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  1. My 3 cents

    I only started on there about 2 years ago - very slow at first but I now tend to make payment every 2 months - only on one occasion did I make it in one month. It is sickening when you only make $0.02 for an image, but the higher ones do make up for them (imo) - maybe i've just been lucky - only time will tell! I averaged out at $0.65 per image last month
  2. Doom & Gloom 2

    Yes this month ODD and SOD are quite rare - my earnings are well down, thankfully I got a mid range EL, which has kept me afloat this month - one of my lowest months for the past year.
  3. My 3 cents

    I think it swings in roundabouts with that agency - some are a very mere $0.03 - but others go for higher than a SS SOD or ODD - on average my monthly earnings with them are around 50% of SS. At the end of the day pennies make pounds and as much as it is sickening to see images go for such a paltry amount, some of the bigger ones do make up for them (sometimes). Is it really worth removing them all after all the hard work you put in uploading them? You never know what the future holds + now they are there they will hopefully make a few $'s here and there, just don't waste your time uploading more.
  4. I Think It's about time......

    Thats true - me too only been here since 2013 and a lot of the 'old' faces / names have disappeared. i haven't much spare time either - busy looking after my poor old mum who's not too good after yet another stay in hospital - old age - who needs it!
  5. Sold within 2 hours of acceptance ;o)
  6. Dr Who's Tardis in Bonny Scotland - brilliant!
  7. Updates to the Edit content page coming soon

    I think I'm going a bit quaint in my old age - but I can't see anything different? Can someone advise where I see these changes? Thanks
  8. That's crazy - maybe try resubmitting - omitting the word Cumbria and then amending the keyword once it's been approved!!!! I know you can't submit NT properties as commercial - how about editorial?
  9. Sold for the 1st time today

    Right click the image and copy (not copy image address) then paste. I used to have this problem sometime back and that at time I was advised that there was a small box on the tool bar which looked like a TV - If you can see that click that and it should allow you to paste the image. Hope it works!
  10. How Long it takes to get your Images approved?

    As Linda says above it varies quite a lot, from within minutes (a while ago they were approved nearly immediately), to a few hours to a few days. Be patient they will get approved - I also find editorial take a bit longer than commercial.
  11. ELs of February 2018

    Thank you EL Fairy ;o)
  12. You have every right to brag - that is a great milestone. Congratulations - and here's to many more sales!
  13. Doom & Gloom 2

    It's a slow slog this month - with mainly Subs , but I'm noticing more than usual as I had pretty good Dec and Jan - so s'pose I shouldn't really complain (but I will ;o)
  14. Backup

    That's amazing - it's crazy that a tiny little thing like that can hold so much - my only doubt with them is that are so small they are easy to mislay (for me anyway!!) but I'd still buy a couple as an additional back up to my back up drives!
  15. My First Grandchild!

    Congratulations to you both Paul and Laurin. They say you enjoy your Grandchildren as much if not more than your own - at least you can give them back when they start crying. Seriously though - enjoy your new status as Granddad's x