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  1. Give up authorship to our own images? Is that correct? what does that really mean?
  2. I have had to wait days for editorial to be approved (and also had them approved in minutes) only to have almost everything rejected to for "similar content". Are people on here also having massive rejections for editorial with the rejection reason being "similar content" - I do not mind a rejection if it is valid but the review process lately is passing up on very valuable content.
  3. these massive amounts of rejections are new though, I did not experience this over the years until relatively recently? Is there some type of screening process not done by humans that cuts down the edits before it goes to an actual reviewer?
  4. thank you for the suggestion. Might you know what his title is and the best way to contact him is. Contacting SS support is beyond useless I would not even consider doing that. Any thoughts on resubmitting the set? Sending them in one at a time is just not practical as they events have to many people there and I never had any issues before until recently.
  5. I have since deleted the 4 photos from the premiere that they accepted, since they when I resubmitted the ones rejected they were rejected again. I couldn't justify them taking such a horrendous edit. Does it pay to resubmit the set one more time and see what happens? or will everything automatically be rejected again? Whats the deal with resubmitting. Overall, I just dont have the time to play this game with them. Does anyone here know if there is any possibility of getting in touch with a human being to discuss with and come to resolution or is it always their way or the highway. If they are not going to accept new content on a fair basis, I might opt of sales for a while I think about about this. Make no sense their decisions when on SS editorial they have a mountain of similar photos that are nearly identical. An outrageous amount and there they barely want to accept anything.
  6. does this seem to happen more with editorial content or does that not matter? If something is rejected - how does resubmitting to get it approved work? is that possible or no? I dont really mind rejections when they are valid and reasonable but some of the stuff Im seeing is beyond extreme.
  7. Hello All. Just wanted to post regarding the recent slew of rejections pertaining to "similar content" and see if anyone has any ideas or wants to chime in. I am an editorial supplier to SS and have been for quite sometime. I was rarely getting any rejections at all until past several months - to a year ago, where photos were being rejected as "similar content". The rejection percentage was getting worse and worse and now its to the point where it does not make sense to upload material. This is unfortunate as now that I have a slow few weeks ahead I was hoping to catch on supplying some back material along with a few important stories I will be covering in the bear future. But I don't think that it make sense to do that now. I recently sent in a quick batch of images from the NYC premiere of "CATS" - specifically 16 images of both Taylor Swift and Jennifer Hudson. All but 4 were rejected. They accepted 3 images of Taylor Swift and one image of Jennifer Hudson. They images were not similarly really, just from the same event. Horizontal and vertical along with different poses and facial expressions were included. I have since removed the 4 images they accepted, as my thoughts were, if you want content from an event, take a proper edit and be more communicative with your suppliers. They did not get images from this event from any other contributor from what I saw, except the content that goes on the other editorial premiere websites, for the different subscribers they have. Notice on those sites, there are pages and pages of images from the premiere with similar and identical looking photos from staff photographers, other contributors and contributing agencies. However on the original SS.com they feel they only need 4 photos? I realize they have these other branches however some of us actually made important contributing contributions to SS editorial before any of of these other acquired agencies or distribution platforms existed. Also Im fairly certain that customers who subscribe to SS.com would very much be interested in more than 4 images from such a premiere and not like to have their choices limited. I have tried to address this issue in recent weeks through the regular channels but I have had no luck whatsoever. Taylor Swift is one of my biggest sellers, and currently the top rated images in my portfolio as we speak from a previous event. Those types of images are used very frequently and are among met top top succesful images. I tried to resubmit images but they did not go through - all were rejected again. I have read on here that people have resubmitted images with success? whats the story about resubmitted rejection images? Can this be with having them approved second time around? I am curious to hear if other editorial contributors have similar experience especially of later and any other thoughts on this topic would be welcome to hear. Ideally I would like to find a way to resolve this, however, if they are going to reject images in such an extreme way its just not going to work for me.
  8. Does anyone know if it is possible to add a keyword to a set of multiple images that have already been approved and accepted? I know you can add or edit images one by one, but is it possible to add one or two keywords to say 50 images at once without changed anything else in the caption? Thank You.
  9. It seems the amount listed on my 2018 tax form is higher than my own calculations of 2018 royalties made in Jan - Dec of 2018. Has anyone else experienced this or any an insight on this matter? I just tried to email them and its not letting me put the inquiry after I hit send... nothing happens. Thank You.
  10. I had an image used in a magazine with a circulation of over 500,000 copies. I did not not receive any enhanced license fee for that usage which is outrageous. I also have not been able to get clarification on how much I was paid either - just that that particular publication has "preferred rates". Has anyone on here run into this issue before?
  11. Has anyone on here had any experience with an image being used in a publication that was over 500,000 in circulation and NOT being paid an enhanced license fee? It was my understanding that if the publication had a circulation of over 500,000 copies an enhanced license was required - has anyone any specific insight on this? Thank You!
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