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  1. paula french

    Microstock collapse?

    I make a 1/2 decent monthly payout with them - not as good as SS - but some months are better than others (across the board).
  2. paula french

    Does anybody make a living out of this?

    Not a living, but added income from various sites - which in turn helps to buy new equipment. I am sure there are plenty of BIG companies making a living from it, but you have to be really lucky and talented and patient to make it.
  3. paula french

    Images added to light box push notifications

    Yes, I'd like that too - just to see what photo's have interested a buyer and to see if it actually sells!!
  4. paula french

    Can you sell black and white photo?

    Thank you - however this photo has never sold sadly!
  5. paula french

    Recent Rejections

    True - Life's too short for that
  6. paula french

    Can you sell black and white photo?

    Yes Black & White sell - but your photo is too dark and no detail in the buildings are visible, so doubt this would sell.
  7. paula french

    The generic milestone thread...

    I wish my husband would do that ;o) Also - a Milestone on another agency, for first time it's going to beat my earnings on SS - only 8 photo's sold - but one sold for $71.35 and another for $35.00 - now that's what I call good downloads!
  8. paula french

    Recent Rejections

    Yes as I said it's a petty post - but so annoying ;o)
  9. paula french

    Recent Rejections

    This is a petty post - I apologise! I uploaded images yesterday and in error uploaded the same one twice, so deleted it and uploaded the rest. It now shows in my recent rejections as "Asset Deleted: The asset was deleted before review" How the hell can this be a rejection if it was deleted before it was reviewed! CRAZY!!
  10. Disgusting - he probably made a lot of money out of others photo's very successfully - I hope the likes of Sony and Unilver pull the plug on him!
  11. paula french

    This right here is what's killing Shutterstock

    That is so true - doesn't this exist anymore?
  12. paula french

    Amateur/Hobbyist or Professional

    Definitely a hobbyist - I make a bit (more would be nice), but it has bought me a few nice lenses and stuff - so on the whole I shouldn't complain (but often do!) To me a professional really knows their stuff - a hobbyist (imho) is an amateur who is steadily learning and improving their skills (hopefully)!
  13. paula french

    Newbie question: Where are my submitted files?

    As above - but for future submissions, i would add keywords to your files before uploading, as sometimes!!! the site has errors and you have to resubmit them - this will save you a lot of time keywording your images again. Good Luck