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  1. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Patrick, no. We just scoop water, but near the vegetation. From the waters edges a few feet or so in. The popular is all weird again too this morning. Guess they're mucking with the search engines again.
  2. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    We used to get tons of organisms out at the marsh when I was working with Audubon. we did school tour groups and had sections where we took them on a bird walk, did a taxidermy specimen presentation with them and then a section in the "lab" using the microscope to find critters (we'd actually find the critters ahead of time and have separate microscopes set up so if they didn't find much in their pond water, we could show them specimens from other samples). Always a ton to work with, but that was in the spring. Maybe it's off season for your area? More critters in standing water (ponds, lakes, marshes) than in running water (rivers) I would think too.
  3. Team sporting events on public property?

    Anything involving children, you need credentials so for the High School event I'd say yes.
  4. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    My iPad indicates the site is secure (with a little locked symbol next to the URL) but my desktop still says it's not and doesn't want me to proceed to the site. So I guess I'll only be logging in from my iPad til they decide to fix it. I don't care if people who aren't in charge of the site say it's not an issue. They can risk their own computers and identity. I've had mine compromised too many times already.
  5. Back home...

    (((Phil))) So sorry to hear you are having such a rocky road in your recovery. It sounds like you have a good support system though and that's important. Depression is not a surprising effect of what you have been through. However, you are stronger than you think you are and you can do this. You'll be up and taking photos again sooner than you think. Don't be afraid to lean on family and friends for help both physically and emotionally. Sometimes all one really needs is someone to listen and validate that what you are feeling is real and it's ok.
  6. Anyone Know what this is about?

    It shows the site as being secure when viewed from my iPad, but not from my desktop. Several other people who frequently frequent the forums are staying away because they don't want to risk exposing their computers to the unsecured site. So hopefully they get that fixed soon. But since nobody from the SS side routinely reads the forums, they are probably not even aware of the issue and I doubt it's high on their list of bugs to fix.
  7. New shutterstock forum - Chit Chat

    Sorry. I guess I'm just being sensitive.. Hard to judge tone of a post when it's just words on a page.
  8. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Yeah, it was telling me that too. I get the "not secure" warning on my desktop too so I'm logging in from my iPad. Just bought the computer so don't want anything messing that up.
  9. New shutterstock forum - Chit Chat

    Yes Laurin, I know I haven't been here that long. I already said that. It was still ugly when I started. Just not as bad as it was a few years prior obviously. I have always referred to those early days when I started as the pop corn days so that's why I responded. Obviously I should've just kept my comments to myself.
  10. New shutterstock forum - Chit Chat

    LOL. I remember the popcorn days so it wasn't that long ago because I've only been here for a few years. Things got pretty colorful from time to time, I don't even bother with the critique forums anymore. It looks more like a show me your photos. No way to honestly critique the way it's set up now.
  11. Anyone Know what this is about?

    I got that when I logged in a few minutes ago too. Pretty pathetic if they can't maintain a secure network....
  12. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    I've been getting push notifications all morning about articles to Remember Ed Lee, San Francisco's Mayor. the titles were confusing until I realized he died suddenly this morning after suffering a heart attack Monday. RIP Mayor Lee. I didn't know him, but I've seen him at political events I've covered and he seemed like a very energetic man who knew how to balance serious situations with a little bit of humor.
  13. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Active animals. Cute videos. Ariel needs a dog. That's about the energy level she has, but I'm just not ready to have another dog. They need a lot more attention and care than a cat does. I did find a harness for her today though and a leash so we can see about taking her out on a leash. She's been trying to escape the yard and it's not going too take her very long to figure it out since the other two come in and out of the yard all the time.
  14. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Thanks. Yeah, I went slow so no accidents. ONly hiccup was when I went to plug them in and realized I'd strung them up the wrong direction so the end with the plug was on the side of the house without the outlet. Awkward. Decided I wasn't going to re-do the process and... extension cord to the rescue. It is rated for outside so should be safe to do for one string of lights (one 25 foot string did the front of the house decently enough).
  15. The emails saying they've been reviewed take much longer than it actually takes for the images to be reviewed. I generally know because 1. It's missing from the tally on images waiting to be reviewed and/or 2. it shows up in the app on my phone (which is still several hours behind, but better than days). The images can take awhile to show up in your port but they're usually visible on the customer side first. Sometimes they show up in my port right away then disappear for several days before they're there again. But I've gotten sales on such images so I'm guessing they're still visible on the customer side. Not a major issue. Just an annoyance.