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  1. I'd love to get out and smell the flowers - but they're aren't many about yet o) Roll on spring .....
  2. Not really - as I'm sure lot if stuff sold on here is for internet use only - so POD is great for some but not for others.
  3. Only you can decide- I had a good January - but February is a disaster - I haven't uploaded for quite a while now, so looks like it doesn't make much difference to sales - I will leave my port here, as all the hard work has already been done with uploading, keyboarding etc.... so will just reap whatever $'s I get I submit to other agencies, and some are better than others. I see this a bit like a bank, if there was another agency to transfer too (i.e better interest rates) - I would - but as I already have similar images elsewhere and are reaping (small) $'s there also, I will leave
  4. I actually had an EL yesterday - first one for a long time, and fortunately just after I hit level 4 - so far for me January is very good - I know it won't continue, but I'll enjoy it while I can!
  5. I've had that for a while - funny as it always seems to be the same image! But as long as the sale is shown - albeit $0.10 - I'm happy(ish)
  6. Thanks for the advice - I will certainly try that in a couple of weeks - there were lots of 1st time sales - so it shouldn't be too difficult to find them. If they had all been downloaded in China / India I may've thought of that (sorry if that offends anyone).
  7. Well I'm amazed - sold a further 220 yesterday = all from the same place - St Pauls USA - all $0.10 but I'm now back to level 4 - so hopefully a few SOD or ODD will sell, then I'll see if I can add more to earnings. Certainly a BME in terms of downloads. Looks like they have downloaded EVERY photo in a certain set - hope they'll work their way through the rest!! Even at $0.10 per download which is very very poor and disheartening- I can accept it if there are this many every day! (wishful thinking i think).
  8. Well if you look at it like that - but ............
  9. I'm actually on a BME (downloads) sold 369 yesterday - shame they were mainly $0.10 I had been doing ok on ODD's - while on level one - hopefully now I've hit level 3 that will continue. Sad though as would've made £132 if all had been sold at the old rate of $0.36 - instead I got £27.10
  10. had a milestone - for me - yesterday sold a record 369 images - all $0.10 except one $0.40 - but I'm now on level 3 - roll on more $0.10 downloads all from Saint Paul in USA Weird as so many were old ones from 2013 and 2015
  11. Blimey Wendy that is a LOT of snow - we haven't had any yet - but living in London we seldom do Keep safe!
  12. Not sure about anyone else, but I seem to be having a lot more SOD's - don't get me the wrong the payout is paltry mainly 0.66 as haven't hit level 2 yet - but they are 4 x greater than subs - not a complaint, but strange?? Right as this moment if it carries on I 'might' just make payout!!
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