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  1. Perhaps a lower viewpoint - from further away with a longer focal length - to really let those lines in the sand lead the eye towards the dog. A lower viewpoint would also put more of the dog's body above the horizon, making it stand out more. I'd also like to see the rule of thirds influence the composition. Maybe get the dog barking, or running or jumping - there's not much life in this image. Most of all though, the problem is that it is facing away from the sun and its face is in shadow.
  2. It's not as simple as that... the Android app requires WiFi on certain devices / networks - it wouldn't work for me on a Samsung Galaxy S2 over 3G but works fine on an S5 over 4G.
  3. I've got some JPEGs sitting in my upload folder... been there about an hour, and showing no sign of moving.
  4. I find it doesn't work on Android with 3G - I get a message to the effect of "unable to reauthorise your session" and I can't see any of my data. Always works fine on WiFi though.
  5. Nick Williamson


    G'day folks, I have a photo of a bloke on a Jetski. He couldn't be identified from the photo and so I shouldn't need a release from him, but the jetski has the equivalent of a number plate on the side, and so I suppose you could say that you could identify him that way. Is that going to be a problem? I'm tempted to just clone the number out... TIA Nick
  6. Great advice guys, thanks for your responses.
  7. G'day folks, I failed to get my initial batch of 10 approved, and more than anything else (7 of the 10), I failed on focus. This surprised me as I would argue that most of them are pretty sharp. I would also argue that on a couple that I'd admit weren't pin-sharp, the images still had enough value to get through. I shoot in RAW on a Canon EOS550D. Typical workflow is to put an image through the Nik tools (Dfine --> Viveza --> Colour Efex) in Photoshop Elements 10. I don't systematically use output sharpening and I have sharpening switched off in-camera. I have a couple of L-series lenses but from memory I would guess that most of the 10 images in question would have been taken on the 18-55 and 55-250mm kit lenses. So, I wonder... am I being naïve to think that kit lenses + APS-C sensor can produce images that are sharp enough to get past the Shutterstock reviewers? Cheers, Nick
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