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  1. Pete, the no parking in the driveway restriction is only for when they're trimming the trees. Because they don't want to be liable for any branches that may fall on any cars. I shot this two years ago when they trimmed them the last time. They should've been more aggressive in the trimming back then, but I guess they decided with all the fire precautions, they'd do it now. The trees were a lot greener then than they are right now too, so it'll be much easier to actually see all the branches this time around as well. I shot this from the first floor roof of my house https://www.shut
  2. He's definitely got his days. He's being a bit of a turd about chasing the cats lately, more so than usual. I just blocked his exit out to the backyard because he was out there barking non-stop at 9PM. I'm sure the neighbors just loved that. Probably one of the cats sitting up on the patio cover (that's the area he was barking at). Doubt it was a squirrel since they're not usually out and about this time of night. Hopefully it's just a phase. I've taken to confining him to our room at night again the last few weeks because he'll tear downstairs after one of the cats when they do their wanderin
  3. Yeah, she was a diluted calico. Thought she was a diluted tortie at first, but then all the white started showing up when she was about 8 weeks old. One of the more photogenic fosters we've had. Congrats on getting the Xmas stuff in the mail. Always a good feeling to have that all done. Sebastian is digging in my pots in the backyard. They're in a fenced off area too so quite frustrating. He came in covered in mud this evening. I need to stop that behavior or my garden will be a wreck when I get to planting in a few months.
  4. And for those of you who haven't seen this on facebook (since I posted it there) I found one of my images in this book. Was glancing at it to see what other cat images are out there and found one of mine. First time I've found an actual hard copy print of one of my images. Usually it's all just online stuff.
  5. Wendy, Ive been there too. there's no option for hugs on the emoji. Hopefully your dad and husband are doing well. I know you've had a rough year in addition to all the headache from the pandemic
  6. Linda, they used to mess with the tree, but not so much anymore. Except the older cat will pee on the tree skirt, so I don't put one down anymore. She is getting a bit senile I think. We haven't actually put up a tree the last two years because we weren't here, so it hasn't been out in some time. I need to probably hire someone to put up hooks around the eves on the house so I can put the outside lights up more easily each year. Having a two story makes it much harder to get them up. It'd be easier if I could just string them up from the ground with a pole, but that requires having hooks insta
  7. Yeah, downloads are on the decline here too. I have 100 more than Nov last year, but still several hundred dollars less in terms of earnings. Thanks to the 10ยข commissions and all. Hopefully December is a better end to the year, but not going to hold my breath. We have cooler weather, but nothing like snow here. Maybe some rain in the forecast. So far just raining leaves. I blew off a section of the street to park the car last night and by this afternoon you couldn't tell. It was covered in leaves again. The street sweeper never did come on friday. Probably due to the holiday schedule and all.
  8. It's not often that we have to do that, but still inconvenient when it needs to be done. Hopefully it'll only be one day that we'll be impacted by it. And maybe I can even get some more photos and video of their working. They seem to think it's strange that I'm taking photos too. Had a zoom call with our dtr today so our grandson could open his birthday presents from us. that was fun. He's quite animated and just loved his plastic dinosaurs. They came in their own bin so at least clean up should be a bit easier
  9. Great Raccoon shot in the tree. You also want to add the scientific names to animals and plants where you can. Not everyone searches by that, but some do.
  10. Jeff, might have to suggest a curry to my husband. He's a big fan of curry so he'd probably be open to that idea. I like it but it can't be too spicy. Reflux sucks so I can't eat a lot of super spicy food anymore. At least not in the evening. I can sometimes get away with it for lunch, but definitely not for dinner. Night time is when the symptoms tend to be the worst (probably partly because I always remember to take the pepcid in the morning but rarely remember to take it before dinner time). I haven't decided what we are having for Christmas dinner yet. I grilled a few steaks for the kids
  11. Well, I killed the bird. over cooked it by about an hour. It was still edible, but definitely dry. I see lots of turkey rice soup in the future. The dog was happy. He got to have a decent serving. LOL. Everything is put away but my dtr bailed on her job of washing the dishes so the sink is piled pretty high. Probably a good stock photo op if I had the energy for it.
  12. Linda, not sure how your ducks would feel about a cat. Sari, I don't think air circulation is an issue for mine as it's the only plant that grows over a few inches in that garden section. Other than the trees, but those are just the trunk since all the branches are up high. I read that when watering one is supposed to try and only water the ground not spray the leaves and that's supposed to help. I've only had the lantana there for almost 2 years. the first year I didn't see any issues, but this second year it's been insane. I cut back more than half of the growth a few weeks ago
  13. Sari, roses are definitely painful to work around too. Haven't had any of those since we moved away from Riverside because I couldn't get rid of the powdery mildew and black mold that kept infecting them down there. Not sure why it was so bad either because Riverside is much more dry than Orange County is. I'd think it'd be worse where the moisture levels are higher. I've got issues on the lantana here because of the moisture too. They cleared up fairly well for the summer after using the neem oil for a few months, but now I'm back to needing to use the neem oil as the black spots are all retu
  14. Wendy, we have three bins for garbage pick up. Recycle, Green Waste and regular trash. The tree cuttings I put all in the green waste. I don't really have the space to do composting. My MIL used to do it and everything from the kitchen went into the composter too at her house.
  15. Too cute! I am not allowed (under the agreement for fostering) to take any of the little guys outside so all of my videos are quite staged. Most of them off the wall, but many do sell. And they're fun to create. And 50F is definitely too cold for inside! Poor kitties. I'm sure they're loving the fire going. It's chilly here, but not quite that cold. I took time today to trim back and top the peach tree. Wasn't really thinking when I planted it where I did as it keeps growing through the power line from the main line to the house, so I try to keep it just shorter than the line runni
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