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  1. Blimey Wendy that is a LOT of snow - we haven't had any yet - but living in London we seldom do Keep safe!
  2. Not sure about anyone else, but I seem to be having a lot more SOD's - don't get me the wrong the payout is paltry mainly 0.66 as haven't hit level 2 yet - but they are 4 x greater than subs - not a complaint, but strange?? Right as this moment if it carries on I 'might' just make payout!!
  3. Don't see the point in buying your own images - surely it's costing you more than you make!
  4. Very slow start a few ODD and SOD but as said previously the amounts are minimal - roll on 100 downloads to try and up the stakes a bit!
  5. Thanks so much for the info. As you say for $30 per year, you do get quite a lot of scope to sell. If I did decide I'd have about 3,000 to upload
  6. From my personal experience, I always just put a "," - never a "/"
  7. I've just uploaded a batch of stuff to FA - There maximum is 25 images - unless I pay to upload more - from anyones experience is it worth paying??
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