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  1. Strange - I recently submitted cleopatras needle which is full of hieroglyphics and it was accepted - can't see there is much difference, as no-one I know can read hieroglyphics! Maybe it is your keywords - not the writing on the monument?? Look at your keywords and make sure all in english - I had a recent rejection for not english, but I had made a mistake in the title , I put an extra letter at the end of a word in error - I removed it and it was accepted. Might be worth looking at.
  2. Seems a bit unfair on contributors elsewhere - ok I understand postal costs, but they could give a voucher so wherever you are in the world you can order from Apple!!! It seems a bit 'racist' to the rest of the world!
  3. Snap a really really slow start, then Wed, Thurs and Fri - WOW - not sure what's happened, but it's bought my earnings up considerably - still much lower than the last 2 months, but much better than I thought it was going to be! Long may it continue!
  4. It took me 4 months to hit the payout level - can't remember how many images I had at that point. Things have improved for me, but it has taken a lot of hard work and a lot of patience.
  5. A nice $12.60 for this SOD
  6. Yesterday I had 14 SOD's @ $1.17 each! Not great but better than $0.36!
  7. Cute - in memory of my poor little puss x
  8. They need 2 courses for first vaccinations - then yearly.
  9. With so much doom & gloom going on lately - I am pleased to say I had a good day yesterday and an even better day today with 11 ODD's and 1 SOD - plus a few subs that for me in one day is a personal best. Long may it continue - this has bought my earnings up considerably, but I am still well down on last month.
  10. You need to check with Paypal - I never leave my money in Pay for long periods of time - so I don't know - sorry
  11. Try again, maybe the reviewer was incorrect - I have uploaded beach huts under commercial and they were accepted, as you say most bathing huts are generic, uless they have a name or motif on them. Try uploading one again and see how you get on.
  12. With only 5 images - that's pretty impressive that you sold one. It is possible that the same image or another in your port will also sell as an SOD or ODD - they pay more - pennies make pounds and you have to start somewhere. Be patient, and as Phil said above do it because you love photography - and if you make a bit of money along the way all the better. If this is all about money, then stock isn't for you - unless you are REALLY lucky. Good luck
  13. I've just started with them so am spending a lot of my time uploading - I'm pleasantly surprised at the moment as only been with them 2 weeks and have sold 36 - mainly subs. SS at the moment is DEAD, very very few sales and nearly all are subs, no SOD's or ODD's for ages! Their rejections are strange as says similar images, but they aren't - although they are VERY good at replying to queries and attempting to put them right especially when a rejection is incorrect - long may it continue!
  14. Well Done Simon - that was a nice boost to have 3 EL's at pretty good $'s too.
  15. Yep - none for me either - well done Linda, thats a lovely pretty cheerful posy of flowers. Send the EL fairy this way please ;o)