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  1. The new pay structure does appear to introduce a very large problem for video producers. Apart from the obvious loss of earnings the payment thesholds are very damaging for higher level video makers. The level 5 35% threshold for stills is set at 2,501 yet the Level 5 35% threshold for video is set at 5,001 downloads. This cannot be right. In fairness the video threshold for level 5 should be set at a much lower level than for stills not at double the stills level.
  2. Very disheartening to see this development. It was only time before the growth in subscription schemes at other sites put pressure on SS to follow this low price route. The fact that some contributors have put their SS collections onto low priced subsciption sites must have added to the price pressure on Shutterstock.
  3. It could be that some buyers have moved to low priced subscription sites now that some SS contributors have placed much of their collections on these cheap sites.
  4. I have also had a batch of $1.50 sales from Ashburn. All of the clips are related so I think it is probably all from the same buyer. Having looked at Ashburn I see that it is home to one of the largest technology centres in the world and internet companies such as Amazon and Time Warner route their information through the Dulles Technology Center. It is reported that some years ago 70% of all world internet traffic traveled through Ashburn. So although Ashburn is showing on our sales information there is a possibility that the sales could have been from anywhere in the world.
  5. Still no fix or update. It is a shame that SS is damaging its relationship with its contributors.
  6. It would be good to get an update on the fix to such an annoying problem.
  7. If you look inside the book on the Amazon site you will see that the cover photograph credit is to bigstockphoto.
  8. So disappointing to see this problem still exists. Makes me wonder if anyone at Shutterstock really cares about losing sales.
  9. Good to see that the site is working again Kate. But it saddens me to see that the 4K HD search bug is still there. A bug which has been causing so much damage to 4K video sales needs to be fixed as a priority.
  10. This problem started in May, it is now August and still no fix. All very annoying and damaging to Shutterstock.
  11. This 4K HD search problem may explain why my Shutterstock sales have fallen so badly over the last two months and why my sales on other sites have suddenly risen. It looks to me as if the buyers are already moving away. Surely someone at Shutterstock can sort it out.
  12. Very worrying that this is still happening surely someone at Shutterstock can sort it out. I now understand why my latest 4K submissions are making very few sales.
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