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  1. It seems the amount listed on my 2018 tax form is higher than my own calculations of 2018 royalties made in Jan - Dec of 2018. Has anyone else experienced this or any an insight on this matter? I just tried to email them and its not letting me put the inquiry after I hit send... nothing happens. Thank You.
  2. I had an image used in a magazine with a circulation of over 500,000 copies. I did not not receive any enhanced license fee for that usage which is outrageous. I also have not been able to get clarification on how much I was paid either - just that that particular publication has "preferred rates". Has anyone on here run into this issue before?
  3. Has anyone on here had any experience with an image being used in a publication that was over 500,000 in circulation and NOT being paid an enhanced license fee? It was my understanding that if the publication had a circulation of over 500,000 copies an enhanced license was required - has anyone any specific insight on this? Thank You!
  4. Does anyone know how soon after image(s) are downloaded before they register in the download stats? Does it happen that same day? Are are there delay times, and if so what could be the longest amount of time from which an image is downloaded and shows up in your stats? Thanks.
  5. Does anyone know is when you sort images by most popular is that the same as most downloaded? Or do they factor other things into that such as most viewed, ect.. If anyone knows that would be great. thanks.
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