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  1. Sheila Fitzgerald

    Every Building Now Requiring "Property Release"

    Sometimes it helps to put "view from public land" in the description (but not always).
  2. Sheila Fitzgerald


    My cats have discovered catnip, and that makes them loopy enough for some decent photos sometimes too (DEA will now be at my doorstep 😂)
  3. Sheila Fitzgerald

    The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Can't help you on the technical side. Sorry. I hope you get it figured out. Taking a break from photos here for a bit. This past weekend was exhausting. It'll take me awhile to sort through them all and I need to do some focusing on back to school shopping, etc. Having the kids inventory their backpacks to see what is still functional and what's toast and make a list so we can go get things together. Only three weeks before the chaos starts back up and I don't want t wait til the last week to get it all sorted. Plus they need new shoes, etc and I don't know where all the decent stores are here in the Bay Area. Orange County, I'd have it all done in a day. Here, I have to look online and figure out where the heck to go and get everything. And then there's no parking when you get there anyway.
  4. Sheila Fitzgerald

    The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Our warm spell usually doesn't hit til August/September. We've been getting heavy marine layer the last few weeks along the coast. Supposed to be in the mid 70's for a high here today. Probably a bit less in the city itself. Paula, I understand not wanting to curtail their outside adventure time. Ariel is a lot more affectionate since she's allowed outside now too. Of course, it's only when she wants to be. Which is at night. During the day, she's in constant play mode and don't touch me. LOL. She still wants to play with Jasmine, but Jasmine isn't having anything to do with her. Ariel will chase her around the house and all I hear is hissing. Jasmine wanted to snuggle with me at my computer last night and Ariel thought it would be fun to chase Jasmine's tail. Not fun for me but fortunately, Jasmine is better about not biting right away and I can pick her up to relocate her to a safer spot. It's like having toddlers.
  5. Sheila Fitzgerald

    The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    My newer kitten chases bugs too. I'm concerned she's going to get stung because she goes after the bees, wasps and flies. Pretty much anything that moves. She has caught some mice (or at least I'm figuring it's her because the other two play with the mice and generally bring them inside til they die from the torture, but I've found decapitated heads in the yard sans bodies so I'm figuring that must be her. She likes hanging out there at night now because she knows that's when they come out. As long as they keep them out of the house, I don't mind. The butterflies don't really hang around our yard enough for those to be an issue. And she's back to laying under my desk when I'm working too (she's laying by my feet right now).
  6. Sheila Fitzgerald

    The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    I hope you are able to get your improved shot. I have not tried to do any constallation imagery. Too much light pollution. I was away for the weekend with friends at a Civil War re-enactment and we took photos up and down the coast near there too. Visited an old fort and found seals chilling along the beach. Got some video too, but still in the process of sorting. The initial sort always takes awhile and I was so tired by the time I got home yesterday that I just layed in bed and read a book to destress from the driving of the last few days.
  7. Sheila Fitzgerald

    The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Happy Birthday Sari! Thanks Linda. I plan to. Doing all the pre-departure errands now (that I should've done yesterday. Like filling the gas tank and going to the bank. Nothing like waiting til the last minute). Batteries are all charged and I'm taking the charger anyway JIC (although I rarely blast through batteries unless I'm shooting video).
  8. Sheila Fitzgerald

    Using Photos

  9. Sheila Fitzgerald

    The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Sounds delish. I'll be on the road after Nemo goes for his follow up appt tomorrow, so I'll pretty much be MIA most of the weekend. Depends on wifi access. If I remember correctly from last year, we only even had cell phone service at our motel (in the middle of the woods, so not a lot of cell towers out that way).
  10. I'm on both and I haven't seen the email yet (but I haven't checked my spam folder either).
  11. Sheila Fitzgerald

    The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    They're doing the other side of the road today. Fun. I would be distressed about the jack hammers waking me up, but Ariel beat them to the punch (literally). She attacked my face to wake me up this morning. I guess she was really hungry and tired of waiting for me to wake up on my own :/
  12. They need better programmers that can target only the people who need such reminders. You'd think in NY City they'd have a decent pool of qualified professionals to choose from...
  13. Sheila Fitzgerald

    Rejection reason

    Some reviewers seem to be living in a different universe. I would resubmit these too. There is not enough detail that the person would be able too recongnized themselves IMO. I would just have silhouette of people in the description and keywords. Good luck.
  14. Sheila Fitzgerald

    The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    He did. Thanks. They have crews working on ripping up the street where the trees have ripped up the asphault already, and the jack hammers are on the loud side, so he was inside when i got back from running errands this morning and I put the meds in right away. He wasn't impressed, but c'est la vie. And hopefully they'll be done with the street soon. The noise pollution is making me crazy already....
  15. Sheila Fitzgerald

    The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    This was taken at the vet (I thought my white balance was way off, but her hands really were that red - the vet assistants hand is more normal color in the background). I can't get the image url on my iPad so I'm just posting a link. Not my best camera either, but it's what I had with me. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/close-on-orange-tabby-cat-face-1130603648?src=tinjo81_R5qn7OQrNcriYw-1-7