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  1. This is utter rubbish. The only thing that made shooting, editing and uploading to anybody worthwhile was the earnings from Shutterstock. For 10 cents a download rather than 38 cents, why bother? I have better ways of making money or spending my free time.
  2. I have been having the same problem for a few days now.
  3. Why can't the new system deal with words that are not in the Shutterstock accepted dictionary? Such as place names for places not in the USA? Or English (as opposed to American) spellings for words? I've got a range of editorial images that I cannot submit because without place names, they are pretty much worthless.
  4. And the problem continues. Another sale pops up on the map around about the time that the server ticks over from the 30th to the 31st and that sale does not appear in the earnings summary. But earlier and later sales do. Just the same as yesterday - sales around midnight server time are not recorded. The contributors sit here questioning what is going on, and Shutterstock admin is mute, silent, indifferent, apathetic.
  5. It's a shame that such gorgeous wildlife shots don't sell more. Those 2 elephants reflected in the waterhole are sensational. My latest sales seem to be appearing ok, but 2 of the 3 "phantom" sales appear to be when the website ticked over from the 29th to the 30th. So midnight server time, or 2 pm my time. Then I had 2 sales that did appear in my earnings summary, but the next one after that didn't appear. Those 5 sales were all within an hour. Sales since then have appeared in the earnings summary ok. But given that I had in between the problematic sales some did report ok, I have no confidence that it was just a temporary glitch. What would be so helpful (are you reading this admins?) is a statement from Shutterstock administration whether those "phantom" sales were real sales, and will eventually appear in our earnings, or whether it was a map error that wasn't linked to new sales.
  6. The missing sales also affect the contributor app, so it's not just a map thing. Though I did have a couple of new sales pop up on my map, they show in the app but not yet through the website earnings summary. But that's quite normal in my experience, for the sales to show up on the map first, then in the app, and then a few minutes later in the website earnings summary.
  7. I disagree. I still have 3 downloads showing on my map that are not in my earnings summary.
  8. I am experiencing the same problem. Some sales that show on the map appear in the earnings summary while others don't, with no indication of whether the earnings summary or the map are correct. It's nice to see site admin being on top of this issue and letting us all know what's going on . Yep, that's sarcasm there.
  9. Map back, now it's the portfolio that's gone again. This is getting ridiculous.
  10. I just checked too. On one check "most recent" had 24 pages and "most popular" had 1 page. Then I checked again and now "most popular" has 24 pages and "most recent" has 1 page. And just now checked and all options have 24 pages.
  11. Well, some of the sets are there, but not all of them. I have no doubt that it is only a matter of time before it'll all be fixed.
  12. My portfolio of over 2000 images is down to 39 best sellers. Interestingly since most of my images disappeared I have had 2 sales of images that have theoretically "disappeared". So those images are definitely still there somewhere and visible to at least some buyers.
  13. I have had multiple images disappear from my Image Gallery Stats in the past 24 hours. They were there for a few days after they were approved and are still searchable and available for sale. But they no longer show in the Image Gallery Stats. Files include: 357281222, 357281546, 357281444, 357271496. Edit: those images have now reappeared.
  14. Well that's a bit of a pain. Shuttertweet is the whole reason why I just signed up to Twitter. Now it turns out that it's all pointless.
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