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  1. Don’t expect any reply from Shutterstock. All they do is post this crap so that they can say they told their contributors and then they just run and hide and laugh at how upset the contributors get over this and never reply! They don’t care about us contributors or the work we produce. They just want more money for themselves and don’t care what we think or how it affects us. I bet all the employees especially those on the "board" still get their raises every year, this year they are getting their raises and bonuses from the contributors pockets. They will learn in the long run that their business failed because they did not treat the contributors and creators of the content well. They need to show that they value the contributors and creators while they still have the chance. Pond5 and Adobe will be overtaking them quickly if they do not fix this stupid plan! How will you sell media when you don’t have any new content from contributors because we stopped uploading to Shutterstock??? THINK!! . Your plan is ridiculously stupid!!
  2. By the look of it, you would be better off doing an exclusive with Pond5 or submit to Pond5 and AdobeStock, they still pay out pretty well for footage.
  3. That's why we have to make it public. They put us all in this forum to hide us from the public. We have to go to social media!! Start here
  4. Here is a place that they will more likely respond and have to acknowledge us at some point. I've already left my comment to them and they responded and I sent them an email but only got an explanation of the plan. Contributors have to speak up on this!! https://www.facebook.com/Shutterstock/videos/223354345556489/
  5. sent in 19 images through ftp. it's been 2 hours and only 1 image has showed up.
  6. hi, i'm still having trouble getting all my images to go through the ftp process. very slow, not all showing up.
  7. I keep getting this in file zilla "Insecure server, it does not support FTP over TLS." what the heck does this even mean, please fix it. worked fine for my other video a while back.
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