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  1. It becomes really difficult to work with Shutterstock.
  2. Here are some examples photo and video, two different reports, official report with accreditation. For example, one of the people is the French Prime Minister. Police or staff accompany me, no stolen photos, I don't understand. I have dozens and dozens of reports like this, sometimes even with the French president.already offered
  3. I do not know what to do, once again my editorial photos and videos are rejected for non licensable content. Whatever photos or videos I send I have this one answer without any explanation even when writing to Shutterstock. All my reports are done with accreditation and press card, I'm jounralist. It's been 6 years since I send my photos and videos without any problem of this type. Social, political, economic... nothing happens. What's going on, should I stop sending photos and video to Shutterstock, no one is telling me why, it's insane. If Shutterstock is no longer accepting editorial reporting, they say so once and for all. Either I don't have a response from Shutterstock or I have an automatic email that doesn't tell me anything more. Does anyone knows what's going on?
  4. My work mainly concerns the editorial, there are sometimes significant costs. Sometimes I have to wait several hours like other journalists to take photos or videos of political leaders or events. It's apart from all reason. By selling about 900 photos / videos per month I have the maximum level for a long time. If I calculate my income correctly, it will be divided by 4. How you can make such a decision, how can you believe that we will put the same energy into creating content for an income 4 times lower. I am dismayed, I know that my position like all the others will be ignored but if you change your business model, I have to review mine You were different from other agencies. How can you believe that you could continue to benefit from such content for 10c the photo or a few dollars the videos.
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