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  1. No, I had not seen this. Thank you for your reply, I'm going to have to reevaluate if Shutterstock is worth it . . . but it doesn't sound like it.
  2. I've been with Shutterstock for many years and have noticed that the last three downloads I've had, have only been 10 cents! Has something changed? I used to make 33 cents per download, so not sure what's happening. I know it's only a 23 cent difference, but still . . . Anyone know why?
  3. By the way David, your portfolio is amazing ~ Wow!
  4. Great, thank you so much ~ your reply was so helpful!
  5. Hi there, just a quick question: I took some photos of my 15 year old daughter this summer and I'd like to submit them, however I'm not sure how to go about this (model release). I'm not very computer savvy, so if anyone would give me a quick & easy explanation I'd greatly appreciate it! Also, can my husband sign as a witness? Thanks so much!
  6. I had several pictures of a rose and an engagement ring rejected for the following reason: Not Approved - Please provide a property release signed by artist for any scanned/photographed artwork. What does this mean exactly? Confused . . .
  7. Kristene4040

    New here!

    I'm a new contributer here and I just wanted to say "hello"! I'm excited to start building my portfolio and see where this journey takes me! I just purchased the Canon EOS 60D and I'm loving it, so far ~ I still have a lot to learn. This seems like a wonderful and knowledgeable site and I'm happy to be here! Kristene
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