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  1. At this point, you need to be uploading high quality images, preferably with high commercial value. You don't need to fill your portfolio with junk! As someone else noted, just because SS approves something doesn't make it good, and it certainly doesn't mean it will sell. Strive for excellence, don't settle for mediocrity. As to your branches against the sky, your description for this images reads, "Beautiful thin branch of tree filled with green leaves coming out and facing the sky and mother Earth. Beautiful refreshing wallpaper." The clouds are yellow, not white (poor white balance), and the leaves are silhouettes, so it's hard to tell what color they are. There is almost no good way of taking a picture like this and making it look good. Want to shoot leaves? Set them against a strong backlight and fill the frame with them. This one of mine has sold many times: As has this one: If you're telling me the leaves are beautiful and green, show them to me.
  2. Question...Woud you buy any of these? If not, why do you think anyone else would? You have too few commercially viable images in a portfolio that's way too small to compete against other people. You need to improve the quality of your images before worrying about how many images you have, IMHO. I have 1,132 images. 27% of them account for 100% of my sales, yet I still occasionally sell older pictures that are, technically-speaking, much better than these.
  3. I had a recent full moon clip rejected for same reason, shot with the Nikon D500. After it was rejected, I re-rendered it as Apple ProRes 422 instead of H264 and it was accepted. SS doesn't seem to care about the size of the video file you upload, just make sure you're using a good codec for export after editing.
  4. free stock photos

    Feel free to make as many of your own designs as you'd like. Just don't use anyone else's work in them! That will get your account closed here in a heartbeat!
  5. What is this CRAP!?!:

    Not entirely true. Remember the outrage when Coca Cola changed it's formula for Coke? New Coke didn't last very long before old Coke was brought back. The problem here is, contributors to SS are generally not consumers of SS. If the customers expressed the same level of outrage over the changes here and started buying media elsewhere, you can damn well bet we've have the old UI back in a New York minute! But SS customers don't have access to the same UI we do, and so the only way they will know what's going on is via these message boards or social media. I hope they're paying attention! They are our only hope for getting this mess fixed ASAP!
  6. Submission Page Update

    But hey! It's That, right there, is going to haunt you, SS! It's not "Great news", it's not an "improved submission experience", and we're getting tired of being served chicken sh** while being told it's chicken salad! I feel sorry for Kate and Alex having to stand between outraged users and incompetent developers, but someone other than those two needs to be reading these message boards and getting their a$$e$ kicked, post haste!!!
  7. Latest Download Map

    With PFDs on their laptops.
  8. Submission Page Update

    Post - submission editing is at least twice the work to get media submitted. Next thing you know, we'll have to pay SS for the privilege of submitting our work. 🤐
  9. Submission Page Update

    And, for the record, I think it would be best to go back to the old editor, too, at least until the bugs are worked out of the new system and it has been thoroughly tested. Throwing this on us with virtually no warning and then expecting us all to alpha test this on the fly is NOT the way to roll out a new software release! 😠
  10. New Submission Page Update & Poll!

    Just got an EL. Doesn't show on map. Wow. I've never seen a company hack its own website before, but this is exactly how all this feels: like hackers have taken over the code and maliciously broken critical systems here, starting with the submission editor!
  11. New Submission Page Update & Poll!

    I don't understand how any of this is a step forward when we already had everything we needed and it was working fine (releases) before it all got broken with this new release. What's the old saying about, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it?" This is a perfect example of that simple rule violated! One other consequence of this needless and unwarranted tinkering: I'm now getting repeat notifications on my contributor app (Android) that are least several days old! STOP BLOWING UP MY PHONE WITH SPAM NOTIFICATIONS THAT ARE SEVERAL DAYS OLD!!! End. Of. Rant.
  12. LOL! Well, if you're going to rip off a design for your cafe's wall, you may as well let people know where you stole the idea!
  13. 800 images and bad sales

    I have more than 1100 images in my port, and almost 700 videos, yet there probably aren't more than 30 of my images or 15 of my videos that sell fairly consistently. With a database of more than 160 million images, even 10,000 is a drop in the bucket, but all it takes is a handful of really awesome pictures to get noticed.
  14. 800 images and bad sales

    And this... Wasn't worth shooting let alone submitting, IMHO. How would a corporate buyer use something like this? If you can't answer that question, neither can they. My birds in flight sell well, but none of them are shot like this. Mine: I wouldn't worry about quantity at this point. I really think you should be focusing on improving the quality of your offerings. For what it's worth.
  15. 800 images and bad sales

    This one is over processed, IMHO. How would a company or designer use it? I've sold many pictures of birds in my time here, even those that are perching like this. Birds are, for the most part, very colorful and interesting animals. Shoot them in a way to capture their natural beauty. Here's one of mine: Flowers are a tough sell here, mostly because there are so many of them. But if you're going to shoot flowers, isolate them against the background. When you make the flower so small in comparison to your background, you lessen the picture's impact. Yours: Mine: When you shoot something like this: You're not telling me what the subject is. Focus on the most colorful and appealing aspect of your subject which - in this case - is the fruit, not the branch. I love citrus fruit, so I shot mine like this: Blurring the background helps to draw attention to your subject, too. But above all, don't settle for just snapping pictures of the first thing you see. Develop an eye to see the unique and appealing features of your subject, then shoot to highlight those. Since you're in Syria, it wouldn't hurt to shoot editorial subjects depicting the troubles your country is facing right now. Such images are newsworthy and we all want to see what's happening there. IMHO.