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  1. This is one of the worst parts of microstock. (not just SS) Can you imagine to have your image on hundreds of thousands event posters or calendars and you only got $3.65 - $15.00 or so? If that's not degrading, I don't know what is and for that reason, none of my images on microstock anywhere are poster or calendar quality. (I make my own calendars anyway) If you are approached directly by a poster company and they tell you they want to use your image for a 500.000 print run for posters for a nationwide event but they can only pay you $5.00, would you say "sure, no problem" ? "Digital Templates" are even worse so, instead of throwing a fit about $0.10 for a subscription, this clause is what people should throw a fit about imo In normal case, it can't be 3.65, the lowest should be 23.79(67.96*0.35) Maybe there are some kinds of Shutterstock Enterprise package......
  2. It is not allowed to buy your own photos, but we can buy each other, maybe we can make a exchange group
  3. Level 5 on demand: 2.29 1.19 Level 5 Sub: 0.79 0.6 0.52 0.34
  4. Most of my images in my portfolio are taken by M43 series(E300, E30, EM5, EM1, EM5 II, G9), and I have Pentax 645D too, bigger sensor than full frame, but I don't find evidince that difference sensor has difference sales......
  5. That Sunday, 0 download for my 12K port, we are not alone.....
  6. According to me in most case flurry of downloads within a few minutes are from the same customer, but long time no download at all seems so uncomfortable......
  7. Yes, the tap seems be closed in the middle of business hours in the US......
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