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  1. Following up on the previous photo, I adjusted WB and exposure. Again feedback is most welcomed.

    © Hugh K Tellera, tmatelleria@comcast.net

  2. Thank you for the comments; I shoot RAW so it is easy to adjust exposure, white balance, colors, etc., which I did and I will post the updated photo shortly. Overall the candles and fireplace produce a dominant yellow light and the scene that you see is close to what you will see with your eyes. The main issue I see is securing a property release, per David, for the painting above the fireplace unless it is considered just part of the background along with the other items such as the clock, nutcrackers, etc. I shot this with my D90 three years ago and once my D810 returns from repair, I wi
  3. Your input is appreciated and I have a property release. Will it be rejected for other copyright infringements and technical issues?

    © Hugh K. Telleria tmatelleria@comcast.net

  4. It is a Hoverfly
  5. So far the issues have been few and minor. My computer does boot up faster than previous versions and all my key software and hardware products work properly.
  6. This script error occurs in Mozilla and Windows Explore when attempting to upload a photo into the Photo Critique Gallery using the Advanced Uploader. The Basic Uploader does not work also. I upgraded to Windows 10.
  7. Thank you for the opportunity, here are my sets. http://www.shutterstock.com/g/Hugh+K+Telleria/sets Hugh
  8. Take a picture, make a photograph. The photo was rejected twice, but Laurin's effort morphing the photo into another setting made it acceptable and is now available for sale. Shows what creativity can do, which I am a beginner at. Again, thank you Laurin.
  9. Thank you for the input. This particular bridge only has two angles to shoot from, the perspective presented and from the South end. The structure is on a N-S axis with private property on the East side.
  10. @ Chris, it is stitched using PTGUI, but Microsoft (ICE) just released a new stitcher that comes closer to PTGUI capabilities and it is free. The stichers have developed to a point that as long as you have at least 20-25% overlap, they will be able to piece together your sequences. Most of the time PTGUI does the trick, other-times I use ICE or Photshop, because PTGUI does not "figure" it out. Thanks for the diffraction information.
  11. How the cookie crumbles, my submission was rejected for: Focus--Subject is blurry, too soft, or out of focus when viewed at full resolution. I did the capture at f8, I guess that I should have used f22 or higher. Again thanks for the input and advancing my education.
  12. Thank you for the input, I expanded the sky and have submitted for approval.
  13. Thanks to Lauren, Dave and others, the photos that follow are my attempt, after my education of learning a new technique, at replacing clouds in a photo of mine that Lauren previously did the same. Does it pass muster? Thank you in advance.
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