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  1. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Lily is settling in really well - she has a really sweet purr - she's busy exploring the whole house and comes in occasionally to see where I am. This was definitely love at first sight - I picked a beauty ;o) Hpe to get some good shots of her - she seems the sort of cat who may stay put - unlike my other poor baby who hated the camera.
  2. Submission Page Update

    On some images I am unable to submit the same category - it seems to stop on arts - I need animals??? Why can't I scroll upwards to get this category!
  3. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    I pick up my new baby cat tomorrow - went over to our local rescue centre today, and the first cat I saw I put a reserve on! I just could't walk in and look at another - how could i? She is a little timid, but after spending time with her, she started purring and was playful. She was abandoned in a park with singed whiskers and a blow to the head, so possible abuse - no sign of a RTA. She has a dilated pupil in one eye, and they don't think it will cause any future problems. Can't wait to collect her tomorrow evening, once the paperwork is done. Her name was Lilo - but I've decided on Lily. Here's the photo of her I took in the kennel.
  4. Submission Page Update

    Welcome back ;o)
  5. Submission Page Update

    Just got back from holiday and see the submissions have changed - I've just uploaded a few - but so far I much prefer the old system!!! Why change stuff we actually like on this site, when there are so many other problems!!
  6. Someone paid $53,22 for a photo. What?

    I take it you mean $53.22, not $53,22! $53.22 is great - well done - I've only had a few good EL's like that it was for newspapers However, I assume you didn't mean $53 thousand (comma indicates thousands)!!
  7. Tell us about your journey with Shutterstock

    My Journey ?? I haven't reached the destination yet, but am enjoying some good and bad along the way!
  8. ODDs of November
  9. ADVICE for a beginner contributor

    If I earned $200 per month - I'd be happy ;-) I Think you are expecting a little too much especially as a beginner. I am sure that there are people on here who make that kind of money - I would assume they would be businesses uploading thousands weekly - if you can do that, then maybe, just maybe!!!!!
  10. Picture in popular that I never sold

    Yes - the unknown answer to a question we'd all like answered. Could be buyers have clicked and looked, but never purchased - just another guess of course My most popular download isn't in the first 2 rows - however, another recently new popular which is a good seller shows as my number one - is this because it is popular now - but old popular's (even with mret downloads) are further down the list because they aren't popular at this moment in time - not sure that even makes sense! But you are not alone!
  11. Contributors from the Caribbean

    I'd agree with the above blue skies, blue sea, palm trees, sand, sea, landscapes. Maybe a cocktail against a palm tree seascape?
  12. Hooray! Celebration thread☺

    I see this hasn't been used in a while! I've had a record month for downloads - not meaning it's a best month earnings wise, but it's certainly not the worse! A good October for me
  13. Celebrities - category

    Not really sure of the correct answer - but I would assume if you were allowed to take photo's in the venue and SS accept them I can't see there being a problem. Upload and see if they are accepted - they may not be, but you can only try!
  14. Technical issue or.....

    Well it is Halloween
  15. In hospital...

    All the best Phil - keep strong! You have a lot of people rooting for you.