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  1. Thank you for the clarification! But I have uploaded 80 pictures from about 15 different shooting (I haven't been uploading all summer) and how come 4 of them get in with MR and the rest 76 get rejected for MR, the same MR that was accepted for the 4 picture from the same upload???? IT is just ridicilous!? And to show I am not making it out - here is a screenshot. Same boy, shooted same day, uploaded same day, with the same release??? And after uploading 100, get regected, uploading the same 100 and then all of a sudden, you have 250 pics approved instead of 500 and you reach the limit. Great....
  2. Thank you sooo much for you kind words, it takes the pain at least just a little bit that someone is appreciating my work. Its been a good work with SS for the last few years and its such a shame what they did to the photograpers that has been working so hard to get to this level.... I do remember you from the days back then though I haven't been in the forum for a long time, but lately I am so disappointed that I could not let the anger for myself 😃 Thank you so much! It has taken me 8 years to get here and now all of a sudden it just crashed (ON MY BIRTHDAY, 26 May, hahah, what an irony - beautiful present i got from SS). Well, I am working on other solutions at the moment, maybe, hopefully soon I won't have the need to cooperate with SS.
  3. Thank you! This is my only income and I have three kids to feed. I upload from the beginning to all of the stock agencies and unfortunately SS was my best one and I cannot afford at the moment to loose that income. I am trying to solve my situation and hope soon will be able to afford leaving SS, but for the moment I am financially not ready Oh well, if it goes this way, I will have to stop anyway, since they are doing nothing to help contributor in any way
  4. I have submitted recently images of a place in France, around 20 images, 5 got accepted and the rest 15 rejected for the same reason....????!!!! So how come 5 of them got accepted?
  5. You cannot submit more than 100 pic at once anyway. And I have submitted 32 pics on Monday and been told "You have reached your account's submission limit for images. Please wait 24 hours to submit more content." Is 32 pics too much? Also, I haven't submit anything during the whole summer, because I was away, so you cannot say I am floating SS with pics, i have no idea why this restriction is applying for me?
  6. I have submitted 700 pics in total for the last three weeks. If that is too much - I guess so.....
  7. You are lucky, I submitted many times on Friday and then all of a sudden came the "You have reached your account's submission limit for images. Please wait 24 hours to submit more content." sign and been there ever since, I am only allowed once to hit the submit button for 24 hours! I have over 20k pics in my portfolio.... Is this a punishment for me uploading? SHUTTERSTOCK??? ANY ANSWER?
  8. I have over 2000 videos and sell between 20 and 40 videos a month, this month I have 5......
  9. IT is unbelievable! INSANE! Not only they put stupid limit to the pictures you can upload dayly - it seems that you can hit the submit button only once in 24 hours, no matter whether you are submitting 10 or 100 pictures, but also they reject ALL THE BATCH of 80 pictures for Invalid model release???? THE one that I have used for another 10 000 + pictures? And now of course I cannot submit again, because I have to wait for 24 hours? IT this a F..CKING joke??? And all that for the stupid 10 cents i get? I am beyound mad! SS - Are you for real???? I want an answer why do I get rejection for MR that I have used and been accepted for more than 20 000 pictures?
  10. Super slow! Around 3 times less from last september and compared to July and August, 1/5 of the money! SO crappy video sales this month!
  11. Totally the same here! And also : I have 10 pictures accepted and the rest 45 of the same place, same batch, same people - not acceptef because of Unlicenable content!!!?? REALLY? WTF
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