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  1. Patrick, I would think they wouldn't want to mention not to photograph the family and just ask what you're doing there. If someone told me not to photograph the family, that would peak my interest and I'd actually start looking at the people. I've only ever had one security guard tell me I can't take photos and I just walked away from him and went about my business.
  2. Thanks Sari. Today is probably my BDE since starting at SS. I increased my monthly income 30% with all the larger sales I got today. 2 SOD's and 2 video sales plus the regular subs and a couple ODD. not expecting anything like this again anytime soon, but would definitely welcome it if it did Jeff, i was wondering how you guys were fairing with the fires. I know Nor Cal is getting slammed by the one big one that went into Oregon and Nevada. not sure where they are with that one. Last I heard they barely had 10% containment. The last availability survey the CA Health Corps sent ou
  3. The first 2+ years I submitted to P5 I saw almost no activity then suddenly I started getting more regular sales there. Not so much this month so far. I only have 4 sales there for this month, but we are also in summer and many people are on vacation plus covid is causing havoc with the sales. However, I just caught a unicorn here. I had $140 SOD image sale just pop up on my screen a few minutes ago. Very happy to see that. So they haven't totally disappeared
  4. Wendy, that would definitely be a plus. MrSorbias, yeah, it's not a get rich quick scheme, that's for sure. The agencies all make a lot, but the rest of us get the leaky faucet at best in terms of sales. I had a couple decent video sales today so that helped my weekly sales a bit. But I still make the most from SS over all the other agencies, even AS. They are picking up (I usually have daily sales) but still no where near the numbers I get here so I persist. I've seen many come and go over the years though and I haven't been here that long. Most of the people who post on just thi
  5. Sari, pretty sure the key is still in my adobe account since I had to redownload it when I got my newer computer a few years back, but thanks. II have til December to decide if I want this years incentive of one free online app for a year. I think last year was the full creative cloud. Wendy, both uploads and downloads lag when the system is bogged down here. I’m told they cant play games because they’re reaction time is delayed and their characters die and my upload crawls so I tend to stop the upload since I can do that when they’re not gaming (since teenagers rarely get up befor
  6. Thanks Sari. I forwarded him that link and he says thank you also.
  7. I have PS6 so the only upgrade I know from that is going to CC, and I refuse to go to a paid subscritption format when i just paide $800 for CS6 not that many years ago. I don't want to be paying for something forever and have to have an internet connection to use it. I will hold out from going to CC for as long as possible. Forever if possible. I have free year long subscriptions from adobe that I haven't cashed in because nothing is ever really free and I don't want downloading any cloud based apps to screw up being able to use CS6. I'm cynical, I know, but I also know I'm a slow learning wh
  8. Sari, you would think so, but monopolies exist everywhere. There are a few more now than when we first moved in. We are not right next to the main cable line so there’s a bit of lag. And I don’t know how much bandwidth he uses programming. Definitely more than I’m using and apparently I use a lot. Then add the kids gaming into the mix and yeah, it can be slow progress uploading. We’ll hopefully get it sorted sooner rather than later. My son decided he wants to learn photography and I didn’t realize the camera I gave o my youngest dtr (which he borrowed when he went with me to the p
  9. Sari, its not that the internet is out, it just slows down significantly when I’m uploading 4K footage so people cant play games because of the lag. Go figure. LOL. Playing the game is part of testing for my husband so I just try to avoid uploading during regular work hours M-F but weekends are a free for all. I still hear complaints about game lag though. My footage uploads go in spurts so its not like I do them all the time Decided I’m going to probably skip todays protest. Don’t feel like driving an hour each way.
  10. Jeff, I was thinking the same thing. Too bad the horse didn't charge him. Horses are huge creatures and can cause a lot of damage if they're pissed off. Sari, I even took the speedlight out of the bag to decrease the weight, but my new compact tripod is VERY heavy and that goes into a side pouch on the camera bag (it's a backpack style). i also had the gopro and extra batteries in there, but that's not all that heavy, just big because of the case they're in. And we got to a high of 70F here today, but it didn't feel that warm, esp if one was sitting in the shade. The offshore breez
  11. Covered a protest in the city today. It was not very big but got a few decent images anyway. My shoulders are sore. Forgot how heavy my backpack is with all my gear and carrying that around for a few hours is downright exhausting.
  12. I’m thinking its probably clear when the customer attempts to purchase editorial content because I had a customer contact me directly trying to get me to sell direct to them because they could only get it as editorial content from ShutterStock. Needless to say, I did not sell to them directly. Wendy, there are only a few people in those homeless sites that cause issues from what I’ve seen. The ones Ive talked to by the ferry are very cordial and friendly. They are doing some drugs (mostly smoking marajana but that’s legal now anyway in California). The problem is the people most se
  13. Wendy, yeah. There's an area about a block long just before the video starts where they were all parked too, but the owners of the industrial building probably complained due to the potential fire hazard (a lot of fires start up at these encampments) so they cleared that section and painted over all the grafitti, but they just moved down the block. And the section they cleared on an abandoned lot just adjacent to the HomeDepot store, even though it's been fenced off, is filling back up too. You can see a small section of that at the tail end of the clip. They cleared that section because appar
  14. So, when your Nikon says "No Demo", what it really means is "THERE'S NO CARD IN tHE CAMERA". Card has four letters. Demo has four letters. WTH didn't they just put that no card to begin with??? Even a moron could figure that one out. Needless to say, i was a bit miffed to discover my first kitten session this morning wasn't actually captured on the camera. Normally I do check first, but it's been a busy day. ugh. Back to your regularly scheduled programming... Intermittent crickets?
  15. Yeah, I was guessing it couldn't handle the data flow. I've never used the 9 with my phone until the other day because I'm usually hand holding so the phone isn't necessary, but I was shooting this footage on my car (they cleared out all the homeless encampments over by HomeDepot, but now the trailers, cars, tents, etc are lining the street) and when I hit record it suddenly went blank so it threw me for a minute. I just shot wide and cropped a bit in post so I'd be sure I was getting the view I wanted. https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-1076163329-oakland-ca---july-19-2021-4k
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