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  1. quoted in CNBC article

    Well Done - hope it helps with some sales for you.
  2. Doom & Gloom 2

    Number of downloads are average - but revenue is down as mainly subs! I had a fair month on IS this month - averaged 0.51 per image, less downloads than SS and some abysmal 0.10 sales - but the higher priced ones seemed to have averaged out - not great but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick ;o). SS April monthly average is currently 0.52 but with nearly double the downloads of IS.
  3. IS recently sent an email saying only accepting animals in natural environment. Personally I'm all for this - it *could* (with luck) potentially help illegally captive animals from being money machines - wishful thinking maybe, but every little helps!
  4. Keyword Tool

    It will give you relevant (mostly) keywords for your image. You do need to check they are relevant as it does seem to throw in obscure words!
  5. Milestone: 1000

    Nice port - varied and very interesting to look at. You have some great travel photo's there - good luck!
  6. Images not into a Set (Catalog Manager)

    You can't without looking at the set itself.
  7. A lot of us are in the same boat - patience is needed plus a lot of luck
  8. First 10 Photo's Error

    You have to resubmit the photo with the correct caption - unfortunately you cannot edit refused images - which is a pain, especially when it's only for an incorrect title.
  9. no chance for new ones

    Disagree - it's not just newbies that are struggling many people on here (and I consider myself newish compared to so some on here) have noticed sales way down - nothing to do with how long you've been here, it's the market and who wants what and where!
  10. Sales Gone Awry Again

    I've had no prob's in UK today App and Wesite show the same stats consistently.
  11. I would love to Know how

    Ha Ha - talk for your self ;o) - seriously though another saying 'things can only get better'! Good Luck Phil, sometimes I feel the same, but then another day comes and goes, and I'm still at the same job ;o(
  12. Updated Shutterstock Watermark

    They should care - it's their revenue (&Ours!)
  13. I would love to Know how

    Why upload so many of the same boot? Different angles I can understand - within reason - but a whole page + Why do you want to upload 100 + images a day of the same subject - if they were different then good luck to you - but the SAME image seems to me to be a waste of your time and could be portrayed as spamming the database!
  14. Sold for the 1st time today

    And only approved yesterday ;o) )