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  1. Thanks - I've had a quick look - not all have them - not sure how they work that out - as this is nowhere near my top sellers!!
  2. Not all photo's have a rating - my highest selling has a 8/10 - but much lower sale photo's have a 9/10?? Doesn't make sense to me - either way sales are ridiculously low for me this month - very doubtful I will reach payout this month - first time since starting put - very depressing - but in saying that haven't uploaded for ages, as not been anyway to take many photos :o(
  3. March very slow for me - I've recently started uploading to P5, so hoping I get a few sales there to boost my income!. February for me was a terrible month - I just about made my payout - which is the first time I've been that close to no payout for about 5 years.
  4. I'd love to get out and smell the flowers - but they're aren't many about yet o) Roll on spring .....
  5. Not really - as I'm sure lot if stuff sold on here is for internet use only - so POD is great for some but not for others.
  6. Only you can decide- I had a good January - but February is a disaster - I haven't uploaded for quite a while now, so looks like it doesn't make much difference to sales - I will leave my port here, as all the hard work has already been done with uploading, keyboarding etc.... so will just reap whatever $'s I get I submit to other agencies, and some are better than others. I see this a bit like a bank, if there was another agency to transfer too (i.e better interest rates) - I would - but as I already have similar images elsewhere and are reaping (small) $'s there also, I will leave
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