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  1. I have similar problem (see attached) - I've submitted the rejected file 4 times, removing name of the location and still it isn't accepted - how can this be when they have accepted 4 other 'similar' deer images? <arrgggh>it's a wild deer, I can't see anything that makes it non-Licensable? Any ideas
  2. Wow - if I had 10 downloads a day these days - I'd be happy - though not all at $0.10!!!! Well Done - fantastic work
  3. Not uploading much at the moment - September I hit my payout - about 50% down on my average month. October so far I (4th October) have earned 20% of September - so will have to wait and see how the rest of the month goes - not holding out much hope though
  4. So Sorry David - I feel your pain. Beautiful memories of a beautiful friend
  5. That is so true - having only started about 5 years ago - and gradually building up my port, I was getting to a nice bit of extra pocket money each month, saving for a new bit of kit or even helping towards future trips - now I'm lucky if it pays for a night out - However as above shoot what you enjoy - if it sells its a bonus but if t doesn't and you enjoyed taking the photo try not to be too disappointed - it may be found one day.
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