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  1. DT give me about 200$ every year with 900 image. I expecially appreciate the fact that there I sell images the normally I do not sell in other site, and the revenue per image is good.
  2. When you disable the portfolio SS use some times (1-2 days) to disable all the images. Not all images are disabled at same time. If in the future you like to re-enable the portfolio you can do it.
  3. SS 6 sales all sub 75c AS 2 sales 1.35€
  4. I had a look at your beautiful portfolio. And i have realized with regret that you are selling Italy for only 10c.!
  5. It seem strange to have to disable javascrip to send messages... I have not completely turned off my portfolio but have no more uploaded images.. Sales on SS are decreasing. Sales on other sites like AS, AL or DT seem to me stable, but it is difficult to establish how much it may depend by Codiv. Probably some category of pictures may be more penalized respect others.
  6. I have no ODD and SOD sale until now this month. Anyway I think this may be quite normal. My best selling image was sold 1250 time as subscription and only 90 times as ODD or SOD. The larger number of sales here are relative to subscriptions where the buyers can pay very low the download of a single image (0,27c). A decreasing in ODD or SOD seem to be obvious during time of crisis... becouse ODD or SOD images have a major cost.
  7. At level 4 you have an income of 30% of the payment. But SS offer to the buyers subscriptions plans where a single picture cost only 0.27c. So 30% of 0.27c is less then 0.10c. Anyway SS offer you 10c. as minimum income. It seem like a large number of buyers use the above subscription plan, otherwise we may not experiment a so large number of 0.10c.
  8. https://www.shutterstock.com/it/image-photo/sydney-april-20-2016-city-opera-517235392
  9. I am with SS and DT with the same small portfolio from about 10 years. My total income at SS is three time higher the at DT. The sales number at SS was ten times higher than DT. But now, in the first 10 days of July, I had 13 sales at SS (1.5$), and 2 sales at DT(2.7$). Also if the sales numbers will not change the revenues surely will change.
  10. I upload photos to stock agencies as a photo amateur and not as a professional. I was making about $1000 on SS every year and this is just an extra income for me. But there are two reasons that prompted me to disable the sale of my photos on SS. The first is that I cannot accept a 10c payment for my photographs. The second, no less important for me, is that I realize there are other contributors for whom this is a job that gives them the opportunity to live. It is not acceptable to unilaterally reduce their earnings overnight by 70%.
  11. I have just now notice that from June 1th Dreamstime will increase by 10% the contributors royalties for every next purchases. This to give help in relation with Codiv situation.
  12. http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=527203027
  13. http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=527203027 http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=527203036 http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=527203021
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