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  1. I'm finding SOD and ODD vary so much these days from 10cents upwards - never can tell. In the old days you kind of knew what you'd get but these days it's a lottery. Pleased that BIG $$ are still about.
  2. Fantastic - well done - I also had a good sale yesterday - no where near as big as yours, but near to 3 figures ;o) As you say for all the 10cent photos, when you get a decent one it makes it all worthwhile!
  3. At last a decent sale - didn't think I'd make payout this month - but this bumped me well over :O)
  4. 10C price plan was a real disaster for everyone - I've had one ODD this month - which is very very low - and that was only for 54c! Didn't think things would get this bad - but the only way is up (I hope)!
  5. Poor for me in July - all subs - but I did have 2 very good on 'AL' - 2nd row in a month there - So that will more than make up for a poor month here. Funny I'm doing better elsewhere than ever - not brilliant - but better than SS - first time ever that's happened!
  6. June started off much to well - It's very very slow now and all subs - I had a feeling that would happen - but I shouldn't (but will) complain ;o(
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