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  1. Ah okay. Many Thanks! :-) You have such beautiful pictures ... like it very much Best regards Maria
  2. Thanks you David P. Smith for the quick reply and help. It was a word in the wrong keywords and therefore rejected. If I understand correctly, I have to upload images again and then there is an arrow I have to click.
  3. Hello Shutterstock friends Where can I find the "Previously submitted content"? I can not speak English, so I do not understand as well as I have to do this: “You are welcome to resubmit your content for a secondary review. Simply resubmit your rejected content and select the "previously submitted content" option from the drop down menu. Your content will be reevaluated while taking into consideration the previous rejection reasons“. Thank you for your help.
  4. Thank You so much Greetings from Germany Maria
  5. Thanks to all for the help and answer! @Cath Vectorielle Oh yes, Thank you very much! :-) Greetings from Germany Maria
  6. @mauijon @Cath Vectorielle Thank you! @Cath Vectorielle Thank you very much for the answers and there image! I got it! Your image has helped me. Thank-You. Kind Regards
  7. Thank you very much Vincent Yes that is a good idea. Thank-You! Greetings from Germany Maria :-)
  8. When you are trying to find the offending area of the file, open the Links Palette (Window -> Links) and the Document Info palette (Window -> Document Info). The Links Palette will display small thumbnails of the bitmapping areas. You may locate one in the artwork by clicking once on the image to select it (see Figure 2), then clicking on the Go To Link button at the bottom of that palette. Illustrator will select that piece of artwork so you can change it. The Document Info palette will show you how many linked or embedded images are in the file, which are always bitmapping areas.[/i]
  9. @daemys @Vincent Thanks a lot for the reply. Yes, I have saved as EPS 10. But how or what can I see my error? With Illustrator I do not see the error. Because I can not rid all transparencies. @daemys @Vincent Vielen Dank für die Antwort. Ja, ich habe als EPS 10 gespeichert. Aber wie oder womit kann ich meine Fehler sehen? Mit Illustrator sehe ich nicht die Fehler. Denn ich kann nicht alle Transparenzen wegmachen.
  10. Hello, some of my EPS images are refusal because of raster bitmaps elements. With Illustrator, I can not see this error. Is there a program with which I can open the EPS and can see the error? How or where can I watch these bitmaps? Because I can not delete anything that is of transparency, such as Soap bubbles must be so transparent. Is there any software or can I even see it in Illustrator? Sorry, I can not speak English, and Google translates not so good .. Thank you for your help. Greeting Maria Hallo, ich brauche Hilfe. Viele meiner EPS Bilder werden wegen Bitm
  11. Thank you mauijon Is not possible in the model or property release area. Is not Upload. Under update is not possible.
  12. Hello, I’m new here.. I can not find the link for upload the reference image. I hope you can help me. Sorry i can not english. My translator is Google :-)
  13. Thank you Vincent Jansen. The link of "Baz777" helped me a lot. My rabbit image has been accepted. I am pleased. Best regards Maria
  14. Hi bazz777, thanks for your help. I do my drawings directly on the tablet without a sketch. Then I must promptly notify the selector. Actually easy if you know it. Thank you. Excuse me ... I can not speak English .. hope it is translated correctly. regards Maria
  15. Hello all, I have a Vector with rabbits for Easter. It was rejected. Justification: “Please attach reference image in the property release field & resubmit: http://shutr.bz/16yIy6i“ What does that mean? What should I do? Excuse my english ... Best regards Maria Im new here :-)
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