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  1. so.. you guys are happy with your latest download at .10 cents
  2. Can you please stop answering like a robot copying and pasting the same and just give everyone a straight answer? Thank you.
  3. Yup! you are right my question is more if any of you here sell the same images outside the stock websites or not. I just have 300 images here and sometimes i think about how to sell them in other ways, but then i think about what you have said, haha.
  4. Hello ladies and gentlemen! Do you sell your shutterstock images outside the "stockworld"? i mean not iFT, DT or IS but in your own website or any kind of agencies? Is just curiosity, because here we sell images at 0.33$.. 1.07$ and maybe more if someone buys a single one... but maybe the same image can be sold for way more money if we use other ways... So the question would be: do you sell the same images of your portfolio outside Shutterstock and other stock images for more money? or your stock photos are only sold here?
  5. thanks David, yes... well, maybe i will create my chart :/
  6. Hello, thanks for your answer! Yes i know about the image gallery stats.. i was looking for a most detailed chart, but i think it doesn't exist
  7. Hello, i have 3 year in shutterstock but just today i realized: is there a way to see some kind of single image download statistics over time? Maybe some chart o something that tells us how many times a single image have been downloaded in the past...like january: 20, february: 22: march 15... and so... anyone knows? thanks!!! D.
  8. I do "random shots" from time to time, and is more about the fun than about the money. And of course, is fun to see when some of my "random" shots sells So for me, it worth the time
  9. http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=137063243
  10. hey! thank you all for your comments and recommendations!! yes, i think i can improve some keywords, i will check it and yes, i want to upload a lot more images, i just have to took it first thank you for your comments about my portfolio!
  11. After almost 1 year here at Shutterstock i have just reached my first 100$!!!! i feel good! i have 104 images in my portfolio. Now it's time to set new goals and upload more images!
  12. Daniel Noboa

    5000 Images

    amazing! may i ask how many downloads per month do you have?
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