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  1. Greetings Reimar: Same here on the NDA, seemed legit, I declined SS's offer.
  2. Appears to be true, I wonder if the super smart AI is also reading the wants of Shutterstock Buyers?
  3. Hi Dave: First, You have a nice portfolio. You are likely correct that something is changing. I would suggest you keep submitting photos, maybe wait until the storm passes, and I can give one good reason to keep on keeping on: Shutterstock is in an excellent position to be sold to someone else and things would then improve for contributors as well as for reviewers.. Best of luck whatever happens.
  4. I have been trying to analyze my rejected photographs and many of the rejects were taken at f/16, they seem to lack some focus, so I am trying to use f/5.6 for future submissions.
  5. I read your post J.J., and I tried to upload one image, no problem for me so maybe try again. All the best.
  6. Perhaps the reviewer did not have the internet capability to allow his gorgeous image to be properly reviewed? Nice capture!
  7. Happening to me at about the same time as Stefan and Kevin.
  8. Nice photographs Paul. Could there be a quota system entering into the rejections that you received for good photographs?
  9. It is hard to see this condition as something that Shutterstock would want and it occurs to me that the Shutterstock site might be hacked by someone, perhaps a competitor micro stock agency, who would profit from confounding Shutterstock Contributors.
  10. Something is changing at Shutterstock, one of my images that has sold over 150 times is in the same status as your image and my image is 7 years old. Perhaps not related to this change is that Shutterstock has stopped sending me survey requests which previously happened after almost every submission.
  11. What about our Shutterstock Reviewers? Has their rate of compensation for image/video review been changed? I do not recall hearing much about this subject. There is a noticeable change in our review process at Shutterstock and I would be interested to know how the Reviewers are being affected.
  12. While looking at SS Fresh Content, I noted some marginal photos, all with the identical description and obviously of the same shooting. The photograph were very similar and not good, yet all were accepted. Some submitters know how to beat the screening software. Those who try to submit good content are discouraged by rejections for similar content. Using a description that will pass muster by Atilla is not writing a description that we all know will attract customers for Shutterstock. We serve the reviewers yet in the same service we fail to attract customers. Frustrated customers tend t
  13. That heading might not be current, great idea for us to view to get guidance and inspiration, but I could not find anything recent from the two contributors that I clicked on.You seem to me to be a qualified member of this group if it gets updated.
  14. For what it is worth, 11% of my 2018 submitted files have been File Transfer Errors. Still do not know why this error is continuing.
  15. A solution that would help us all would be a fourth option under "Notes to Reviewer": File Transfer Error Resubmission, to be used for only that reason.
  16. Shutterstock is a potential source for Medium and Large format photograph sales if they would open their sales to larger than 50mb images. Any thoughts?
  17. Perhaps this had to happen to attract the attention of Shutterstock's Board of Directors: Let us hope that something gets fixed before the bulk of Shutterstock's Buyers look elsewhere.
  18. This is not a fix: When I upload one photograph at a time and wait until the "refresh now" option appears, then select refresh now, the photo will upload. This does not work for me with multiple uploads. It is painfully slow.
  19. The memorial day weekend is here, lets all be patient until SS resumes next week.......
  20. Just had 5 photographs approved. The photos are showing up in the app but not in the portfolio.
  21. Same situation for my port but by chance I checked the mobile app and the newly approved photo was in view.
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