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  1. So sorry to see you leave, but good luck in your new adventures!
  2. I planted tons of pineapple sage around the front and back yard. Hummingbirds LOVE those and they flower for months in the autumn. They get lots of hanging flowers in my neighbors yard too plus she has a bird feeder or two set up for them. They are more cautious of feeders in my yard because we have the cats (I'm presuming that's why) so I stopped putting them up because they weren't using them. But I do have a variety of other flowers out for them too. Here's video of one of the hummingbirds on the sage under my apple tree. https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-1060393094-4k-hd-
  3. I love hummingbirds. They're my favorite bird of all time so far. We get quite a few varieties in California. Congrats on the first dose of vaccine Pete! I got my second dose almost two weeks ago so I'll be in the "fully vaccinated" category tomorrow (since they consider one fully vaccinated 2 weeks after the final dose). I wish they could roll the vaccines out faster so we can get on with life out of a bubble already.
  4. Yeah, I heard the controversy over the AstraZ vaccines because of the issue of blood clots, that apparently affect younger people at a much higher rate than the older population. And then the FUBAR with the J&J has pulled most of that out of circulation for the next few months here as well. My husband was able to get an appointment for next month, but they told him he could also call back and see if there are cancellations sooner as they do open up (which is how my son got his appointment for today). That site is so close that my son could take the bus if I wasn't able to provide transport
  5. Wendy, overall, he's a great dog. Fast learner and mostly well behaved. We want to get him a companion, but part of me is nervous about that because we might not be so lucky next time on getting a smart dog As for the scheduling, still not sure what's happening. The site isn't showing up on my portal for them but I was able to actually talk to someone today who seemed to know what he's doing and he's following up on it. As of now, the state isn't sending anyone to that site for this week (which is not the impression I got from the person running the site who indicated he was expe
  6. Wendy, yes. we are trying to mix it up a bit. And we might let him play with the stuffed animals for the purpose of fetching games, etc.. But He can't have them without human interaction because he doesn't just destroy them, he consumes them as he destroys them (i wouldn't mind if he just destroyed them and I had to just pick up the mess). I was sad to hear about the passing of Prince Phillip. He definitely lived a long and full life. I did my first successful editing of footage in Photoshop. Shot some footage and totally missed the logo clear as day on the base of the
  7. Wendy, yeah. He does like attention. Fortunately, the kids took him for a nice long walk today while I was working and he still has half of his chew stick from yesterday. Found it outside when I was cleaning up and watering the garden this evening. The vet did say his teeth are in excellent condition and super clean. LOL. SO at least the chewing is doing that. Hopefully he doesn't lose interest in these new chew sticks as they're about the only thing I've found that he likes. But the bones I used to get him he got tired of pretty fast.
  8. LOL Sari. Sebastian requires a second person to get his attn for photos because if I crouch down, he's all over me. Won't stay in one place. But he is progressing in her ability to follow basic commands (for treats of course). Wendy, yes. there is hope. he is a smart puppy. Just a bit too playful for his own good sometimes. He tore the stuffing out of the bottom of our bedspread today. Second time he's done that. Usually he's much better about not tearing up stuff, but he's slipping a bit I guess. Might need to block his access to our room on the days that I'm working to decrease t
  9. Great image Sari! I'd never get Sebastian to cooperate with anything like that. I couldn't even get him to cooperate with wearing sunglasses the last time I tried. I need to work with him more on things like that. Of course, he's only just 1 year old so he may mellow more as he gets older.
  10. Sari, dumplings are basically bread that you put the dough into the soup (on top of it really) instead of baking it and it cooks to a bread texture inside but still wet on the outside. We just make it out of flour, salt, milk, etc. Gnocchi, you have to boil the potatoes then mash them without the skins (I actually got a press that one can put them through that squishes them into mash and removes the skin all at once) then you add a bit of flour and milk to those to make them a more dough consistency and roll tiny balls (time consuming to say the least). But they're quite good. Then you put the
  11. Yes, gnocchi is basically a dumpling but more firm. I actually looked up how to make them and they don't look hard but definitely time consuming. Ever since we went to Italy and discovered gnocchi for the first time, I've incorporated it more into our cooking So, I actually got super sick last night (I think) from the vaccine. Only lasted through the night but it was pretty wretched. Even puked once (yuk). So glad I didn't get the shift for today to work. I would've been ok as I feel better, but I'm still achy and tired so better not to anyway. Fortunately I have the weekend plus monday
  12. I'm not much of a cook either, but my husband likes to play with ingredients so he creates a lot of tasty dishes. A few come out in such a way that I won't eat them, usually because he makes them too spicy for my reflux. My youngest likes her food super spicy too. And while I do like spicy food for the flavors, I'm not keen on the after effects and pain that persists. Made myself a spanish cheat sheet for when I'm working at the vaccine site and apparently I should've made copies. It was quite popular with the other nurses that were working there. We tend to get a rush of non engli
  13. Got home from working tonight to chicken gnocchi. Yum. I baked a chicken yesterday and my husband used the leftovers to make soup. It's more like stew, but instead of dumplings, we put in gnocchi. It actually turns out quite good.
  14. I've seen lots of movies with tornados. Never been in one and I hope I never am. I suppose all areas of the country have their individual weather/environmental related risks/hazards. I (personally) am ready to move out of California, but I'm not sure where I'd go. I don't really handle extremes of temperatures well.
  15. I don't think they recommend basements below a house in tornado country because if the house is destroyed but not removed by the winds, you're buried in there. So they tend to have separate storm shelters set away from the house.
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