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  1. Thank you so much ! I like your composites and wish I could do that , someday in future . Regards, Rudra
  2. Thank you so much ! You are absolutely right, I am always attracted to rich, vibrant colors. Regarding sales, it is already on upward trend, including video. I like your nature images. Regards, Rudra
  3. Thank you so much, Monika ! You have a nice portfolio too. Those aquarell are hand painted by me and are very close to my heart !! Thanks again for liking them. Regards, Rudra
  4. Thank you so much ! I like your port too.... Regards, Rudra
  5. Thank you SS for the top image and featuring my work in this page - https://www.shutterstock.com/blog/asian-stock-photography Best regards, Rudra Narayan Mitra India
  6. Exactly my point. With that amount, my wild guess would be that both you and me want a drone. Regards, Rudra
  7. It is very difficult to comment anything , without looking at the images. By the way, have you checked the images at 100% magnification before submission ? Could you please post some of the images which you think are in focus and are taken in good light ? Regards, Rudra
  8. A proper video camera. How much investment is needed and how it would be paid off by microstock earnings - are to be considered also. Regards, Rudra
  9. Thank you so much, Wilm ! I am a German football fan and looking for Bayern match tonight. I wish I could visit Germany one day. Regards, Rudra
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