. True, they are likely having to review more photo's than illustrations. Possibly, since I upload only illustrations.
  2. Seems like it. I uploaded several images last night and they were approved by lunch time today. Same thing happened last week too, and the month before that. Usually it takes 3-4 days for me. Been with FT/AS since 2015.
  3. My sales on AS went up since the pandemic. No complaints about AS from me. Perhaps OP's images are not a right fight for customers who buy from AS.
  4. I do see a future for microstock, but it's going to look very different than what a lot of you are used too. I'm seeing more and more illustrators and photographers sell their work as digital bundles on website like CreativeMarket and TheHungryJPEG. I honestly think that's the way to go. Not sure about clips. But I do know that unless you're willing to adapt and try new things, you're going to fail. I still sell my work on AS because they pay far better than SS and I've always done well on FT/AS anyways. But should they ever follow SS's example and lower payments, I'll happily remove my 1k+ illustrations off of AS.
  5. Here at SS? Neither. Find a new microstock site and then focus on either both or one. Up to you.
  6. I suspect that once more people remove their images from SS and go to AS, more buyers will follow and also go to AS.
  7. Reading about the changes to SS makes me so glad I abandoned SS when I did. My sales at AS have actually increased, significantly, since Covid-19 started forcing governments into lockdowns. I wish everyone here the very best.... but ya'll are likely better off jumping off this sinking ship and finding a new boat.
  8. Then you go to those websites and repeat the procress. Look, SS doesn't care. They're not going to remove the image for you, so you have to do it yourself. So either do the work and get it removed, or just let it go and move on already.
  9. Consider going through FFA and submitting a take-down notice. SS clearly isn't going to remove the image, considering it's already been 8 months.
  10. This is silly. Both DaVinci Resolve 16 (the pro version) and even Adobe's Premiere Pro have Pro Res available for Windows users, and I've no issues playing back clips with ProRes on my PC either. As for deciding what codec to use; only each individual contributor can decide that for themselves. Anyways, back to lurking I go. Have fun kids!
  11. I had a 99% acceptance rate here at SS. So the stark difference between the two microstock sites is rather interesting.
  12. It's been a slow month over at FT for me as well. Fortunately I got a big batch of images accepted so that makes me happy. My portfolio is still tiny though. 320 images with an acceptance rate of 48%. Yeesh, FT is the most picky micro stock I've ever used.
  13. That's just nuts to me. My FT portfolio has only 281 accepted pieces of illustrations (not vectors). It would take me years to reach 10k pieces. The one thing I do like about FT is that they seem to be a lot harder during the review process. I have only a 43% acceptance rate with them while when I was still with SS, I had a 99% one. I do think SS needs to be more picky but I don't know what else they could do. I suspect they don't want to make it harder for contributors to get work accepted; it helps them out after all, but not us. So they have no incentive to change.
  14. Umm, wow. Man that just frustrates me because it makes it that much harder for someone like, for example, me, to be able to compete against that.
  15. Totally forgot about DST. Thank goodness all of my electronics just move ahead without me having to do it manually. =) I'm looking up video camera's cause I wanna get into video footage/Cinemagraphs and I'm looking at this one: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01A60SYRE/ref=twister_B01AJQ2O1M?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1The Wirecutter recommends the 1080p one currently but I wanted more opinions. Not interested in taking pictures.
  16. Whoa, who is that you're referring to? They must have several people uploading daily.
  17. I sell multiple images a day, but I think I've got a nice little niche that's been working out for me. Though I'd love to get into video footage. Cinemagraphs look fun too. I can only afford 16GB of ram at the moment but I'm sure in a few months I'll upgrade it to 32GB. Will get the Samsung 850 EVO SSD which is 250gb though. Already got an external 4TB HDD (that's literally brand new) for all my files. It will be my first custom built PC. So I'm excited. :3 I've met only one other Breanna who's name is also spelled with a 'e' and not an 'i". I also consider "Breanna" to be the lame, boring, non-artistic-has-no-path version of me and Andi GreyScale as the artist-who-just-wants-to-make-pretty-things-for-the-rest-of-her-life side of me. =P The weather has been real nice here lately. I need to go out for walks again.
  18. Hey folks, I am Breanna. I simply didn't realize I was logged into the wrong account. Haha. =P But I do plan on building myself a new PC. I kinda want to get into making videos and trying new art styles. I want to play with Adobe Illustrator but it doesn't work on Ubuntu so I have to wait till I build my new pc (which will be more powerful than what I currently have anyways).
  19. Hey Sheila! Things are going pretty great for me. Got a contract with a company and am waiting for replies back from two more companies. The wait is awful. T_T I'm still happy I've gone exclusive with FT though. SS seems to be a mess and I don't miss it one bit.
  20. This is such a great idea and I wonder if illustrators and photographers might be able to do the same... Darn it, now I'm tempted! Anyways, I found your video enjoyable, Chris. =) You've likely inspired a bunch of people, myself included.
  21. Wow the forum has undergone such a big change. Not sure how I feel about it.
  22. *Flops in* Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of... well, anything. Been busy. =P
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