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  1. I had an EL this week - but funnily enough I got more for a SOD!
  2. Doesn't really apply to stock - especially the part where you give a customer something for free! It's hard enough getting a sale without a BOGOF! or similar ;o)
  3. I've had a few photo's declined previously with rasterisation? I always thought it was too much noise or something that distorts the image - but then again I'm no pro on these things so just guessing?
  4. No problem - it would be nice, but then again seeing actual sales is even better! You have some great stuff there. Good Luck!
  5. unfortunately there is no option to view how many times someone has looked at your photo.
  6. Who Knows! But I have noticed that when I go away on holiday and don't upload I do seem to have a a little furry - however, when I upload a fair size batch - I also notice a small upturn. There is no easy answer to this!
  7. Tax

    There is a tax form on SS somewhere (others will probably have a link), you complete it and email to SS and they do the rest.
  8. I have to confess that when I first started out - and got rejections for noise / OOF - I'd think they were wrong - BUT - in hindsight they were spot on - I often look at my rejected photo's from back at the beginning and wonder why I ever tried to submit it in the first place!
  9. 'Bingo'! - here's to the next milestone!
  10. Nearly there - 1 more sale and you've hit the $500
  11. $13.57
  12. I uploaded a small video this morning without any problem - it has now appeared in my submit video, so maybe the problem has been fixed?