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  1. A bit of retweeting of this and similar posts might definitely help. Note the hashtag is $sstk with dollar sign
  2. Wow, thats a ballsy reply. Seems like a game theory type reply, I'll not change you are free to do what you want. Well what if that means people leaving with their port and buyers suing you for a year long subscription that can't give them content they need
  3. Some quick calculations, they show how steep the 35% and 40% tiers are, something most of us will never be able to touch. If we do get to a high tier how much the reset in jan hurts us The stark difference how much of a paycut you'll end up taking vs now How in video getting back to 30% commissions will be nearly impossible The mix of packs is an assumption - SS will not even tell us how good/bad this is
  4. Actually considering that this is at 2k images PER MONTH, it tells you of just how big a seller you need to be to MAINTAIN your earnings. So for most of us that can't cross to 30% in Jan this will be a massive kick in the wallet Philip, would you mind sharing that excel file? would want to run a simulation to check at what threshold (sales/month) how much do we lose
  5. One quick thing, give SS and SS contributor app a 1 star review, lets send their rating to hell. Do leave a review mentioning On May 26th Shutterstock suddenly gave its contributors a 6 day notice that they would cut their earning by 60%. They sent an unclear, haphazard communication (with one correction mail hours later) on how they would screw over the very people who make the content you love. Buyers : Please take your business to Adobestock, their fair payouts mean you'll always have beautiful up to date images Contributors : Disable your portfolio on 1st Jun and send a
  6. They could have just as easily made the levels based on a rolling last 12 month sale, so you don't have to claw your way up every year. The whole lack of clarity, incorrect mails being sent out, 5 days of notice and lack of clarification is insulting on top of the very very stupid paycut proposed I suggest we tweet the hell out if it, the stock market is finiky, if they see lots of content moving to competition it might trigger a stock price drop that will hurt them Also very very public campaigns asking agencies to boycott SS and pointing them to Adobe. Even some large agencie
  7. Seems they've already screwed the business, it makes sense to now screw the contributors too. https://simplywall.st/stocks/us/retail/nyse-sstk/shutterstock/news/introducing-shutterstock-nysesstk-the-stock-that-dropped-43-in-the-last-five-years/ Vetrans, lead the charge, do we boycott them, head to Adobe and Pond5 and crowdfund a lawyer to sue them to hell.
  8. Hi everyone, started off a petition at change.org requesting an opt out from the video subscribtion program or a roll back to a more sensible price range. http://chng.it/L9fjJbvh Please sign it off and drop in a mail to care@shutterstock.com asking for the same.
  9. I doubt that even they'll end up earning from this. The content quality goes down, a chunk of people opt out. It'll be a feeding frenzy for a while but then the content will become outdated. People get used to the idea that videos are super cheap meaning you can't up price later. What a losing model
  10. Oct was an amazing month for me ... let's hope that I can continue the momentum and get tons of amazing pictures in
  11. Just started out on video, so no. However when a video sale comes in it suddenly overtakes all the image sales i"ve made that month. So yep footage might be a good place to be
  12. congratulations, you have some really pretty images. It starts to get much more regular after the first couple of payments. Best of luck
  13. ha ha ... this is pure gold. I thought that I had done something wrong. I was gaining followers quickly, then suddenly .... boom... complete silence
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