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  1. Since the first page of top videos in your port show all are 4K, I am assuming you were trying to shoot 4K in this case. A simple test can be done on tripod - 1. Try to shoot in HD with your SD card. See how long it can shoot before the message appears. 2. Without changing composition and other settings, shoot the same in 4K with the same SD card. See how long it can shoot before the message appears. For 4K, if it is less time then the card is the problem. This is because 4K is a lot more date than HD. If you see the camera manual, the recommended card for 4K with speeds (4
  2. Congratulations ! A beautiful port indeed !! Regards, Rudra
  3. .....and how you describe it. Too many of your images start with description like "Captured....this and that.....". It would have been much better had you explained it in a way so that buyers are interested in your images.They are not interested in what you captured, they are interested if your captured image serves their purpose. Just a friendly suggestion. Please ignore if you dislike it. One month, for me - to answer your question. Regards, Rudra
  4. This in contributor forum. How one can post here without contributing a single image / video to SS? I think, if SS could make a system that to post anything at the contributor forum, one should be a contributor first, that could easily avoid such type of spams. It is sad that we are losing one of our finest contributors here, for spams. Wish you all the very best Doug. Regards, Rudra
  5. No no.... I think you are not getting him right. In this photo, look at the paper. You did not mention grey paper in the description, so it is perceived as normal white paper. But when you look at the image, the paper looks grey. it should look white to the buyer of your image, right? So, while taking the picture if you could throw some more light into the frame or after taking the picture corrected white balance and increased the exposure slightly till the paper looks white, right and attractive to write a beautiful word like "LOVE" on it - it would have been a great image
  6. That too when she was having everyday sales..... I really cannot figure out why someone having sales everyday, with almost EVERYDAY submissions of hard work on illustrations to a STOCK website, will not open her way to get payment from the site. For 2 years. What was the motivation behind such selfless hard work ? I do not know but I wish I could have some of it. I really also cannot figure out why the site, here SS for that matter, would lose such an devoted artist who earns for the site and let her share of the earning left with the site to earn interest on that part. For 2 years.
  7. Amazing pictures ! I can feel how much time, patience, expertise and hard work went behind creating such a beautiful portfolio !! Whatever you decide , my best wishes for you. Regards, Rudra
  8. I have offers to sell the paper paintings but yet to decide on that. Right now, selling the electronic copies only. Regards, Rudra
  9. The more I shoot and the more I paint (water color), I get the feeling that there is not much of a difference. Only the medium of expression is different. So, as you said, about horizontal, bright and landscapes - I absolutely agree. For others , I think what the author wrote, applies to photography or any other medium or any other form of art , as well. Regards, Rudra
  10. There is huge quality difference in your videos and images. Even in compositions. I think you would do better in videos as some of them are already looking nice. You can always take an image of the same composition, after you complete shooting your video. Rest, as advised above by others. Regards, Rudra
  11. Doug, could you please name some of them ? I think that will help many. Regards, Rudra
  12. Thank you so much ! I like your composites and wish I could do that , someday in future . Regards, Rudra
  13. Thank you so much ! You are absolutely right, I am always attracted to rich, vibrant colors. Regarding sales, it is already on upward trend, including video. I like your nature images. Regards, Rudra
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