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  1. I wish you good health Rudra and congratulations on your well-deserved achievement!
  2. Congratulation Rudra! Great achievement and improvement in quality!
  3. I have no problem with that Mike, my organs are free to use...
  4. For those who do not think about the keywords - business - success...
  5. Your GIF animation has inspired us. Give us some more...
  6. I apologize to Mirco for the contamination of such an educational topic, I did not intend...
  7. I'm sitting with you, and at the beginning of my career I put pictures in these threads, but no one told me that I was totally wrong... thank God I have never asked a question about my portfolio! Btw. how do you know that contributers that are very successful?
  8. Let's be constructive, I just doubt in it ... how do you know that are successful, without insulting please!
  9. I'm sorry for contributors who participate in "show me" threads, if they do not read this and experience from Mirco... for whom I can say that he behaved like a great gentleman!
  10. Well this looks like a joke, but if 10 people start copying your idea, then it looks very worrisome. Mihail is 100% right here...
  11. I hope Laurin will join, but I do not believe that Barry will...
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