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  1. Thank you so much, Wilm ! I am a German football fan and looking for Bayern match tonight. I wish I could visit Germany one day. Regards, Rudra
  2. Thank you so much, Jackson ! Heading towards 12000 images which came out of your hobby, shows how much passionate you are about your hobby. I wish you all the very best !! Regards, Rudra
  3. Thank you so much, Melissa ! You have a beautiful port !! Regards, Rudra
  4. Hi, I also use Nikon Z6. I think for most of the video shooters in microstock, 4K sales are very low compared to HD sale. Accordingly, it is not worth upgrading to 4k at 60 fps, if that is the only one issue for upgradation. Hope this helps. Regards, Rudra
  5. Thank you so much ! There are some lovely images in your port also. Regards, Rudra
  6. Thank you so much ! To answer your question, like everyone else here, yes, my earnings dropped after the pay cut. To counter that I tried to increase upload and earnings increased also. 2K images added in my port from May'20 to April'21. Now earning is near the pre pay cut level, when I was 0.38 cent per download, the highest level. Satisfying ? No, I can do better and I will do that. Regards, Rudra
  7. Thank you so much, Sari ! I like your animal and bird images too. Regards, Rudra
  8. Just reached 10K approved images ! A bit late , but finally !! Best regards, Rudra
  9. I would request you to look at the backgrounds too.. many of your images in your port could be improved with less busy background. Regards, Rudra
  10. Congratulations and wishing you all the very best ! Birthday wish too.... Regards, Rudra
  11. Hi there, Many of my images in my port was taken with D5300. The only limitations I felt was - 1. ISO capabilities, being APS C sensor from NIKON. 2. Limited number of buttons on camera body, making the user to dig into menus to change settings. As long as above two are OK with you, for me there is no reason to think that this camera will hold you back from shooting general things. As for close up, it is OK but for wildlife, you may want some more fps. All the best! Regards, Rudra
  12. Or, may be the autofocus in your camera selected the right area this time ? How are you using focus in your camera ? Regards, Rudra
  13. Just reached 8K images today morning! Wow! Thanks to SS and all of you for your support from time to time. Regards, Rudra
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