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  1. looks like a bunch of uploads to make up the loss on content
  2. hi, do you have to apply for this? i did not see any such offers, when i started my uploads there
  3. totally agree as soon as we settle accounts elsewhere, it will take time but it will happen
  4. I agree with the bold text, but about beggars -not so much - beggars can't be choosers but let alone you are correct - even simple gas money is not worth of the trip:)
  5. some one earlier has posted a link to the website that provides free images - what was that address does anyone remembers? I wonder how the site makes money on that?
  6. when you deactivate the portfolio, does SS automatically delete your images too?
  7. How about building your own photo selling site on wix, did anybody try?
  8. I got .10 c sale today I am rich!!!!! SS you are real SS
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