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  1. Looks like I spoke too soon - Tuesday is normally a good day - so far nothing
  2. Interesting - I was a defender - have to admit quite a few truths in there!
  3. There is always a shaft of light at the end of a dark tunnel - aim for it, I know you'll get there. Good Luck phil
  4. Oh, OK didn't realise that - out of interest - why not?
  5. submit as editorial
  6. Well I must be lucky as I've had a pretty good July - better than June and have hit treble $ figures (good for me), it'll probably end on a low now I've written this!! Still a week to go - fingers crossed it will be a rush at the end for everyone!
  7. Good luck!
  8. Love this - reminds me of Dr who!
  9. Yep, none (so far) stuck in the review queue for me!
  10. Love these star trails - fantastic!
  11. I am not giving advice re scanning - as I haven't a clue, but it is sad that by asking a simple question it seems to have caused issues with some. I am not saying don't give your opinion on others work - but the criticism and sarcasm can be hurtful. There was a post on here previously about how to criticise people respectfully - I do feel sometimes that is needed - and no most of us don't want to be wrapped in cotton wool, but there are ways and means of helping someone without all the tit for tat stuff - it will put people off for asking questions (I agree some are plain daft), but there is no need for it to get so personal. (Just my opinion of course).
  12. REX only payout when you reach a certain limit - can't remember what it was - or at the end of each year!!! If that is the case looks like I'll be waiting a long time for this payout - but I suspect it isn;t REX as you are normally credited and so is the agency?
  13. Would REX be Zuma Press - they had a few photo's a few years ago when the story was big? I'd forgotten about them, as its a news agency and I don't upload to them - only that one time when they contacted me. Going forward - if a photo is used for editorial doesn't the agency have to credit the photographer and the agency they bought the image from? That is why I suspect it wasn't purchased.