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  1. Before getting the X-T1 I tried an X-E2, thinking I would really love the rangefinder style body, but despite the image quality being great, I felt the need for more dslr-like controls. Plus, coming from a full frame camera, I found the viewfinder on the X-E2 to be very small. So I sold it and got the X-T1 which is miles better in that respect. Still not sure how I feel about EVFs though, but I am sure I will get used to it.
  2. Hi there. I have very recently made the switch from Nikon to Fuji, mainly because I wanted to reduce the size and weight of my kit. I love Nikon but I noticed that because of the weight (and size), I would leave my D700 home most of the time. So after a lot of reading I decided to take the plunge and sell all of my Nikon equipment, which I have now replaced with a Fuji X-T1, 10-24mm f/4, 35mm f/2 and as of today, the 50-140mm 2.8 lens, which I have ordered earlier. I was curious to see if there are other photographers here who use the Fuji X system for stock and to hear about your workflow and things like whether you shoot jpeg or raw, what editing software you believe works best for post processing etc. It would also be nice to see some portfolios. These are some test shots I took shortly after getting the X-T1 and first couple of lenses and I am really pleased with the quality. Now I can't wait to receive the 50-140mm.
  3. Hi John. Since you want to have both lenses in the end, it means that there are certain subjects you want each one for, right? Have a think about what you want to shoot with each lens and then see which one you could do without until you can afford to own both of them. If you plan on using the new lens for architecture, then indeed, the 24-70mm would probably be more useful. Plus, there's always the option of renting a lens in case you really need a specific focal length for something. Hope this helps
  4. That is great to hear, thanks for the suggestions. I know about the escape thing and there should be a way to change that because I've looked at other websites from the same builder and nothing happens when you press the esc key..i just have to find out how to do it
  5. Thanks and that's exactly what I am after, adjustments that would improve the user's experience. I've made the changes you suggested
  6. Hi everyone. It's been a while since I've posted anything here and that's because I was in Greece over the summer, working my first photography job and after I got back to England I've been extremely busy. One of the reasons for that is because I decided I want to start assisting a photographer and/or doing some freelance work, because I need to start earning some money and I don't feel like I've got enough experience yet, or funds for that matter, to start my own photography business. So I've been working on my website and that is the reason I am here.. I would really appreciate it if you could let me know what you think about it, the way it looks, how easy it is to navigate on it, even things like the size of the images, if they're too big/small, because I know what they look like on my 15" laptop screen and on my tablet, but you'll have different size screens. Also, about the content I've posted, do I need more/less images...you get the point. Basically I need this site to look as good and professional as possible to help me find work. http://www.vladgphoto.com/ It would be nice to hear your thoughts and if you have any suggestions on how I could make it better. Thanks
  7. 6th and 7th was Saturday and Sunday. I wouldn't worry, we'll probably get it tomorrow if not later today.
  8. Only had two big ones, but only if $50 counts as a big SOD, because I know they can be double that and even more. Haven't had an EL yet, so still hoping for one
  9. Not BME for me, but the only month since I've joined without any zero dl days and the third month in a row when I get payout without the help of any big SODs. So I am not complaining
  10. Happy birthday Dave! Hope you have a good one
  11. Loree, may I ask why you are considering the old Tamron 70-200 and not the newer model, the SP 70-200mm VC USD? I don't know anything about the old one but the new version is highly regarded and considered pretty much as good as the Nikon 70-200mm 2.8 VR2
  12. Thanks Perry! Yeah, glad I made it. I know it's not much money but when you're a student every little bit helps haha
  13. Thanks everyone! I made it, I got one more sub and ended up with $75.11!...So thanks to whoever needed an image of my cousin being sick. Thanks Steve. I didn't know that and you were right, this last download came from NZ. Love NZ, even more now.
  14. Oh my god, I am at $74.78 this month, with 45 minutes to go till the end of the month here in the UK. It would be so annoying ending up a few cents short of the payout limit. The pressure is killing me!!! I only need 1 more sub to make payout!! If anyone with a buyer account and some spare downloads from the 25-a-day pack buys one of my images and I make payout, please post here so that I can be forever grateful to you
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