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  1. Hi, I'm going on a cruise this summer and wondering if anyone knows if Shutterstock will accept photos taken on a cruise ship, perhaps as editorial? thanks!
  2. Just made my first big sale

  3. Just made my first big sale

    Thank you!
  4. Just made my first big sale

    Thank you for the praise. If you have any advice on my photos as well I am all ears! (eyes.... )
  5. Just made my first big sale

    Ok. I truly appreciate the critiquing and advice so please critique away.
  6. Just made my first big sale

  7. Just made my first big sale

    Thanks for the tip. So do you mean more space for ads? Congrats on the $86 sale!
  8. Just made my first big sale

    Thanks, you are probably right!
  9. I'm excited about my first big sale. I just made $24.91 on this one. Wonder how much Shutterstock made on it! https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/positano-italy-june-20-2015-boat-660722500
  10. On Demand sales increase?

    Yeh--I was a little afraid of jinx'g it by mentioning it. I am knocking on wood! Thanks
  11. On Demand sales increase?

    Hi. Just in the last several weeks, I have an increase in On Demand and Single sales. I've been selling on Shutterstock for a few years now so am not sure why the sudden change, but must say I am pleased as punch about it. Could it be because I've hit some minimum number of sales? Thanks, Leigh Trail
  12. Royalties

    Thank you all. rinderart - I knew, and have known, what the commissions are. I am just becoming frustrated that it is only $.25 and was curious what other folks on shutterstock are making. Guess I need to try to improve my portfolio and as you said--massive quantity. I have a long ways to go. Thanks again for the information.
  13. Royalties

    Hi. I always make $.25/image. I am curious to know if this is what everyone else makes and if this is the most we can make per image.
  14. Using public domain photos in an illustration

    Thanks. What if you take that photo and turn it into a drawing or painting effect? Would that be allowed?
  15. If someone uses a photo in the public domain to create an illustration what do they do to "prove" to Shutterstock during the submission process that it is in fact in the public domain? For example, a photo on Wikimedia Commons. Thanks in advance!