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  1. Patrick, we are about an hour south of the largest fires in Napa and Sanoma. Last I heard they were getting a good handle on them (finally). They've been burning for over a week now. We are getting a lot of smoke and ash. They show images of the Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge shrowded in smoke on the news at night. Slightly better the last few days now that the winds have shifted. The commercial images are getting reviewed very fast last few days. My last batch of five images were split though. Never got an email that they were reviewed or even a notice in the app, but three have already been approved and the other two stuck in queue. I'll give it the rest of the day to see if they make it through but looks like the images getting stuck bug is back. Wendy, the collar seems to have done the trick because he was at the bottom of the stairs this morning directly after the kids left for school meowing for his breakfast. So it will be worth the extra $20 for the collar and personalized tag to keep people from taking him in. He was being playful out back today too. Gave him a new toy and he was chasing it about then decided to chase Jasmine, who was having nothing to do with that infantile "play" behavior and promptly jumped up the wall onto the shed roof.
  2. Wendy, making him inside only isn't really an option. We did that for the first 5 1/2 years of his life and he peed on the furniture and had a variety of other behavioral problems. He doesn't do any of that anymore now that he can go outside when ever he wants. I did feed him dinner early today when he was here and made sure he had his pill so at least we can try to get him back on track. ANd I've decided as much as they're going to hate it, I'm going to kennel all three cats when we head down south next month. Ariel is too young to have a house sitter twice/day, which is what we normally do, so I might as well kennel them all. They have a "play room" just for boarded animals at the vet we go to (talked to the animal control officer about it when I was volunteering at the shelter today) and she said it's an awesome room. So i figure they can let all three cats out at the same time. Nemo tolerates Ariel and Jasmine, while she hisses and growls at her, has not attacked her and maybe it'll cause them to bond a bit more too. Ariel still went towards Jasmine despite the hissing and growling. My husband was almost shocked at her lack of fear and persistence and i think a part of him was afraid for Ariel (although he still states he is a dog guy and doesn't like cats - he likes Ariel because she acts like a dog). I hope your video works out for you Sari. Patrick, sales are up and down for me. Some days decent, other days just a trickle. I hope your sales pick up for you soon.
  3. They deny the existence of the bridge program to new contributors. I asked when I joined BS and they denied the ability to even port images over from SS. And I was only hoping to do a one time thing to get current files over without having to upload them all individually.
  4. Their site has been having TIA's lately (transient ischemic attacks - or what lay people would call mini strokes) so I'd give it a day or so and try again. If their uploader is any indication of how the site is running, they have a lot of bugs in their system right now. You can als try clearing your cookies to see if that makes a difference (not sure why it would but they tell me to do that when I'm having issues over there too).
  5. LOL. We went hunting frogs in the ponds in spring and collected baby frogs to play with. Filled the bathtub one year. Needless to say, my mom was not impressed and made us take them out of the house immediately. She was no fun... I was the only girl with three brothers and it always irritated her that I refused to wear dresses as a kid. New collar on Nemo with do not feed on prescription diet on one side and my contact info on the other. He still didn't come back for dinner last night or breakfast this morning. We'll see if the collar is still on him when he meanders on back this afternoon. He always comes to hang out with the kids after they get home from school still. That's how I got the collar on him. My dtr brought him up.
  6. Yes, what Pete said. Embed the metadata so you don't have to add the titles and keywords again. Just go under file info in photoshop to add them there and Im sure others will mention alternate ways. This is a common thread topic. If you search the forums I'm sure you'd find dozens of threads on the same topic with the same answers.
  7. unfortunate that he killed the animal and then wasn't able to actually eat it. Guess it's near time to make sure they go into the coup at night? I worry about my cats and the hawks around here, but we mainly get cooper's hawks and they wouldn't normally attack house cats. More likely to go after a squirrel (smaller prey in general). Not sure my cats would know what to do if a hawk came after them. Jasmine is wanting to come into the house during the day all of a sudden but she's totally not ok with the kitten even in the same room. So we're reversing the door closure routine and having the door closed to my husbands office while Jasmine chills out in there (amazingly enough, it seems to be the popular room for cats to hang out in - probably because it is the warmest room in the house too with all the direct morning sun on it). Someone seems to have appropriated Nemo. He only shows up for a few hours in the afternoon to hang out with the kids in the computer room. Hasn't come home for a meal in days. Definitely need to get him a new collar and put it on him with instructions not to feed due to special diet. Hopefully that'll cause the new "owner" to not keep him confined during meal times, which is what I'm guessing they're doing. He's a very friendly cat but doesn't know what's good for himself. And it's going to run into a huge vet bill at some point. Hopefully if they take him to any vets they'll check for a microchip and see he has an owner and call me.
  8. If it's editorial, you don't need a model release anyway. But for commercial, no, you also do not need a model release for hands holding something. Unless you're uploading to I.S. They're OCD to the point of being CDO... The tooth pain is tolerable over all. More annoying than anything. 800mg Motrin kicks it enough to fall asleep and that's all that matters for now in my book. The pain during the day, while distracting, isn't enough to totally stop my activities.
  9. Not a lot but a few. Most of the SOD's seem to be for less than $1 lately. Disheartening... And I called the dentist to schedule an appointment to get the sutures removed. Of course, they're closed today so I got the service and they say they'll call me back Monday. I guess worst case scenario I can schedule a clinic visit at Kaiser and ask them to remove them (they wouldn't be impressed with that if they had to do it though). The butterflies are late this year here too. Not sure why. Guess it's the whacky weather? I should work on a confinement center for the ones we get here. I let the swallowtail caterpillar stay on the parsley outside and lord knows where it went to. It's in the crystalis phase now so if I don't locate it in the next few days, I can forget about getting hatching butterfly images. The gestation on that is about 2 weeks from what I read and coming up on the tail end of that now.
  10. No, after my last post and talking with my husband it dawned on me the last time I had to have sutures in my mouth it was painful like this too and almost instantly after the sutures were removed, the pain was totally gone. I can't wear surgical steel ear rings because of sensitivities and I'm guessing I'm sensitive to what ever the suture material is. I'm going to call tomorrow and see when I'm supposed to have the sutures removed (because they never scheduled anything and they're not the self disolving type) and I'd hazard a guess that the pain will likely subside when they're removed. Day 7 should be long enough to wait IMO. As an RN, I don't make a very good patient. Not a patient patient anyway
  11. The carbocaine actually wore off very quickly (it always does - rarely lasts long enough for the entire procedure to be completed as a general rule but I can't use the regular novocaine because I react adversely to the epi it has in it) but anyway, the pain is still tolerable, just more noticeable. Normally if I'm working I don't notice it. Only when I stop for the day or if I try to eat something. Today it's a constant ache and sometimes a bit more so I took the motrin. Helped for awhile but I guess that was 6 or 7 hours ago so I can probably take another one soonish. Definitely at least an hour before I head to bed so I can actually sleep.
  12. Tooth hurts more today than it did the first 24 hours. Doesn't make sense Smoke is terrible. Winds are supposed to pick up this evening and more red flag warnings (possibly more fires) and toss in a small quake to the mix.
  13. I was making payout on BS monthly with less than half the portfolio size I have on SS up until March ish of this year. Now it's about every other month that I make payout there.
  14. Personally, I think they should sync the uploads so if you upload here and you're a contributor there too, it automatically goes to both like AE does with FT, but nobody is going to listen to that suggestion. It would make their profits better if the image was automatically available on both platforms IMO
  15. Only 1-2 images per 10 in a batch make it through so I gave up for now again too. Not worth the hassle considering how low sales have been there lately anyway.