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  1. I don't think I've ever seen a bee eater. They are beautiful colorful birds. The images I took of the wood ducks was the first time I'd ever seen them IRL too. I guess they like shadier areas with water because there were a lot of them at Irvine Park but the marsh that I usually hung out at, I'd never seen any there. They had more of the ruddy ducks. had to send my 28-300mm lens in for repairs because it stopped focusing at most of the focal points and it was stiff as well. Just got the email with the estimated repairs. A bit pricy but still significantly cheaper than a replacement lens. So that'll cost me $340 and it'll be a few weeks before I get it back. Guess it's a good thing I'm not shooting very many events right now since that's usually my go to lens.
  2. A lot of people bailed on the forums and SS in general. She might have totally closed her account here and abandoned the forums too. There are a lot of people that haven't been around in quite awhile.
  3. Linda, the pond is looking spectactular! I'm sure your duck friends will really appreciate that once it's cured and you can fill it up. Awesome wildlife shots there Jeff. What's that last little bird? Thought it was a hummingbird at first glance. I saw my first wood ducks IRL at Irvine Lake last year. I met up with Steve and Mike for a shoot out there. It was a lot of fun. Ended up going back to get this shot. The wood ducks were less than cooperative earlier in the day. My second dtr still lives in the area so I have a reason to visit there still. My oldest moved to Arizona (not going there in the summer months). Just got back from visiting the grandson then the lock down orders went into effect. Once this pandemic garbage is cleared up, I'd love to come out and get a tour of the area. You just need to scope out the local hotel/motels for us and I'm sure the guys from So Cal would be willing to make the trip too
  4. Thanks Sari, I might have to look at those. I'm having palpitations! LOL. Jeff has returned! Great to see you! It sounds like I died though I thought you guys moved out there so you could spend more time with the wife? How does she feel about you not being home all the time? LOL. She retires and you go back to work. Tell her I said "HI" by the way. I use autofocus because I can't focus fast enough for wildlife and protest photos manually.
  5. Yeah, getting old is definitely not for sissies. LOL. Unfortunately, my current Rx is -5.5 and I think it's actually getting worse, but I'll find out in a few weeks when I go back for an actual eye exam. I skipped my eye exam last year because the cost of the kids exams and glasses was just absurd, so I didn't add mine onto that. And I wasn't having any issues at the time. I don't use glasses when I'm looking at the live view, but that's with the subject right there on the screen. But when it's something off in the distance, I can't focus through the viewfinder without contacts or my glasses on because I can't tell if it's in focus (other than the fact that I have it set not to activate the shutter if there is nothing in focus - but that doesn't mean the focus is set where I want it to be) Definitely a challenge. I haven't looked at adding a diapter. Not sure if that would dial up as much as I'd need Made a ton of manicotti tonight and put 3/4 of it in the freezer for future meals. It's a massive undertaking to prepare and I've frozen them before and it works out really well. Just lay down some marinara sauce, plop in the frozen manicotti and cover in marinara and pop in the oven. Much faster. Took me almost two hours to cook all the sausage and mix everything up, al dente the manicotti shells and then stuff the shells. And no, I didn't think to take any photos of the process.
  6. Wendy, the guy had to order one of the couplers as it's not an item in stock so as soon as that comes in, hopefully it'll be fixed. Thanks. Haven't heard back from him yet on the status. My sales on Adobe are picking up but still only about 1/3 of what I'm making here since the volume of sales here is significantly higher. Only time will tell how far everything will fall. Nothing new and exciting here. Taking a break from photos since I had issues with a contact stuck behind my eye for a few days. Finally got that out yesterday (went to the optomotrist and she got it out) but now my eye is tired and I'm just not used to using my camera wearing glasses. Guessing my days of contact use are pretty much numbered (possibly already done) so I might as well get used to trying to see through the viewfinder wearing glasses. I use live view when I do most of my studio work now (except when working with the animals as it doesn't focus nearly fast enough) but it also uses battery life so fast too.
  7. Sari, my husband mentioned the stool transplant thing a few years back. Not something I'd be keen on trying myself. I guess I'm a bit on the squeamish side 😕 The repair guy is out working on the grill. Has to go get a part but apparently the issue that caused the fire (at least this time) was a gas leak. Very small leak underneath not far from the ignition switch. So hopefully this time it'll be fixed and not repeats on the fires. I like being able to grill outside on hot days vs heating up the already warm house on said days. The alternative is cold cuts. Plus grilled food just tastes better IMO.
  8. Consider me relieved i am not a koala. Ick. Do koalas eat their food twice like rabbits do too? rabbits will eat their poop because they don't fully digest it the first time around. I haven't really researched to see if other animals do the same.
  9. Spectacular video capture Sari. We have too many trees around our house to try and do any timelapse videos here. Could probably get some great ones of all the fireworks. For the last few hours, it's kind of sounded like a battle out there. Some were within blocks of our house too. Hard to judge the distance a lot of the time since sound carries so well over the estuary so it sounds really close, but when the house rattles, you know it's close. Sebastian has been pretty oblivious to the noise up until that point. He definitely didn't appreciate. They had a decent sized protest on the island again today. Made for a few decent images and video clips. Who knows if they'll sell though. Although I did sell a clip from the womens march on P5 today. that was a nice surprise. My other two sales there this week were web versions so only about $6 each.
  10. Sari, I'm sure the sudden cool down was a nice change. I hope you get more rain there. We have the usual bipolar weather patterns here. Warm for a few days then suddenly cold enough I feel the need to wear a coat and scarf in the morning and late afternoon. It's nice right now though. Trying to catch up on some yard work while it's not too hot. I cleared most of the side raised planter out front of roots. It was so rootbound that we ended up removing 1/3 of the volume of the planter just with roots. Had my son help me as he had to pull the root masses up and to the side so I could use an axe to loosen it from the layer below it. But now it's all clear and I took the milkweed plants I had planted in pots (that were obviously getting too big for the pots) and transplanted them to that planter and now it's full again. So far, they haven't seemed to suffer from any root shock so I think they'll do well there. It only gets morning sun for a few hours, but they weren't getting much sun on the front porch either so I'm fairly sure they'll do ok there. Still need to pull up the weeds in the front yard. I've been concentrating on the backyard, so the front yard has kind of gotten wild. I'm surprised the association hasn't sent me a notice yet.
  11. But you're submitting illustrations aren't you? That's a different queue than photos. The one illustration I submitted there this week was reviewed within 24 hours as well.
  12. Sales on the big A have picked up for me too. Good luck uploading! At least the process there is pretty fast and easy. sari, at least you don’t have to interact with people often since you’re in the boonies. That prob helps decrease your risk significantly. so many fireworks going off every night for several weeks now. Fortunately the dog is oblivious to the noise. Some nights it sounds like a war zone. But Sebastian is sleeping like a log. I guess I’ve desensitized him with my police shows? Or that might just be his nature since the bark collar just makes him more excited when it beeps and buzzes at him so he barks more as a result.
  13. That's definitely strange if you deleted the image. Not sure how that works or how to even follow up on it
  14. Yes, I noticed the video gets reviewed faster too. Probably not as many people flooding that channel. I've been watching the last part of the webinars that Mat was hosting and then joined the discord channel so Mat had addressed the review lag times on there. They're getting a bit better, but yeah. It is a bit disconcerting when they review a few files but leave the rest. It doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason to it, but my rejection rate is pretty low there so I don't stress over it. My sales there are picking up on Adobe but still better on SS despite the changes (with SS sales better by about 50%). Used to be my sales at Adobe were about 25 - 30% of what I made on SS so it's definitely an improvement on Adobe.
  15. What I heard in regards to review times on adobe is that they are delayed due to the sudden increase in volume of submissions. I’m guessing many jumped from SS to Adobe and they were not prepared for the volume. The turn around time there for me is averaging about 10 days for commercial. Only 24 hours or so for the illustrative editorials
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